Dancing for Life

Rated: M

Pairing: Jasper/Bella

Summery: Bella (17) is a ballet dancer in NY and lives with her mom & Phil. After a terrible accident on stage the doctors say she probably will never dance again. Not being able to deal with her daughter's pain Renee sends her to Charlie where she has to go to a normal high school without dancing and music. She meets the Cullen's (all vampires) and falls in love with Jasper. Can he make Bella dance again?

Bella is still clumsy but when she's on stage she's confident and never falls!

AN: I'm still working on my other story but somehow I needed a change. I wanted to write a story about Bella and Jasper and here it is. I hope you like it and I desperately hope for reviews. The more you write the sooner I will post more.

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"I don't care! This is my home mom! You can't just send me away!" I screamed and stormed away.

"I will not listen to you….."

I slammed my door shut and sat down on my bed. I looked at a picture of myself. Me dancing at a show on Broadway.

I was so happy once. When I was still a dancer. Since I was 4 I danced ballet. I was the best in my class for the last 5 years. But that was 6 months ago.

I still remember the day like it was yesterday. I danced for a show with songs from Fred Astaire. It wasn't ballet at all but there were a few songs for ballet. I was the star of the show.

And than I fell. I twisted my angle. At least that's what I thought. I passed out when I tried to stand up and only remember waking up in a hospital. The doctors told me my leg was broken several times. I had to wear a cast for almost 8 weeks. And afterwards I had to do "walking classes" as Phil always used to call them. I hated it but I had hope. Hope to soon stand upon a stage again. Just being myself.

2 months ago I had to go to a check up. That when they told me. I would probably never dance again. And if I would it would take me years to recover. And by that time I would be out of dancing anyway. So my life ended here.

And now my mom thought of my as a burden. She talked to Charlie. My dad. I talked to him every day. We were close but for my career I decided to stay with my mum and he accepted it. I would go to Forks every holiday. I haven't been there the last 2 years so Charlie came here. To see me dancing on Broadway. He would stay a week o 2 and leave. And I missed him. We always had so much fun together. But my career was my life. Now she wanted me to give it up.

Go to a normal school, she said. Stay with your dad, she said. She always said things. She never asked.

I felt tears fall down my cheeks. And I turned around pressing my face into my pillow.

I would have to go to Forks. A small town. People would know me. They would talk. But I would go.

The next day I started packing. I left most of my summer clothes here. There was no use for them in forks. I only took a few dresses that could be worn with jackets or jeans.

When we drove to the airport I didn't say a word and when I went to the gate I didn't say goodbye. I left my phone in my room. Along with a letter. Saying goodbye in my own way.

I know it is cruel but she deserved it. The whole flight to Seattle I was awake. A man next to me tried to talk to me a few times. I didn't answer him. Charlie picked me up in Seattle but when I landed he wasn't there. I tied to call him a few times at home but he wasn't there so I tried work. They had a bad case and Charlie couldn't make it. So in took a bus to Port Angeles. And Charlie sent a friend to pick me up. 3 hours later I was finally home.

Charlie was already there.

"Daddy" I screamed and ran up to him. I used to do that all the time and I know he loved that. Even now. He gave me a big hug and kissed my forehead.

2hey princess. How was the flight? I'm so sorry I couldn't pick you up but we had a big accident just out of town and I couldn't leave!" he looked like a little kid that was just about to be punished.

"It's ok. I'm home now."

We talked for hours until I had to go to bed. My room was still the same. Painted white, on one side of the room there was a wallpaper of a ballet dancer. Dad had to put it there when I was 6. An antic mirror was standing at that wall. There was a bed and a table and a closet. The closet was new. Dad told me he bought it because he knew I had to lot of stuff. Living in NY you turn out as a shopaholic. He showed me the bathroom. He made some space for me where I could leave my things. He told me that in the guest room next to my room there was supposed to be a bathroom by now. But they had a little bit if trouble and it could still take a month or 2. But I would get my own bathroom. I already wondered why there was a door. When I got back I tried to open it but it was locked. Just like the bathroom door on the floor. Weird.

Tomorrow was my first day of school. I bought a car a few weeks ago and let it get send here. It was a 2009 Mercedes CLC Sport Coupe.

I tried to get some sleep but it didn't work. I was awake almost the whole night and when I finally fell asleep I had to get up again.

I took a shower and got dressed and a cute white dress that ended just above my knee. I wore blue flats to it and a matching wool jacket. I put my hair up into a ponytail and put light make-up on. I wore a long golden necklace with a small key on it. I packed my stuff, grasped the back and headed out the door. Charlie was already gone but he had left a message on the kitchen table.

Dear princess

I hope you have a good day and meet new friends. I will be home around 6 so we can still do something.

Don't forget to eat breakfast and don't drive to fast. When something's wrong just call me. I bought you a new phone that is already in your back.

Remember I love you

Your dad

I put the note into my back and looked at the phone. He had bought me the new Samsung Omnia. That guy was crazy. Hopefully he didn't tell mom about it.

I grabbed my key and drove to school. Arriving there I still had time. I sat down in my car and tried to relax.

I suddenly noticed that I hadn't thought about dancing since I arrived here. Maybe that was good.

I got out of the car and went to the secretary. She gave me hundreds of papers to fill out. When that was done she gave me a school plan with all the buildings and a schedule for my classed. First was English. I tried to find the right building and pumped into a guy.

"I'm sorry!" I said. All his books where lying on the floor. The guy had brownish-blond hair. And a baby face.

"That's ok. I'm Mike by the way."

"I'm Bella. I'm new here. Just came from NY."

"You're the chiefs daughter right?"

"Uhm… yeah" I whispered. I hated to be just called the chiefs daughter. I was so much more. I was a dancer. A human being. So much more than just the chief's daughter. I smiled.

"Could you to tell me where my first class is? I seem to be lost."

"Sure. What's you r first class?" he took the papers from me and smiled. "Oh English that's great. We can go together. And the next is Spanish. Together again. No sports but French????"

He looked at me like I was crazy. I just shrugged and smiled. I didn't feel like telling him the real reason for mew not having to go to any sports lessons. I always hated them and because of the injury of my leg I would never have to any class again. I could do that but my doctor said I had to be careful. Charlie made sure I wouldn't have to go to any sports classes. He had explained m situation and got me out of it. Said I couldn't even walk right. The believed him.

I noticed that Mike was staring at me. And I didn't like it.

The whole time till the end of Spanish I sat next to him. I met Jessica his girlfriend and Angela and Ben and Eric and Laura. Eric told me about the newspaper and that I would be their headline for next week. I had to give them an interview and he already knew the real reason I was here. It surprised me and he thought I was mad. I just smiled and told him in my most dramatic voice "Your never save of the press and paparazzi"

He laughed and everything was alright. He would write bout my accident so I wouldn't have to say anything. And I was more than fine with it. My next class was French. Angela and I walked together.

"So… is it hard for you to be here now?" she looked shy and I smiled at her letting her now it was ok.

"A little. I love my dad and after that lunch break I think it won't be as hard as I thought.2 I smiled her and saw her eyes beam up. During lunch I had noticed how Jessica and Lauren had treated her. Not like friends normally do. I didn't like it. But I also saw the way Ben smiled at her and held her hand under the table.

"Guess I have to leave you now. Thanks for walking me down here." I gave a quick hug and got into the classroom. Normally this class was for seniors. But since I couldn't do any sports I this was the only chance.

I walked up to the teacher gave him the paper and he grumbled something about sitting down. The only free seat was next to a boy. I looked at him.

He had blonde hair and the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. He smiled at me and motioned for me to sit down.

"Hello. I'm jasper" he said and held out his hand. I took and noticed how cold they were. He lightly squeezed my hand and a shiver ran down my spine.

"Hey I'm Bella"

"Your not in any other classes" he looked curios and I smiled.

"No I'm not in my senior year yet. But I can't do sports and this is the only free class. And since I had to take French classes in my old school this is the perfect solution."

The teacher started speaking and I really tried to concentrate but it was too hard.

I looked at Jasper. He looked…. Beautiful. His face looked relaxed. His eyes had the colour of caramel. His body looked strong. He didn't have muscles like crazy but I bet if he got into a fight he would easily win. He wore a blue shirt that matched my jacket and pair of jeans. And he wore cowboy boots. He had a jacket with him that lazily hang above the chair. When he looked own onto his book his hair fell into his face and I had to keep myself from bushing it back. It looked soft and just perfect to loose your hands in it. His lips were perfect. Not to small and not to big. Just right. Right to kiss.

He looked up as smiled at me. It was the most amazing smile I had every seen in my life.

We had to do a partner work. Do an interview.

"So ladies first…." He whispered in a cute accent that made me shiver once again.

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