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Chapter 9

I've never ever been so grateful to my mom. All I can say is that I'm forever in her debt, all because she went away for the week and thankfully took Kyla with her.

Let me just say that Spencer came over to stay the night they left…and left that morning they were coming back.

Let me also just say that we left the bedroom a total of about five times that whole entire seven days, and that was just so we could stock up on supplies.

So it's needless to say that I'm wearing a shit-eating grin on my face and have been glowing ever since then. Spencer is the exact same way. Her and I are both wearing matching secret, yet still shy, smiles on our faces.

"Oh my God, you guys totally did it!" Kyla screams tactlessly.

And maybe it wasn't such a secret.

I look around the restaurant before turning back to Kyla, making sure to give her an eye roll. "Damn Kyla, could you please yell a little louder? I don't think that man had his hearing aid turned on. Not that he needed it."

Kyla rolls her eyes back at me. "Whatever Ash." She then proceeds to give me a strange look.


"You know what," she turns back on me.

"Obviously not Kyla. Why else would I be asking?" It's like we are in a contest to see who can roll their eyes the most.

"Well how was it?" she says like I should have immediately known.

"Kyla please," I pretend to be affronted, "I do not reveal such private matters."

Again Kyla rolls her eyes and snorts. "Yeah right Ash. Now seriously, how was it?" She elbows me in a conspiratory way.

I sigh dramatically as I concede. "Ok, Ok. It was fucking amazing!" I gush, not caring that that's probably not something I should be sharing with my sister.

"What was amazing?" Spencer asks as she sits down next to me after being in the bathroom.

Kyla quickly stares down at her plate. "N-nothing."

Thanks Kyla, I think to myself, that's real convincing.

"Uh huh," Spencer says unconvincingly. She turns to me. "What was amazing?"

Dammit! I hate when she does that. She knows I can't lie to her very well. She's not playing nice at all.

"My song I wrote?" I offer.

Spencer regards me for a moment, obviously not believing me. "And what was your song about?"

Shit. Think, think, think! "About you, of course."

Spencer levels me with another doubtful look. "And it was 'fucking amazing'?"

I was quickly spiraling down, and I knew it. "Yeah," I answer lamely.

"Well you'll have to sing it to me sometime," she says evenly, giving me a knowing look.

I was so busted!

I chance a glance at Kyla and see her doing her best to hold in her laughter. She catches my eye and mimics a whipping motion. I flip her my middle finger and give her a sweet smile as she glares at me.

"Ashley," Spencer chastises as she shakes her head at me.

I duck my head in shame and stare down at my plate. "Sorry," I murmur quietly to Kyla.

Spencer smiles and lightly strokes my thigh underneath the table. "That's a good girl. That wasn't so bad, now was it?" she coos softly.

I can't even speak, I'm solely focused on her lovely hand. I just nod in response and meet her ocean eyes.

Kyla awkwardly clears her throat and snaps my attention back to her. "Do you want me to leave?"

She doesn't ask it sweetly, more like she'd rather not leave but also would rather not watch Spencer and I exchange 'fuck me' eyes.

"Ye-ow, no," I correct as Spencer swats me mid word. "Um, no Kyla, we'd love you to stay and keep us company. God knows how I would hate for it to be just me and Spencer." I give her a significant look.

"I get the hint. Sheesh." Kyla gets up and says her goodbyes. She is about to leave when she suddenly turns to Spencer. "Ashley was saying that sex with you was fucking amazing."

With that she turns and walks out of the restaurant, leaving me to stare daggers at her back and Spencer to shift her eyes between Kyla and me.

Thanks a lot Kyla!

"You told her!?" Spencer asks incredulously.

"No!" I defend. Spencer gives me a doubtful look. "She asked."

Spencer crosses her arms and gives me a disapproving look. "And instead of lying, you told her?"

I cast my eyes down before I softly say, "I told her it was fucking amazing." I try my best to bite back my smile.

Spencer stares at me for a moment before breaking out into a smile. "God Ash," she laughs, "sometimes I just don't get you."

I pay for our meal and then grab her hand and pull her outside. "Good. I don't want you to get me. All I want right now is for you to kiss me." My voice is huskier and I can already see Spencer's eyes deepen in shade.

"You're so demanding," Spencer whispers teasingly against my lips.

"And you're so sexy," I answer, our lips mere centimeters away.

"Only sexy?" she pouts seductively. "You told Kyla I was fucking amazing."

I feel my mouth quirk up. "Did I? I do think I was talking about the song I wrote."

Spencer steps closer and ghosts her lips against mine before pulling back and stepping back, all the while wearing a triumphant smile. "Well that's too bad."

"Ugh, Spencer!" I yell in a whiney voice. "That's so not fair!"

But I am speaking to her back as she has turned around and is walking to the car. She is so evil and she knows it!

Talk about a cock tease! …well ok, you know what I mean.

I'm not worried though, I know she'll pay up.

I can hardly wait.


We are sitting in my room, once again "watching" tv. The door is shut, but only because Spencer and I were making out and Kyla freaked out and shut the door, saying how she "didn't want to be subjected to that!" and that just because she approved of us didn't mean she "wanted a private show."

Puh-lease. It was all PG-13…for the most part.

But it's not my fault. Spencer is the one who attacked me. What, she really did! Just because she looks all sweet and innocent doesn't mean anything. I was right when I called her a sex kitten.

…just don't tell Spencer I said that. Please.

"So that was pretty evil of you this afternoon."

Spencer turns on her side and gives me an innocent look. "What did I do?"

I turn onto my side and lean in close to her, my lips a breath away from hers. I smile as I see Spencer close her eyes and lean in. I imitate her earlier actions and lightly run my lips over hers. Just as she's about to respond I pull back.

"Just that." I smile as she gives me another pout. "Doesn't feel so good, does it?"

"I can think of something that will feel good," she says suggestively.

"Spencer!" I scoff playfully, "what kind of girl do you think I am? Is this all about sex to you?" I gasp offended.

She pauses for a moment. "Yeah, pretty much. Spending time with you is just a bonus." She gives me a smile and kisses my cheek. "And loving you is just inevitable."

"Spencer," I say much sweeter.

Part of me thinks I'll never get used to hearing her say that to me. The other part could care less, because Spencer Carlin loves me!

Spencer leans in and gives me a sweet kiss. "I love you," she whispers as her cerulean eyes lock with mine, leaving me no doubt to her sincerity.

I didn't think my smile could get bigger, but it just did. "I love you too. Thanks for not letting me be invisible."

Spencer looks at me strangely. "Is that how you felt around Carmen and me?" she asks in surprise.

"Kind of," I admit. "I mean I know you paid me attention, but not in the way I wanted you to. As friends you saw me, but as more…well in that sense I was invisible. I felt like no matter what I did, you'd never notice me. Wow," I laugh humorlessly, "that sounds pretty depressing."

Spencer takes my hand and squeezes it. "It does," she agrees, "but that's all in the past. No more you being invisible. After all, how could you be?"

"What do you mean?"

She releases my hand and rolls over so she is on top of me. But right now, it's not about this being a sexual moment, and we both know it.

She looks at me with eyes full of love. "How can you be invisible when you're all I can see?"


"Even when I wasn't looking, all I saw was you." She presses a soft kiss to my lips. "And I wouldn't want it any other way," she whispers.

My eyes are closed, but I can still see her smile. "Me either," I agree, and then I press my lips back into hers.

Our slow kisses quickly turn heavy, and my body arches into Spencer's warm one on top. We exchanges moans nearly as often as we exchange kisses, and almost as often as we exchange I love you's.

Spencer's wicked hand has now crept inside my shirt and she's making quick work of my resolve. Her other hand is rubbing my waist, and I'm finding it very difficult to remember to breathe.

Not to be out-done, I move my hands to her jeans and cup her ass. She moans softly and meets my lips back in a kiss, our tongues dueling for dominance as our bodies thrust towards each other.

"Seriously guys?" Kyla's voice distantly registers in my mind.

Fucking hell! Are you fucking kidding me?

Spencer swiftly rolls off me, her face colored red in embarrassment. "Hey Kyla," she says sheepishly.

Kyla gives Spencer a smile before turning to me, her smile quickly dropping. "Ashley, could you not go one day without jumping Spencer?"

"Hey," I scoff and point to Spencer, "she started it!"

"Ash!" Spencer slaps my arm and gives me a glare.

"What? You did," I justify. "Anyway, why did you come here? Besides to not knock?"

"Mom told me to get you for dinner." Kyla decides to put a hand over her eyes, obviously thinking it would erase the images from her mind.

I smile evilly as an idea forms in my head. "Spencer, give me my bra back!" Kyla cringes but keeps the hand up. "Don't bite my neck, I'm going to get a hickey."

Spencer just shakes her head and rolls her eyes, but I see the smile in her eyes.

Kyla removes her hand to see Spencer and I both fully clothed. "Ash you are so evil! I told Mom to leave you alone, but when I said that, she offered to come get you. So you are welcome. I like to think I'm less of a moment ruiner than Christine."

"Yeah yeah," I wave dismissively.

"Thank you Kyla," Spencer says with a significant look at me.

"Ugh fine," I sigh, "thank you Kyla."

Spencer sends me a sweet smile and I automatically smile back.

"Don't start making out again!" Kyla warns.

"Tell it to Spencer."


"What? I'm just saying. You are a sex kitten." I exchange smiles with Kyla.

"Ashley!" Spencer says in mortification, her face threatening to be permanently red.

I lean over and give Spencer a kiss on the cheek. "You know I'm just teasing. I'm sorry," I say in a soft voice, doing my best to look apologetic.

Spencer puts a hand on my face and smiles. "Forgiven."

"Guys!" Kyla moans in complaint.

"God, alright Mom!" I roll my eyes.

Spencer leans over towards me. "You know what you said about being invisible?" she whispers.


"I'm starting to think it wouldn't be so bad now." She gives a pointed look to Kyla.

I smile widely and laugh. "Yeah," I agree. "This time being invisible would be more than ok."

Kyla gives a weird look and then leaves the room talking to herself about crazy lesbians. I know she doesn't mean anything about it, so I let it go.

After all, why am I going to focus on Kyla when I have Spencer right beside me.

Not to mention the door is closed thanks to Ms. Oh-so-innocent Spencer.

I smirk at Spencer as she comes back, wearing a naughty look of her own. She gets on the bed and crawls toward me.

"Now where were we?" she asks as she once again straddles me.

God I love her!

"Guys dinn- are you serious!? Come on guys," Kyla protests in disgust as she sees Spencer once again moving off of me. "I was only gone like thirty seconds."

And that was thirty seconds not long enough if you ask me-which she didn't.

We regretfully get up and Kyla makes a point to wait on us to leave before she follows us out.

I walk out first and gasp in surprise as Spencer slyly slaps my ass. I turn around and give her an impressed look.

"Stop that," Kyla orders. "Let's just get to dinner so we can eat." Spencer and I exchange a look. "Eww gross guys. I meant dinner!"

"Sure you did," I agree in disbelief. "Let's go eat," I pause to mimic Kyla, "dinner."

Kyla rolls her eyes but Spencer laughs, and that makes it all worth it.

Spencer grabs my ass again and I can't hold back my surprised yelp.

"Spencer," I breathe out harshly, "are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

Spencer doesn't even look phased. She just shrugs and gives me a light kiss before going into the dining room.

Did I mention how much I love her?

And where the hell is Kyla when this stuff happens? All the proof she needs is right here.

It's totally all Spencer's fault;

Spencer straddling me. Spencer kissing me. Spencer slapping and grabbing my ass. Spencer sexing me up.

Then again, Kyla probably doesn't need to know that. That's stuff I shouldn't share.

Spencer holding me.

Spencer kissing me. Oops, did I use that before?

Spencer loving me.

And that? That's something I won't share.

Because even though love is something you can't exactly physically see, I can clearly see it through everything Spencer does. It took me a while to see it, but now I know it's always been there.

Her love, just like me, well never ever be invisible again. And that's how it should be.