All the while, in the darkness, i waited, and you wouldn't come.

He waited and it hurt to watch him suffer like that.

And i guess i loved him.

Just not enough as i loved you.

So i waited for you.

But you wouldn't come.

And i wanted to die

To feel the release of the pain and hearache

To stop watching me hurt him

To stop you hurting me

You cursed me

And i died

Because of you

And so then my story began

with my death

I wasn't good enough for you and you left

He waited, my Jacob

I waited, your precious Human.

My love the only thing keeping me together

yet tearing!

Tearing me to pieces

Ripping me to shreds

I could not stand it anymore, to suffer like this

I loved you

I love you

And him

When i died, so did my heart, the thing that hurt the most

Just like you hurt me

Scarring my heart

Leaving me breathless

Leaving me to die

And ice cold skin and ruby red eyes of fire

You did this

Creating this wonderful creature

Are you proud?

You made me

Broke me

And made me suffer

And found my love

My mate

But i still love you

Though, i love him more, my bodyguard

My protecter

My soul