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Nastia Liukin POV

The most experienced person in the gym to handle these kinds of injuries wasn't the coaches, or the higher level gymnasts, or even my father- who helped me through many of my own injuries. It was me. To complete this arduous task, I first had to think back to whenever I had a corresponding fall. However, never have I ever fell when landing on my head. When this had happened to me it was when I competed at states and fell off the beam by only turning 3/4 of a layout. All the bones in my chest were badly bruised, therefore, ambulance rushed to the gym to quickly send me to the emergency room. I signaled to the office to try calling the hospital again while I preformed a quick procedure that checks if any bones are broken.

It wasn't the fact that a couple of bones were broken which made a wave of worry wash around me. The radiologist informed me that Haley suffered from a memory loss so she couldn't remember her fall or any information she gained from the past couple months. While going back to the gym, I noticed many police cars gathered in the parking lot. I wondered what it could be and wandered in the gym, pretending like nothing is happening. I spot policemen talking to my father, the manager of WOGA. I waited until after everyone was gone to find out the news.

"They're going to sue us if an injury like this ever occurs again," my father said worriedly.

"How much" I inquired?

"Too much." He joked.

"Then we have to make sure this never happens again."


I stared at him and hesitated, "How many people do you know that are as clumsy as Haley Graham?"

He stared back at me. I knew he knew what I was thinking.

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