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Chapter 5: When a Rose Dies

The apartment seemed cold, unfriendly, sad without her sweet voice filling it. The gentle silence of night had been cruelly
interrupted by a constant, desperate cry of an insane voice talking to a person that couldn't reply, nor smile anymore.
Her face was still sad, with a proud, adorable melancholy on it. Her body was still warm and her eyes peacefully closed, as if
she was just sleeping and would soon wake up, look directly in my eyes and smile in the way I had loved so madly. I was holding
her tenderly in my arms, with my gloved hand on her hair, and was takling to her like there was still life inside her.

''I am sorry!", I cried, trying to inhale,'' I am so sorry! I didn't want you to hurt me! I thought it would be better for me!! I was such a fool..
Love cannot be selfish, Amy Rose, and I was. '' I screamed in stark madness'' I wanted you so much, so badly. That desire would have
destroyed me, that's what I thought. Try to understand me, for God's sake!" my voice was now broken" Everybody had hurt me! They
left me, they ignored me. The only person that seemed to understand me died!! They killed her! The world is evil. Why should I believe
you weren't? ''

At that crazy moment, I thought 'd seen her speak to me. Why couldn't you love me back??? She said at a complaining tone.

"I DID!" I finally broke" I did!" I whispered again," I did...."

That's why you deciced to cut my life short, she mocked, Didn't you know I had ambitions? Dreams? Why was it necessary to leave
my soul crying for its lost youth?

"I'm sorry" I replied once more, though I knew that it wouldn't bring her back. I pressed my lips on hers now cold in death. I stood up, went to
the bathroom, removed the blood from my hands, yet I subconsciously knew it would somehow always just be there, reminding me
of what I had done, of her smile, of her shiny, emerald eyes I would never forget. I felt vast; vast and incorrigibly broken by the sadness.

I didn't glance at her as I left the appartment. There was nothing to see there. Kind, polite, understanding Amy Rose did not exist anymore,
just like a part of me. The entire universe was empty, silently crying for the loss of her. I was slowly moving away from the block of flats
where once upon a time my entire world use to live, and a single tear tumbled down my cheek before I got lost in the darkest depths of night,
where I had always belonged and would always do.


The cars had stopped right out of a high-rise, countless people were gradually gathering outside the door where the dreadful yellow tape
seemed to cry out "Crime scene-do not cross'', curious to learn what had stirred the calm of that night, or just struggling to find an
interest in their vast, routine-filled lives. Two police officers out of the apartment where the tragic event had taken place prevented the
mass from entering. "There's nothing for you to see here. Everything's under control. Return to your homes, please".

The woman seemed troubled. It was a tough job, being a cop, and she felt sad and angry every time someone was murdered, especially
if it was a young girl who had no enemies, adored by all her neighbors, like Amy Rose.

''Did she have any friends?" she asked her partner. The old cop sighed with a sad face.

''Yes" he stammered" We have informed him... he'll be right here in a couple of minutes..."

Her eyes went wide open as she heard of his last words" You mean hi-''

"Yes" he interrupted her.

Suddently a loud noise made everyone stop and stare at the entrance of the building. The people gathered outside the apartment stepped
aside and let the extremely fast blue blur pass, looking at his familiar figure with fear and admiration. Without even having noticed them, he
pushed violently the officer that was guarding the door and entered the room where she was lying, peaceful, beautiful yet a deep red wound
was on her stabbed chest. He kneeled next to her, caressed her face, took her hand into his, crying with despair. His fur became red from her
blood, but he didn't seem to mind that.

"I'm so sorry" he whispered" if only I wasn't so stubborn, Amy..."

He broke. Everyone stepped back as he screamed desperately.

"Why did you leave me? Why? I Loved you, was it what you wanted to hear? I did...! I just didn't want you to get mixed up with someone
who was constantly in trouble. I love you more than I could have ever imagined!Why did you leave me? Why?"

Then his broken heart hammered in his chest when he recalled her last words towards him. "I Love you! Why can't you love me back?"

"If only I had let you know" he thought, his life having no more purpose" If only" he repeated with a vacant look.

I am sorry about the pain I caused to you.

Roses bud, and smell, and become painfully beautiful. But they need someone to care for them. They need love. That's what they need. Otherwise,
they wilt. And you only understand how beautifully your garden used to be ornamented, my sun who doesn't rise anymore, When a Rose Dies.

Sonic the Hedgehog.


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