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'You... dream about world domination?' Jack gulped.

His mind raced. For reasons unknown, that was such a turn on. He shifted from foot to foot as Stark's face switched between sheepish and annoyed.

'Not all the time.'

Carter shivered slightly, hairs standing on end. That tone, no matter how un-romantic it may be, really messed him up. That compound of nonchalance and barely hidden abashment did wonders for his blood flow. And even as all these feelings were running through his mind, the one surface thought always prevailed - Oh shit, he cried, mentally, anyone but him!


'You... dream about world domination?' Stark had to stop himself from humming in satisfaction at the concealed want in the Sheriff's voice.

He could practically see the emotions running across Jack's face, no matter how well he'd thought he'd concealed it.

'Not all the time.'

This time a barely concealed grin made it's way to his face as he notice the slight change in Jack's stance. He knew every way to get to his law-man, each little nuance that made him fall just a little bit more into Stark's trap. And every time he manipulated the path of the man's heart, he could see his goal just that little bit clearer.

I will have you, Jack Carter.


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