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The Adventures of Mikaela and Wheelie

A Mikaela/Wheelie Series

Chapter One: Unofficial Guardian

He didn't know how exactly he had grown attached to the human, but he did and it felt kinda weird. For so long, he was told that all humans were inferior (still are in his personal opinion) but this particular human—Wheelie shook his head—she was something else. The little ex 'Con now understood as to why some Autobots grow attached to one human and become some sort of a "guardian" towards them.

Wheelie would be the first to admit it.

Okay, so half the reason why he got so "attached" in the first place was because he had a daily access to that glorious leg of hers. He just couldn't help himself, organic or not, his Warrior Goddess was just oozing with appeal.

From his perch on the wooden rafters of the garage, Wheelie watched in fascination the way Mikaela fixed one of the many bikes. Okay so maybe he was just watching Mikaela's legs, he had little bit of a leg fetish. Who could blame him?

His optics zoomed in on her right leg, as she wiped oil on her mechanics uniform.

Wheelie grinned he was a perverted bastard, and was slagging proud of it.

"Hey Mikaela, have you fixed my bike yet?"

The new voice broke him out of his little fantasy, as he immediately entered a new mode at the sight of the new male: protector mode. He didn't particularly know why he was so protective of her, when her dad was Ironhide's human incarnate (also very overprotective) and she had a boyfriend (whom he doesn't like to mention at all) Puny little wimp. With that said why was he so protective?

It came down to six simple words: Mikaela Banes was his Warrior Goddess. Period. No one is to harm her, (even though she does a good job of defending herself anyway) because in a way he had become her unofficial guardian.

"Not yet, still got a few kinks to work out of it, Dylan"

The "Dylan" stood at roughly six feet, blonde hair, green eyes, outweighed her by 170 pounds, and looked as if he had the brain of fragging Tidal Wave. Wheelie watched with a sickly frown on is face, the pheromone levels coming off this slagging idiot, was going to make him gag!

Mikaela showed him the bike that was directly underneath him,Wheelie watched them intently, tense and ready for anything.

"The brakes will be an easy fix, but the engine, I don't know what the hell you did to it, I mean it's completely totaled" Mikaela said, her back to him and pointing at the exposed engine.

The "Dylan" was not paying attention to her though; from the rafters Wheelie noticed that his attention was at her legs! Wheelie growled, the slagging little bastard, was staring at her right leg! The right leg that was rightfully his…that's it!

"Hey are you paying attention?" Mikaela asked, obviously she noticed the lack of response from her customer.

Kick his slagging aft! Wheelie thought, even though Mikaela couldn't hear him.

Then the "Dylan" kissed her, just like that he kissed her on the slagging mouth!

Just as quickly as it happened, Mikaela slapped the "Dylan" on the cheek, "What the hell was that for?" she yelled.

Torch his slagging optic out! Wheelie thought, that'll teach him

However, the "Dylan" didn't like the fact that Mikaela had slapped him, and in return had slapped her so hard that she fell against the bike.

"Bitch" he muttered, and before the "Dylan" could do anything more to his Warrior Goddess, Wheelie fell from the rafters and landed on his head.

Wheelie was a small drone, he'd admit it to anyone in the room, but when it came to Mikaela Banes all weapons will be online and aimed.

The "Dylan" fell right on his slagging aft, staring into the blood red eyes of an insane…robot and his mini-cannon.

"What the fuck are you!" he screamed, while Wheelie only aimed at his face.

"I'm your worst slagging nightmare"


"So…Warrior Goddess, do I get a reward?"

If it was any other day or moment, she would have taken a rock and thrown it at his head. Seeing that he had officially scared Dylan shitless and had protected her she let him have his reward.

"One minute and that's all you get, you little pervert" she said it affectionately, which made his stay here all the worth while.

Being Mikaela's unofficial guardian definitely had its perks.


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