Tumbling in Darkness

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Life is a bed of roses, but have in mind that even roses have thorns – Astrid Lindgren

Chapter Eight

Power beyond evil

Note: This chapter has not been corrected

Carlisle knew what awaited him the moment he saw the young vampire. Everything was oddly quiet as he studied the newborn in front of him. Harry's eyes were still red, red as the blood of the human he had drained before. The boy was without a doubt a newborn. His fear for his surroundings were genuine according to Edward, and his lack of knowledge and control of his strenght was hardly faked.

He would have to take him in. He wondered where he came from and if his family would miss him. Although he couldn't imagine anyone not missing this boy with such expressive eyes, a shy facade and yet a strong appearence, as if he wouldn't deny a challenge if he got one. He seemed strong, and Carlisle hoped he was right, because it was more then a challange that he was in for.

Harry had proven strong though, through the weeks he had stayed with them. And Carlisle was more then pleased with his progress. He was of course, far away from the control any of them possessed, but he was on his way. The toughest of parts, the newborn phase, had only just begun though.

There was one thing though... about the boy...

Carlisle had never considered himself as a bad person. Not perfect, naturally, but never truly bad. At first he couldn't help but blame the boy, the innocent mind that brought out what he considered the worst part of himself. Worse then his vampire thirst, worse then his darkest thoughts, worse then anything.

It appeared after a few weeks of his stay. At first he had waved it off as fatherly affection, vague attraction maybe, but nothing beyond it. He didn't discover until he noticed Harry's own obvious attraction to Edward how wrong he had been. How frustrated and hurt he felt everytime he saw Harry looking at the boy and smiling at him.

Edward kept his distance, knowing what both Harry and Carlisle were thinking. Carlisle knew about Edwards gift which Harry did not, so he knew to keep his thoughts guarded. His feelings, he could hide somewhat by a facial mask, but not entierly. Jasper tensed up everytime he caught his anger and love.

All these questions about Edward, "why doesn't Edward like me?", "what was he like before?, "when was he turned?", "you really turned him?" and so on. They almost hurt him more then the looks Harry granted Edward. Carlisle could at least pretend that the glances didn't exist, excuse them as something else. The comments and questions were unavoidable.

He had decided that this was not something to act upon though. Well, he had decided that days ago, almost as soon as he recognised his feelings. However, there were still a part of him that counted the glances Harry sent him, a part that didn't really care of his own decision.

Carlisle remembered when his feelings really hit him, when they had surfaced. When he had realized it was too obvious to trick himself anymore, too obvious to ignore...


Harry slantred into the house with eyes blistering with anger and slight humiliation. His clothes were muddy and Carlisle could hear Emmett's booming laughter from within the forrest.

"Hard training?" The comment slipped through his lips before he could stop it, and he smiled despite himself.

"Emmett is a moron" Harry muttered but smiled as well.

"That we know." He muttered, trying to steer his eyes of Harry.

He was starting to feel uncomfortable with the attention he spent on Harry, and the feelings that he had.

The door opened and Emmett and Jasper entered, still laughing softly. Carlisle couldn't bring himself to care. Harry was looking at him, not Edward for once, but him. He winked at the boy and smiled as he allowed his eyes to search his appearence. And not only his face, Carlisle knew his features, his nose, his eyes and lips like the back of his hand.

He broke free from Harry's gaze and looked at his muddy shirt.

"Maybe you should go wash up and change clothes. Somehow I don't think Esme will appreciate if you get dirt all over the house." He said and broke their eye contact. "You probably don't want to run into Alice either" He added and nodded at Harry's shirt.

Harry nodded thoughtfully, and for a second there was nothing but a comfortable feeling surrounding them. Then, Jasper suddenly tensed up, his whole frame turning rigid of sorts. His eyes turned quickly to Edward and then back to Harry. Edward in turn turned his now furious eyes to Jasper and almost hissed.

Harry, as oblivious as he was to most things, noticed the tension and quickly escaped the room without a sound.

"How could you think such a thing?" Edward hissed at Jasper.

Jasper held up his hands with a grave expression in his face and eyes.

"I'm just feeling, not thinking." He muttered.

Carlisle frowned and looked at Jasper, knowing that he was more likely to tell him what just happened then Edward.

"Tell me." He said. "I know it was about… Harry".

Edward shook his head and frowned.

"He doesn't know what he is feeling. Or what anyone else is feeling either. He's wrong." He said fiercly and glared at Jasper.

"Tell me." Carlisle repeated.

"He deserves to know if it is true." Jasper said first to Edward and then turned to Carlisle. "I felt love coming from Edward for a moment."

Carlisle froze as Edward shook his head still glaring hotly at Jasper. Carlisle slowly turned towards Edward.

"I want you to be happy Edward and if Harry makes you happy..." He said and held up a hand when Edward was about to speak. "You should have told me." Carlisle muttered and stood up. "You mean the world to me."

He left the room without another word, leaving Emmett to take care of Jasper and Edward.


There was this moment. A moment when Harry still wavered between that foggy, white

and incredibly alluring darkness and the harsh, cold reality. When he drifted down quickly from his current high and stared at the dark fur of the now dead bear. A moment of bliss and utter happiness and then, one of regret and horror.

He turned, slowly, his mind still not completly there, his body not entierly his own. He stared into the eyes of Carlisle and as he saw those eyes, that usually were full of knowledge and wisdom now shared the horror he felt, he asked himself a question. A question ha had asked himself before.

What was he?

Carlisle masked his fear and took a step closer, and then another one. He was careful as not to meet Harry's gaze and kept his eyes on his left cheek as he walked all the way until he was standing in front of Harry.

Harry searched his face, trying desparatly to meet his eyes but failed, it was not until Harry was really down on earth, not until he could no longer feel the misty wave of opertunity and destruction that Carlisle finally met his gaze. He put his hand on Harry's shoulder.

"I believe we should head back to the house." He said, and in all that simplicity and kindness, Harry felt hurt.

The horror that had bloomed on his face merely seconds ago was now skillfully masked, hidden behind a deep layer of kindness. To Harry it seemed cold, distant and nothing of what it should show. It was inhuman, unfeeling and wrong. The expression in his eyes showed nothing but acceptance.

Did he really care so little of him, that he would ignore this? Would he send him away? Thinking that now they'd had enough of him, he'd caused enough problems.

The hand still laid on his shoulder, and it grasped it firlmy, digets dug into his skin. His controling strenght that usually was hidden behind a human face now surfaced, revealing how dangerous he truly was.

With a jerk of Carlisle's hand that moved him in the right direction and they slowly walked towards the house.


Harry could even hear the beeping tone coming through the cellphone Carlilse had pressed to his ear. The slow, pulled-out, almost clinical sound drilling holes in his head and the wait smothered him. He could, literally, hardly breathe.

At last someone must have answered, and he guessed by the high pitch of the voice that musically sang the other end, that it must have been Alice. There was hardly any exchange of words, had there been, then they must simply have floated by without making any kind of imprint on his mind. He simply heard Carlisle slap the phone shut.

That broke him out of his daze.

Carlisle resumed to what he had been doing before he quietly suggesting to call the others back, he stared at Harry.

Kind, curious, and yet still slightly reserved eyes roamed over his body. Now, Harry wouldn't normally have minded Carlisle staring at him in an inappropriate way. But this wasn't even hinting anything sexual. This was simply a curiosity of a researcher observing their latest project. Carlisle even looked surprised as he stared at him, as if he hadn't seen him before, or was astonished by his mere existence.

Carlisle opened his mouth, clearly about to say something. But his words were interrupted by the arrival of the rest of the clan. Emmett was smiling and he slapped Harry's back, hard enough to almost throw him of the chair.

"What have you done now?" He asked jokingly.

Harry didn't answer, neither did Carlisle and it was rather silent for a few seconds, before Harry could see Edward's eyebrows raising highly on his face. His lips curled for an unknown reason, and his emotions were as usual carefully guarded behind his angellike features.

Harry had always found it hard to read him. But now, it was strangely easy.

It was obvious what just had happened, Edward had read Carlisle's mind which meant that he knew and probably understood more about it then Harry did. His eyes were, like Carlisle's full of emotion, and Harry thought he could see respect, wonder and some slight amusement in them. Along with a grey aware- and seriousness.

Rosalie cleared her throath looking annoyed with being left out of the silent conversation. Carlisle gestured to the kitchen table with a sigh.

"I think we should sit down." He said, and took a seat himself by the table.

"We had an, incident, in the forrest." He said when everyone had found their seat.

Emmett smiled broadly.

"Oh, I just love incidents!" He exclaimed but turned silent as Rosalie smacked his hand.

Carlisle explained what he had seen, and all the while Harry had to keep himself from shaking his head.

"I didn't see him up front though, I only saw his back. But the bear seemed to be drained, not of blood, but of life. I could see it in his eyes. Even though there were no physical connection, the bear fell down, dead." Carlisle said and looked at Edward. "And," he begun again and looked at Harry, his eyes intense and searching. "His eyes were green."

Alice's eyes turned to Harry briefly, as well as the rest of the family, to see if they still were, out of reflex. Carlisle shook his head but didn't remove his own eyes from Harry.

"It disappeared after a while..." He said. "It was as if they were clouded with..."

"Mist." Harry muttered and shrugged.

They were silent for a while, the only sound being their breaths. Harry counted the seconds that went by, he counted the seconds until one of them would open their mouth and utter the words, "you need to leave." Nothing came, no one spoke up.

"I should leave, then." Harry finally muttered.

Rosalie sneered at him and shook her hair with a yank of her head.

"What is this thing about leaving all the time?" She asked with one eyebrow raised. "Don't you like it here with us? Would you rather be somewhere else?"

Carlisle looked as if he wondered the same and he looked strangely at Harry who stumbled over the words he were trying to find to explain.

"No!" He said in a raised voice. "No, absolutly not! It's just... I'm more then a vampire now, I'm more then a monster! I... I'm a freak."

Carlisle looked thoughtful as he answered. "That's one way of seeing it. But you're not alone, Harry."

Harry looked very doubtful and almost sneered as he answered.

"Oh, so you all have this thing with your eyes that can kill someone without lifting a finger? If that doesn't scream 'freak' to you, what does?" He retrorted with a frown.

Carlisle kindly opened his mouth to answer, as calm as ever.

"No!" Harry said, standing up and raising his voice. "Maybe I'm not the freak here, maybe you're right. Maybe it's you."

Harry paused and took a moment to look at Carlisle's stunned reaction.

"Yeah, maybe it's you! Always calm and understanding! Never showing anything beyond the 'compassionate Carlisle' the 'unfeeling Carlisle'! No! Never ever looking at me, never daring to... do... anything! You hide behind this mask of... something!"

"You're a coward!" Harry finally managed to yell out. "Yeah.."

Carlisle watched him with a rather blank face according to Harry, too blank. He had just, almost... sort of... told him how he felt. He might as well have just spilled his guts out, stabbing himself with a knife and Carlisle probably wouldn't have looked anymore different. There was a sinking feeling somewhere, and Harry realized that his feelings, whatever they were, were unrequited.

"Sit down. Please." Carlisle said after a few seconds.

Harry humoured him and Edward tensed up next to Alice who, strange enough, was smiling slightly. Edward looked at Carlisle and then quickly at Alice, and he relaxed again. Jasper simply looked plainly confused.

"You are not a freak." Carlisle said, ignoring Harry's long rant. "What I was meaning to say, was that we should have seen this coming, or at least I."

Harry looked expressionless, almost too full of emotion to comprehend to anything that Carlisle was saying.

"You are not the only one with an... ability, Harry. Even though yours is addmitedly strange considering... you are not alone." Carlisle begun again and looked at Edward, searching for his approval. "Edward, for example, can read thoughts."

It took a few seconds for the statement to sink in with Harry before he turned his head quickly towards Edward.

"What? Like, everything? Can you hear what I am thinking right now?" He asked quickly in a ramble.

Edward leaned forward and nodded.

"And Jasper," Carlisle begun again. "Jasper is an empath. He can feel everyones feelings and control them at times."

Harry looked at Jasper whom nodded as well and shrugged.

"I can see the future!" Alice called with a large smile and she winked at Harry.

Harry leaned back in his chair and sighed, he stole a glance at Rosalie whom met his gaze with a hard one and seemed to dare him to ask what power she had. Harry refrained from doing so though, even if he wondered.

"Does everyone have them?" He asked instead. Turning the question more to Edward instead of Carlisle.

"No." Edward said with a shake of his head. "We believe that our powers somehow reflect the person we were as human."

Harry's eyed widened and he frowned, looking insulted.

"Not that it means anything, we might as well be wrong." Carlisle hastily added as he saw Harry's face.

It was promptly ignored by Harry.

"I think your power has already appeared a few times during our time here. Do you remember in Forks? When we gave you blood, something happened when you looked at me, when you were having some inner turmoil of sorts. There was a kind of pain I've never felt before..." Carlisle said and his eyes bore into Harry's skull. "It only lasted for a second, and I can't really explain it but..." He trailed of.

"So I could have killed you if it had continued much longer?" Harry asked, directing his eyes to Carlisle again.

Carlisle shrugged. "I'm not certain. We'll have to dig deeper into this ability, try to understand it better."

Harry nodded and stood.

"I think I'm going out for a run." He muttered and left the room without hesitation.

They all sat quiet for a while, thinking. Edward and Alice shared thoughts, shared glances and winks, Carlisle was brooding over Harry's little rant. Did the boy really dislike him that much? Had he somehow managed to miss all of these signs of his hatred towards him?

"I hope to god that the Volturi doesn't hear about this. His skill could be very useful to them." Esme said in a soft voice, the first thing she said during all of this time.

It summoned up what they all thought, hoped and wished.


Alice giggled as Edward came into her room, leaning against the doorframe.

"Is it certain?" He asked with a thin smile.

"Oh yes." She said and played her vision for him in her head. "I've seen the outcome of every approach. The result hardly changes. It is really meant to be."

Edward frowned for a moment. "I can't believe Jasper." He said.

"Don't blame him, he is doing what he think is right. And that is really all a person can do." Alice said warmly and put a hand on his arm.

She suddenly giggled happily again and leaned back in her seat.

"Thank god for this." Edward muttered.


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