Chapter 11

Jasper POV

I was looking up into Bella's eyes and saw the shock. What should I do? Bella didn't seem to be ready, at least her mind, but her body was. I stroked her hair back and looked at her and suddenly she let herself sink down on me.

I broke through her hymen and could feel the blood before I even smelled it. But that was something I had to worry about later. The worst feeling was the pain from Bella. I send her a wave of calm and turned her around as fast as possible.

"shh its alright it will be over in just a second." I whispered to Bella and kissed her. I let my love, thankfulness and lust wash over her and a second later she lifted her hips signaling me to move.

I pulled out slowly and pushed back in at the same pace. All the while I kept my gaze locked with Bella. Her eyes were staring intensely at me and she had a small smile on her lips.

I kissed her neck and kept stroking her hair while I started to move at a faster pace. Bella started moaning and sighing my name and she looked like an angel underneath me. I hadn't planned to let it happen like this but this was perfect. Bella felt amazing and I had to concentrate.

"Jasper I'm so close.....please" she whispered.

"What is it? What do you want?" I whispered back

"faster...." she sighed and I happily obliged.

I could feel her tightening around me and let a hand run down her body, playing with her nipple for a second and than moved down further until I reached her clit. I lightly brushed my fingers over it and a few seconds later I felt Bella explode around me, taking me with her.

Seeing Bella like this was a dream. Her eyes were ripped open, her lips parted and formed to a slight O. she had goosebumps all over her arms and than she fell against the pillow and had the most beautiful smile on her lips.

I softly ran my fingers across her cheek and over her lips and brushed her hair out of her face. I kept stroking her face until she opened her eyes. I kissed her one more time.

I rolled off of her and rested her against me. Bella let out a sigh and wrapped her arms around me.

"Thank you" she whispered.

"For what?"

"For making me feel this way. For not rejecting me."

"Thank you" I whispered

"For what?"

"For letting me make you feel that way. For not rejecting me. For trusting me." I smiled. Bella gave a little giggle but she was way to tired to say anything anymore. I felt her drift of to sleep and went to get a warm washcloth and a towel.

I cleaned Bella off as best as I could, mostly removing the blood and dried her off. When I came back into the room Bella was lying on her stomach.

The blanket had fallen down her body and now lay barley on her ass. I could see the beautiful curves that made me sigh every time I looked at her. Bella was truly beautiful. And now that we had made love for the first time I hoped to have many more chances to show her just how beautiful she was to me.

I sat down on the chair in the corner of the room and just watched Bella. Her head lay upon one of her arms and she had a small smile on her lips. Her hair looked a little bit tangled but still beautiful. Form outside the moon was starting to get to its fullest and lit the room into a beautiful silver shine that made Bella's skin glow. The tan she had when she came here was almost gone but I had found out that she used some kind of bronzing-shower-gel.

I got up and sat next to Bella on the floor. I ran a finger down her spine and smiled when she sighed. She lightly lifted her arm and I slipped underneath it. For the rest of the night I just watched her sleep, comfortable for the first time since I've been changed. Right now I felt like my inner beast was satisfied. Everything was right again and I had a new mission.

I woke Bella up at 3:30 at night and she was a little grumpy.

"I really don't wanna get up." she mumbled into my shoulder.

"I know angel, but we have to shower and get ready for our flight." I whispered.

"Promise me you'll keep the light of in the bathroom?" she asked me in an adorable sleepy voice.

"Of course baby" I laughed.

I carried Bella into the bathroom were I had ran a bath for her. I lit up some candles and sat Bella into the water with me. After a while she started to wake up.

"Did last night really happen Jasper?"

"If you mean that we made love than yes." I smiled as I washed her hair,

"And you don't regret it?"

"of course not angel. How could I? You gave me the most amazing thing on earth. Do you regret it?"

"Not a single second. I'm so happy it happened." she turned around lightly and kissed me.

We kissed for a little while longer but soon Bella settled against my chest again. She was way to tired and sore to start anything now. I washed her hair and body softly and assured her that she didn't have to return the favor.

Afterward I dried her off and she dried her hair and put it into a loose bun and went into the bedroom and stood infront of our closet.

When I appeared next to her she just let her towel drop and looked at me. I had to bite back a moan. How could she do this to me?

I lightly slapped her ass which made her shriek. "Get dressed you sex kitten! No time for this. But when we get to the island I plan on ravishing you the WHOLE time while we are alone." I whispered into her ear as I kissed her neck and ran my hand along her body. I slipped a finger between her folds and felt that she was ready for me again.

"Jazzy don't do this to me! You're not being a gentleman!" she sighed.

"Sorry ma'am but you started this...."

"I know I know......OK lets get dressed."

Bella put on some cotton panties and a matching bra. She also wore a pair of light blue jeans and a top over it. On top of this she wore one of my blazer jackets, where she pulled the sleeves up to her elbow. She also grabbed a scarf an hung it loosely around her neck. Like always she looked beautiful.

I grabbed a pair of jeans and a shirt. I put on my cowboy boots and grabbed a leather jacket.

When I turned around Bella was standing infront of her shoes. She had oh so many shoes.......

"Whats wrong Angel?"

"Should I wear the black ballerinas or the black high heels?"

"I vote the high heels but you have to wear what is more comfortable."

"Why high heels?"

"They push your beautiful behind up in the most delicious way....."

"OK so the high heels." Bella grinned and pulled out a pair of shoes and slipped them on. Now she was almost up to my heights. I wrapped my arms around her and whirled her around our bedroom which made her love.

"Oh don't know how much I love you. I promise to make you happy for the rest of our lives."

"How does forever sound? Can you make me happy forever?"

"Forever....I love that sound...." I crashed my lips to hers.

"I will open the door now....please be dressed and separated...." we heard Emmett's voice from outside the door. "Oh Rosie....stop slapping me!" "than stop talking such bullshit!"

Bella silently walked up to the door. The two of them were so wrapped up in their discussion that they didn't even sensed her. Suddenly she yanked the door open and screamed "Guys!". Emmett pulled Rosalie behind his back and growled at Bella. She obviously frightened him.

The only problem was that his reaction caused me to go on over-drive. I ran to Bella pushed her behind my back and hissed at Emmett. "Touch my mate and I'll kill you!"

Rosalie had already come back to her senses an was touching Emmett arm. "Em, baby, please, Bella just made a joke! Calm down."

Emmett turned to Rosalie and smiled.

"Angel! Don't ever do that again!" I turned around and said to Bella. She still looked scared to death and suddenly she threw herself into my arms.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to make you two so mad." she sobbed.

"Baby relax. We are not mad. You just cause a Mate – reflex."

Emmett had a sad look on his face and suddenly approached Bella and opened his arms. He pulled her into a death bear hug and rubbed her back. "Its OK Baby Bells. That really was a great joke. I'm sorry!" he said into her hair and pulled her away a little.

"Come on now Bella. Its time for your breakfast and than you're going to leave for sex-holidays! Ouch! Rosie!"

I pulled Bella to my side and walked her down to the kitchen shaking my head. "These two will never change. For almost 50 years I have to listen to them "Smack" "Ouch Rosie" "Don't talk that stuff". Maybe she should use something harder than her hand...."

Bella just giggled and squeezed my side. And even though I could barely feel it it was still a nice thing to do of her. Something so normal.

After Bella ate Emmett drove us to the airport. They sat us up in the front and we went to check in. We still had a little time so I bought Bella a coke and we sat down. Bell leaned against me while I stroked her hair.

I could feel a few guys jealousy and send them death glares. After a while they called our flight and we sat down in first class. Bella soon was asleep and slept throughout the whole flight.

I had a hard time keeping her awake long enough to get to the boat. We've now been traveling almost 10 hours and Bella was more exhausted than tired.

"Come one baby just a few more minutes till we're at the boat. Can you last that long?"

"Hmm...I'll try."

Something was wrong with her. She was way too tired.

"Bella baby are you sure you're OK?"

"Yes just sleepy. I guess the stress of the past months just got to me now."

that seemed plausible. I got us onto the boat that would take us to the island and soon Bella went to sit beside me. The sun was already settling down and covered the ocean into a beautiful orange color.

"Its beautiful isn't it?" Bella asked.

"Not as beautiful as you are but it sure looks pretty."

the rest of the boat trip went by in silence.

After 2 hours we arrived there. I helped Bella off the boat and grabbed our luggage. Bella was looking at the small cabin and smiled. I grabbed her hand and lead her to the cabin. I unlocked the door and went inside.


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