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When a Rose dies-A study of passion

-Chapter 1: Run away-

A sharp pain was unbearably attacking my head, my lungs were quickly running out of breath, the blood was swiftly running through my veins again, my heart was beating so crazily, so wildly I could almost hear it. Surroundings and people were nothing but a colorful blur as I was desperately struggling to run away from it all; breathless and with eyes filled with tears, I was irrevocably determined to leave everything behind me. It didn't matter where I 'd go afterwards, so I just kept running as fast as my feet could allow me, feeling nothing but the adrenaline delightfully going through me, the restoring sensation of the air caressing my face, causing my quills to wave. I needed nothing else than a run, and the opportunity to empty my tired mind, to stop thinking of my miserable life, a life that had precociously reached a dead end, to stop thinking of myself being rejected once more, to just stop thinking of him.

''Run away, run away, run as fast as you can, you, naive girl, but keep in mind that, no matter how far you get, no matter what you do, his painfully beautiful image yelling at you, ruining your purest and deepest feelings without even listening to you, will always be there, right in front of your crying, wide open eyes, always reminding you in the worst way that you gave your most innocent love with outstretched hands, without hesitating, not for a damn single moment, childishly happy to do so, and received nothing but hatred and blatant anger.
...Go, but you can't leave neither his memory, nor your broken heart behind, in spite of having the total intention of doing so. Want it or not, you have to go on with the pathetic remnants of your life.''

I was feeling exhausted and had no idea where my feet had taken me, not even did I know how the Hell I had ended up in this place I hadn't seen before in my entire life, running along a small street lost in the vastness of the city. If I still was in the city at all.

Yet all alone I shrugged. Subconsciously, I knew that I didn't really care where I was. Either I was somewhere in the city or I was totally and incorrigibly lost , it didn't really matter, not that moment when the only thing I cared about was proceeding a very simple plan of mine: I would run without stopping, till I wouldn't be able to move, discharging my mind, shaking off every annoying tiny thought of him that came to it.

''Yeah, maybe it's high time you fool got over the guy. Otherwise you'll end up talking to yourself as if you are the closest friends,
until someone takes you to the psychiatrist's, hoping that you'll somehow turn back to normal.
Yeah, baby, lose yourself, lose your own sanity for his sake.''

''...Don't you see this is driving you insane?''

Determined to escape the madness I'd got mixed up with, I accelerated, somewhat enjoying the whole soothing sensation of speed,
the light breeze gently blowing, making the leafs rustle vivaciously, the tiny drops of sweat slowly tumbling on my face, mixed with tears I had hopelessly
tried to make stop running down my cheeks. Damn it.

''Run away, run away..."

All my thoughts automatically vanished from inside my mind as I realized it: The air had somewhat turned cooler and stronger,
the alarming sound of someone running after me at an increasing speed, approaching the one of sound, gradually catching up. I pushed
myself to go faster, but weaker I was, and his powerful body would be right behind me in a few seconds or even less than that...

...And, God, that body of mine was so tired...

'' Run away, run away from it all, go wherever the wind takes you, just as he did.
Run! Just run...''

Without even glancing back, I screamed till my throat fell sore that all I wanted was to be left alone already and kept moving as if the entire
universe had disappeared. My heartbeat was out of control, every single part of my exhausted body was almost numb,
a terrible headache was slowly forcing me to surrender. Damn it, I couldn't breathe, my vision had become altered and I was feeling light
headed, my feet ached terribly with every painful step forward...

'' Run, Amy Rose, run, because running away is all that remained to you.
All you gotta do is run.''

And so I did. I ran. Stubborn I was, I wouldn't give up so easily. I ran and ran and ran till I could not even move anymore, till I could feel nohing but salty
tears on my face as I fell down on the ground almost unconscious and a black-and-red blur stopped right in front of me, leaned over and examined me with
deep red, serious, calm, emotionless, eyes. His enchanting voice was just a weird noise in my ears before I lost consciousness and everything
around me sank in a vast black ocean.

''For God's sake, Amy! What did you let that Faker do to you?''

* * *

The Faker.

That self-centred, stubborn, uncaring blue buffoon. The fastest being alive, the fearless superhero, the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog
had once more played cruelly with her feelings. He didn't even care for her, had she died or not. He'd hurt her. If he weren't so selfish, he
would have taken her home and then it would be easier for me to stay away from the girl, to resist her. But he hadn't. And now I had to drive her home
and make sure she'd be okay, I had to carry her in my arms, the bridal style and take her to her bedroom. I carefully lied her down on her comfortable
bed, feeling the sweat dampening my face as I weren't used to being so close to anybody. I'd never actually even touched other persons, no
specific reason why. But being so close to her, feeling her heart beating slowly, her warmth, seeing her peaceful face as she was sleeping...was..
It was just something I hadn't felt before. I didn't know what its name could be...

''Damn it, Shadow! Pull yourself together, anyway! She is just Sonic's admirer. Why did you bother saving her, whatsoever?''

No answer came. I sighed, and sat next to her, staring at her closed eyes. How heavenly she seemed. Her innocent face, a blissful smile
appearing on it, ornamenting it like the sun shining with pride in the daytime sky. Her chest, moving indolently up and down as she was
breathing. Her body, moving lazily under the white sheets. I turned my face away in order to stop seeing her. She was almost..erotic.

''Why did you just think of that, Shadow???'' I whispered to myself. Just like the first time, I received no reply. Not even did I know
why I had even felt this way, even if it was for the tiniest moment. I shouldn't have allowed myself think like this, not for a single time.
Wait, was that...was it fear? Was I afraid of my own feelings? Afraid of a thirteen-year old girl...?

Suddenly, a tearing cry came out of her, causing all of my thoughts to stop, making me look at her once again cold, with utter dread,
hoping that she is okay. I went closer, leaned over her and instictively fondled her soft pink fur tenderly. With my gloved hand I
gently swept the tears that had dampened her pale cheeks. She sighed slightly, and then smiled again.

''Amy Rose, what are you dreaming of ?'' I murmured at a low voice. She moved her lips a little, like if she wanted to say something, but
no voice sounded in the small room. I caught myself smiling at her sweet sight. Her lips were like rose petals.

''Amy...'' I monologised once more, as if I were testing the way her name sounded, unable to decide whether it caused me feelings or not.


I nervously gazed at the window, then my eyes turned back at her. It was rapidly getting dark outside, and I was still in her room. This was
not something I did very often, or, to be more accurate, had ever done before. And there was no doubt she'd probably be upset to see a
guy wandering in her apartment, especially at night. Despite the fact, however, I didn't move and kept standing passively next to her bed.

My dark past and cold personality wouldn't let me admit it in a loud voice, but I already knew I was going to stay with her till she got better.
I didn't know why. It is better not to try to explain feelings, as things can become complex. But I suppose I just had to.

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