Tumbling in Darkness

Rating: M

Pairing: Carlisle/Harry, other side pairings, Emmett/Rosalie, Bella/Edward, Alice/Jasper,

Warning: There will be Slash and for those who don't know what that means, it's Male/Male, two guys kissing, two boys having sex, to males loving eachother. There will possibly be Mpreg, meaning that males can get pregnant, don't like don't read, I DON'T want any comments about it. The rating is for a reason, people. I don't want any flames simply because someone haven't read the warnings.

Summary: Harry lives with his last remaining family and when they are invited to friends for a weekend he get's some freedom. But during his night of sweet escape, things occur, and his life changes forever.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Twiligt or anything you might recognise.

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Authors Note: Okay, you Probably should read this, there will be some background information here and some explanations.

I have simply borrowed the characters from Harry Potter, therefor, there will be no actual magic. Harry wont be a wizard nor will anyone else. He and the Dursley's will live in America, to make things easier later on in the story. Now, I love Esme, and she will have a place in this story, but not as Carlisle's wife, she'll be his sister. I'm not sure yet how things will be with Jacob and Bella. They might just be friends, I hate that Jacob is left heartbroken in the third book, even if I think that Bella should be with Edward. Jacob is so sweet, but I don't know if he'll fit in the story, he might become friends with Harry instead.

You should always read the notes at the end of the chapter. I might write something important.

Okaay, here is the first chapter. Hope you'll enjoy it!!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Chapter One

The touch of his lips


Harry turned away from his uncle's loud voice and kept doing what he was ordered to do, the dishes. He continued scrubbing away the orange sauce from the lunch they'd eaten about one halfhour earlier with a roll of his eyes.


The voice was louder now, which either meant that uncle Vernon was closer, or more angry. Either of it was bad.

Harry dried his foamy right hand with one of aunt Petunias light blue towels and reached for the old radio Vernon and Petunia bought for ages ago, apparently a radio wasn't worth buying, these days it was TV's that mattered, and turned the music up slightly. The latest song of Kanye West echoed in the white, shiny kitchen and Harry who'd heard the song many times (as it was played every fifteen minutes or so) hummed along with the melody in order to ignore or perhaps, forget his uncle, even if it was just for a few seconds.

"BOY!", the voice bellowed.

Harry turned around as his very red whale looking uncle stepped into the kitchen behind him and pointed one chubby finger at him. He turned the rather loud music down and looked innocently at his uncle.

"What do you think you are doing!", Vernon yelled his face turning, if even possible, more red.

Harry gestured towards the sink.

"Dishes", he answered in a indiffrent voice, used to his uncle's fits of rage.

"Don't mess with me, boy", his uncle said in a threatening voice. "You should be glad that you're still here!"

Harry had to keep himself from rolling his eyes. His aunt and uncle threatened with that every day, telling him that they should kick him out. But since they were his guardians, they couldn't.

Harry parents had died in a car crash when he was very young, merely one year old and he was left with his only remaining family. His mother Lily's "lovely" sister Petunia and her fat husband Vernon along with their own boy, Dudley, who made it his life's mission to make Harry's life hell.

They never beat him, none of them had ever laid as much as a finger on him, ever, except for Dudley, perhaps when he beat him up at school. But usually, he refrained from touching him as well, he sent his friends on him instead. And now, he'd soon reached his goal, living with the Dursley's for seventeen goddamned years. They had been very long, and had never seemed to end, but in one year, they actually were. He'd be free, he'd be able to walk away without ever walking back.

His uncle stood now infront of him panting, his fat chest heaving up by every breath, his nosetrills flaring giving him a pignose, his lips were thin and slightly open, his eyes narrow making them look smaller than they already was and his blond hair looked like a badly made wig on top of his head. It suddenly struck Harry how ugly his uncle was.

Harry had to bite his lip hard to keep himself from laughing at the ridiculous look his uncle gave, he succeded in hiding it from Vernon, he had been given a lot of practise.

Uncle Vernon blew himself up and withdrew his finger which had been hanging in the air for the last few minutes infront of him and looked down on Harry with the satisfied look he always got when he reminded himself of that he was above Harry.

"We are going away", he said with a pompous snort. "We meaning, Petunia, Dudley and myself"

His hand touched his chest for a few seconds as he thrived in the feeling of having accomplished something.

"We have been invited to Mr and Mrs Orson's party at their hotel, and we'll be staying there over the night", uncle Vernon said, proud of himself.

He suddenly turned his piglike eyes towards Harry glared heatedly at him.

"You will, unfortunatley have to stay here alone since Mrs Figg can't take care of you. And if I find one object out of place when we get back, you will pay for it!"

Harry almost couldn't stop the smile that threatened to bloom on his face. He would be alone.

"Do you understand?", Vernon snapped, suspicious of Harry's current expression.

"Yes", Harry said in a somber voice and quickly looked down in to the floor.

Vernon grunted and left the kitchen with his small steps, leaving Harry alone again.

Harry stood still for a few seconds before he walked to the sink again and raised the music, returning to the dishes as the longing to be alone set in.


The days seemed to slowly drag themselfs to their ends. The hot sun and the warm wind didn't make things better either. And since Vernon had refrained from telling him exactly when they were leaving, Harry waited anxiously for two days wondering exactly when his two days of perfect bliss would come.

Vernon, during the whole week he had to wait, smirked evilly at him, knowing exactly what he was doing. And, for the first two days, Harry hated him, until he realised that aunt Petunia had neatly written it in their calender.

Harry spent the remaining part of the weeks rolling his eyes at his uncle whenever he gave him an evil grin.

But, when the day came, all his waiting had been worth it. Vernon blew himself up for a last time and gave Harry another speach about not wanting to find the house in ruins. They left, the door closed and the engine of their car started. Harry stood inside by the front door for a good five minutes before he even dared to move. He was alone. He was free.

He already knew what to do during this time. First, he sat down infront of the TV, checking all the channels and enjoying his solitude and finally being able to decide something. Though, he admitted that it would have been more fun if the Dursley's had been there, preferably tied up and was forced to look at him eating their food and using their stuff, it would probably count as torture for them.

Then when the night came closer, he put something on, something that made him look less as a tramp (A/N, meant as a hobo or bum). He borrowed some of the hairgel that Dudley had taken to using, although it looked like crap on him. When he was finished he stepped outside, locking the door with the key Vernon had given him, cursing him at the same time if he would loose it.

He walked down the street and jumped on a bus with money he'd found on the street every now and then, or perhaps from diffrent jobs, such as cutting someones grass, he'd been taken when the Dursley's thought he was in school. They didn't mind the notes he got with him home about skipping lessons at all, it only made their beloved Dudley look better.

He intended on going to a club, a club most of the guys from school liked to talk about. Not that they ever talked to him, but he caught fragments of their conversations in the locking rooms. It was called Cale's Cave, an odd name for a club according to Harry, but then again, he'd never been to any club before.

He got of at the right station, he thought, and walked down the street until he saw the green neon lights with the letters Cale's Cave on.

The guard looked at him, uncertain as he flopped his fake ID out with a cocky smile on his lips. Harry hardly looked like eighteen, hell, he hardly looked like seventeen, but with the ID and along with the smile and perhaps his attitude, he was to his surprice, let in.

The minute he stepped into the club, his ears threathened to explode by the loud music, although his body quickly adjusted to it and soon he found himself walking with the beat as he made his way towards the bar.

A rather chunky man stood and mixed drinks and he grunted at Harry when he sat down at a bar stool.

"What do you want to drink?", the man asked.

His eyes traced Harry's body in a rather intimate way and Harry couldn't help but blush and look away, causing the man to smirk at him and lean closer.

"First time, huh?", he asked with a deep tone.

Harry nodded and looked away.

"I'm Chuck", the big man said again.

A small silence followed and Harry realised that the man wanted an answer. He quickly spluttered out an answer.

"I'm Harry, nice to meet you"

The man snorted and backed away shaking his head.

"So, anything special?", he asked with that deep tone again.

"What?", Harry asked, confused.

What was the man talking about?

Chuck, got an amused glint in his eyes again and he shook his head again.

"To drink", he said smiling.

Harry felt his face heat up and he refused to meet Chuck's glance.

"Oh", he said, embarrassed.

"Uh, surprice me?", he replied a few seconds later, since he didn't know a thing about drinks.

Chuck actually laughed, knowing that as well.

"Well, I'll give you something easy to start with", he said, still chuckling.

When Harry got his drink, a yellowish substance, he murmured a thank you and payed Chuck before leaving for one of the tables further into the room right at the side of the dancefloor. He tasted it, and had to admit that it didn't taste so bad. He drank some more and was rather surpriced when a guy knocked at his shoulder. There were a lot of prejudices against homosexuality, he knew that, and when he turned his head to the side he saw some girls and other boys give them some disgusted looks.

"Is this seat taken?", he asked with a seductive smile.

Harry shook his head and the guy sat down, his eyes roaming over Harry's body. Harry turned his head away again to hide his akward expression.

The young man smirked at him, knowlingly, and raised his glas of beer towards him in some kind of toast before he pressed it towards his lips and took a sip. He put the glas back onto the table and leaned back into his chair opposit of Harry and took another good look of him.

"So, gorgeous, what's your name?"

Harry smiled at him, unsure.

"Harry, you?"

The guy leaned forward.

"I'm Jake", he said smiling.

"Want to dance?", Jake asked a few seconds later rather boldly.

Harry's eyebrows shot up in surprice but he nodded and followed Jake out on the dancefloor. At first, he was rather unsure of what to do, but he looked at everyone else and soon, his body moved to the beat and he felt rather sure of himself as he got several looks shot his way from both boys and girls. And, he felt that he'd played the role of the innocent blushing virgin for a bit too long, so he pressed himself closer to Jake. Jake looked at him, surpriced but accepted the change with pleasure. The two of them danced for only God knows how long, and counting the songs that passed, both slow and fast, told Harry that they danced for quite some while.

When they, exhausted walked back to their table they found another man sitting there. Jake was about to pull him away towards the bar and order some more drinks and probably get another table, but Harry stopped him. The man was holding Harry's glas firmly in his hand, and he turned his head towards Harry and smiled. What struck Harry was how gorgeous the man was. He had rather long hair that fell in perfect waves down his shoulders and his face and body belonged in a advertisment for underwear. He waved towards Harry, gesturing for him to come closer, and Harry did so, letting Jake's hand go.

"I'll be right back", Harry murmured to Jake and walked, like in daze towards the man.

Jake didn't reply, or Harry didn't hear it, he was to busy watching the man. And as he arrived to the table the man smiled and gestured for him to sit down.

"I hope you don't mind me sitting here", the man said, with a hint of a foreign accent to his voice, only, Harry couldn't tell which.

Harry shook his head uncertain and laid on his side.

"I watched your drink for you", the man said again in his musical voice, and Harry realised immediatley that he would do anything for this man.

The beautiful man gave him his drink and Harry brought it to his lips, tasting the liquir. For an odd moment, he thought it tasted diffrent then before, and as if the stranger had seen his confusion, he gave him another blinding smile causing the thought to disappear from his mind quickly.

"Want to come with me outside for some air?", the man asked, his smile still lingering at the corner of his mouth.

Harry nodded, and he suddenly felt rather dizzy, but he stood up nontheless and followed the man outside.

On the way, he felt a gut sinking feeling and his eyes wobbled a bit more by every step. As he stepped outside his legs gave away and he nearly fell onto the assfalt, but cold hands caught him before he hit the ground.

As the hands brought him closer to a marble chest he thought he heard a musical tone murmur something to someone, and then the next sentence he said was loud as hell in Harry's ears.

"He's had a bit too much to drink"

Harry winced, and then, the stone chest left him and he was lying on something cushion like and an engine started.

And the machanic sound of it successfully put him into a light, dreamless slumber.


Harry came to life again with a throbbing headache. He tried to sit up but fell back when his sight became all black, he feared that he would faint.

Someone chuckled, and Harry looked up, meeting the eyes of the stranger from the bar. He frowned as memories from earlier entered his mind.

The bar, Jake, the drink, a musical voice.

Harry stared at him confused.

Feeling dizzy, outside, to get some air...

"What happened?", Harry murmured and tried to sit up again, thankfully it worked.

The man laughed.

"Oh, you blacked out a bit", he said with a blinding smile.

Harry looked around and noticed that he definetly wasn't at the Dursley's. He turned towards the man again.

"Where am I?", he wondered with a frown and tried to get out of the bed.

The man chuckled again and pressed him down, rather forcefully actually.

"You're at my place, don't worry, I'll take care of you", he murmured with an amused tone.

He pressed himself down on Harry's body and pressed his lips to Harry's.

The first thing Harry was about to do, was push him away. But when he felt a tongue enter his mouth, his body relaxed as if commanded and he laid very still beneith the man trying to get as much of the raving kiss as possible.

Harry moaned and threw his arms around the man.

This was not how he planned the night, he mused quietly to himself. But, well, he didn't really mind.

The man changed Harry's position as if he were light as a feather, and suddenly he was in a sitting position and with the man's weight on his chest, he was being pushed back on the couchs armrest.

His lips moved from Harry's mouth and traced his jawline, leaving hot traces of boiling blood behind. It moved down, beneith his chin and down, licking at Harry's Adam apple. He then swiftly moved to his right and licked Harry's throbbing pulse. One, two, three kisses.

It was so wonderful.

Another kiss.

So goddamned wonderful.

His tongue put some pressure down.

Oh God.

Sharp teeth graced his skin, biting down slightly.


And then, they sank down, fully, causing Harry to gasp in surprice.

It took a few seconds for the pain the fully make itself noticable for Harry, and when it did, he screamed loudly, trying to push the man away, but he held Harry down with ease and Harry's struggle became fruitless.

The pain was torture, it was the worst he'd ever experienced.

Suddenly, beneith the horrible pain, Harry felt a something. A horrible realisation, he was being drained. He tried to move again, tried to push the man away, but between the man's supricingly strong hold and the torturing pain, he was very weak. His unarticulated cry got quieter as his strenght was sucked out along with his blood, and soon it was mere whimpers.

"Please...", he managed to stutter out.

"Help me..."


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