What if Bella's parents never divorced and she was a normal girl, a product of a two parent home. Best friends with Jacob Black for all her life and suddenly the Cullen's moved to Forks.

Everything is AU because one small change like Bella's parents making it work have had a ripple effect in her life.


If I had told you a year ago that, I would be sitting in some forest waiting for death to take me; you would have had to wait for me to write an outline to a new story first. My life has taken on a completely new depth; new levels that have made me look outside my world of fiction. Now I was alone, willing death to come, almost begging for it instead of running with every fiber of my being…Well one thing is for sure, I'm not the same Bella Swan I was a year ago, nothing is the same. And for that I owe it all to the Cullens.

Chapter 1: The beginning

Chapter 2: A visit with the Cullens

Chapter 3: Edward

Chapter 4: Unlikely Friends

Chapter 5: The Incident

Chapter 6: Puppy torture

Chapter 7 The Explanation

Chapter 8: First Date

Chapter 9: Going Public

Chapter 10: La Push

Chapter 11: Interruptions and Declarations

Chapter 12: Meet the Denalis

Chapter 13: Trackers

Chapter 14: Birthdays and Reunions

Chapter 15: A not so Merry Christmas

Chapter 16: First Encounters

Chapter 17: Unexpected Hero

Chapter 18: The Proposal

Chapter 19: The Fall out

Chapter 20: The Volturi'

Chapter 21: Promises

Chapter 22: Prom

Chapter 23: Biting the bullet

Chapter 24: Changes