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I took in a deep breath waiting for the national judge to signal my turn to start my bars routine. "It's just another routine", I whispered to myself, but it wasn't; it was Worlds. Everybody chose me to show my bar routine after they all scratched on the other three events. "What are these crazy people trying to do?" I heard the three judges mumble to each other when I saluted. "Is she actually going to do a routine or scratch like everyone else?" The only reason why we all were scratching like this is just to show the judges our point on how they are prejudice. I started my routine while all of the judges watched in amazement, knowing the fact that I was actually doing a routine better than they thought. Flying and turning in the air, I knew that I got first place, and helped my teammates make their point about judging easily and gracefully. When I stuck my dismount, the audience rose to their feet and cheered like crazy. My job now was to wait until awards where I would get honored and famed…'

Haley Graham, age ten, simultaneously lay in her bed dreaming about these people who executed tricks for judges while her father, Bill Graham, read the story above about Nastia Liukin, a famous gymnast. After he kissed Haley goodnight and walked out of her room, she thought to herself: who would ever want to do a stupid sport like gymnastics?

The next morning during breakfast, Bill greeted his daughter and asked if she had anything planned for the afternoon. Hesitantly, Haley replied in denial and waited for her father's news. "Good," Bill stated, "then at five tonight, you are going to take a gymnastics class downtown at WOGA. I did some research and I found out that Nastia Liukin belongs there and she will be teaching your class. Nastia was in the story from last night, remember?" Before a reply, Haley stomped out of the kitchen, furious and depressed by the fact that her father signed her up for the worst sport without even telling her. Sitting in her locked room, she counted the time. Seconds turned to minutes, which turned to hours...time ticked away. She had to find a way to avoid this treacherous gymnastics practice. Thinking for hours, the only idea that came to Haley's mind was to pretend to go, while in reality, hang around in the parent viewing section for the two hours. However, knowing her father, that plan would not be possible because he would be willing to watch her. There were twenty minutes until the two had to leave, and still no ideas came to Haley's mind. Nothing came to Haley in those twenty minutes. Therefore, she had no choice but to participate in the gymnastics classes at WOGA.

Nastia Liukin POV

My class of twenty children, mainly consisting of about four to six year olds excitedly jumped in through the door of the gym. However, there was one exception to this class- a girl about age ten or eleven. She did not even have the slightest bit of enthusiasm within coming. I started class with warm-ups, continued by stretches, and ending with practicing beam.

It was 7o'clock when class ended and the ten year old girl got hurt. Apparently she was trying to walk on the beam, but she tripped and fell head-first on the floor. Everybody gathered around her to see if she was okay, but she didn't move nor breathe at all. Quickly, the assistants at the desk tried to call the ambulance, but nobody picked up the phone. Hence, one person in the gym was left to take care of her.

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