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He has saved the world, saved the universe, so many times.

He never asks for thanks.

That doesn't mean he doesn't deserve it.

He's the one in trouble this time.

So get up off your asses and save him for a change.

He has saved the earth a hundred times over.

Would it kill you to help him out a little?

Every person on the planet owes him their lives.

By rights we should be thanking him on bended knee.

But the universe isn't right or perfect, so very few ever know what he does.

Now you know, 'cos I've just told you.

So get to work and save the Doctor.

You owe him, all of you.

He deserves to be appreciated for what he does.


Why do I do it?

Not because I feel some kind of hero-worship for him, that's for sure.

No, actually I don't really feel like I owe him.

What makes me so special?


I just hate owing people.

So I ignore the fact that we should be worshipping at his feet.

He hates when people do that anyway.

So why rant about how important he is and how much he's got to be saved?


We're friends.

Yeah. . . drabbleness. . .