Chapter One 'A Change of Pace'

My name is Isabelle Marie Swan but please call me Bella. I work at the law firm of Aro and Sons. I got my paralegal degree at the age of 22. I always had an interest in law but never wanted to become a lawyer. I figured this would be the best career for me. I moved out of my hometown Forks to work in Seattle. My boyfriend since junior year in high school followed me there. I never asked him too change his life for me but he said he knew I was the one but it wasn't true.

I had been working late at the office that night but stopped to get some dinner. It was me and Jacob's six year anniversary. Things had started to become difficult for us but we tried to make it work. I came into the door and smiled expecting him to be asleep on the couch like always. He wasn't. My smile went away and then my stomach turned in knots. Then I heard something that changed my life. A moan.

"Oh god Jacob," A female voice moaned out.

"Leah," Jacob groaned out. As I got closer I could hear the headboard from the bed hitting the wall. I felt myself getting sick and the tears started to form.

I dropped the food on the floor and opened the door to our bedroom. "YES!!" Leah screamed riding out her climax on top of my boyfriend.

"Jacob," I said causing him to jolt up and move Leah to the side. "Leah," I said looking at one of my oldest friends from school.

"Bella wait," Jacob said trying to get out of bed.

"Don't," I said holding my hand up. "Just don't," I said shaking my head and headed for the door.

"Bella wait!" Jacob said chasing after me with the sheet wrapped around him.

"How could you do this to me?" I asked turning back to him and tears were flowing down my face.

"It's just," Jacob said with a sadden look. "You were never here," he said causing me to laugh.

"Because I was working to support us," I said glaring at him. "Its not like you had a job," I said causing him to growl.

"I was trying to find one," Jacob said causing me to shake my head.

"I am leaving," I said in a firm tone. "I want you out of this apartment by the time I get back," I said heading out the door. I could still hear him calling out to me but I didn't listen.

It was six months ago I found the man that I loved for so long cheating on me. He had left the apartment just like I asked but I still couldn't live there. I spent most of my nights at the office and went home only to get some sleep and change for the next morning.

"Bella," Aro said causing me to look up.

"Yes Aro," I said looking up at my boss and standing from my desk.

"I would like you to meet my good friend Carlisle Cullen," Aro said causing me to smile at the man. He was tall, perfect golden blonde hair, and butterscotch eyes.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Cullen," I said with a respectful tone.

"Please call me Carlisle," Carlisle said raising his hands up.

"It may take her awhile," Aro said jokingly and I slightly blushed. "But we both wanted to have a chat with you Bella," he said causing me to feel my heart race.

"Am I getting fired or something?" I asked causing Aro to laugh at me.

"Heavens no," Aro said coming over to me and leading me to the office. "We wanted to talk to you about relocation," he said pulling out a chair for me.

"To Chicago," I said looking over at Carlisle.

"Well a paralegal of mine wants to move back here," Carlisle said softly. "And Aro said you were the best at your job and I only want the best," he said causing me to look at both of them.

"We will give you some time to think about it," Aro said softly.

"But I don't have the money to fly down there let alone get an apartment or a new car," I said causing them both to smile. "What?" I asked arching my eyebrow.

"We got that all taking care of," Carlisle said softly. "I have placed a down payment on a nice apartment and your salary will cover the rent and I got you a car waiting," he said with a smile.

"Confident isn't he?" Aro asked me causing me to smirk.

"What about your sir?" I asked looking over at my boss.

"I will have Lauren once she gets off her maternity leave," Aro said softly. "This would be a great opportunity for you," he said softly.

"Okay," I said nodding my head. "When do I leave?" I asked turning to Carlisle.

"Tomorrow," Carlisle said handing me the ticket.

"But my things?" I asked in a low voice.

"I will take care of that," Carlisle said causing me to sigh.

"That is just too much sir," I said shaking my head. "I can't just take your money," I said causing Aro to laugh and I looked in between them.

"Something that is also going to take awhile," Aro said causing Carlisle to nod smiling.

"Well if she's as good as you say she is," Carlisle said looking over at me. "It'll be worth it," he said before standing up and I stood up with him. "Nice meeting you Mr. Swan," he said softly.

"Bella Mr. Cullen," I said taking his hand into mine.

"Then it is Carlisle," Carlisle replied causing me to blush again.

"Okay Carlisle," I said causing him to nod and Aro led him out of the office. I took a deep breath and knew this was the right move for me. After all that happened I needed to change of pace.

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