Hey...just wanna let you all know that i really don't know where this is going. Truth is this came together while i was trying to get my creativity and muse back in order to write the next chapter of my other stories...since i can't seem to get out of my writer's block. And yeah this takes place in modern times...

oh yeah i don't own naruto...

"Ino, hurry up!" A platinum blonde haired and bright ocean blue eyed female let's out a huff as she pulls her hair back into a ponytail. She walks over to her dresser with one hand still holding onto her hair searching for her light purple hair tie. She roughly pushes objects out of her way as little strands begin to fall out and onto her face. She let's out a bigger huff and blows the strands from her face only to have it fall back down. Growling, Ino grabs a pair of hair cutting scissors and get's close to cutting it when she hears someone open the door. "Ino? Is that what's taking forever? You're cutting your hair again?" Ino looks in her vanity mirror to see her father standing with his arms crossed.

"NO!" shouts Ino angrily. "GET OUT!" She turns around walks over to him, pushing him out the room. She then slams the door to see her light purple hair tie hanging on the door knob. "Oh…there it is." She grabs it and ties her hair back before walking over to her vanity mirror making sure everything is okay. With a huge grin she makes her way back to the door, opening it and revealing a very upset Inoichi. "So what's mom cooking for breakfast?"

"Breakfast been done and she made oatmeal with toast," responds Inoichi as he follows his daughter down the stairs. Ino halts mid way down the stairs and turns around glaring at her father.

"Oatmeal?! Oatmeal! Of all days!" shouts Ino while throwing her hands up in the air, "I leave for college today and all you've got to feed me is some measly bowl of oatmeal?!"

"Ino Yamanaka! You're lucky we're even feeding you at all! Look at the time! You're mom woke you up three hours ago!"

"Great now you're saying the oatmeal is cold1 Know what never mind…just take me to the bus terminal," Ino turns back around and walks down the stairs to the front door. "Where's my bags?"

"Right here honey," Ino turns to see her mom walk in with two hot pink luggages. Ino's eyes becomes as wide as saucers.

"No! What are you two trying to do? Ruin my life?!" Her mother flinches as her father gives her a stern look.

"Ino Yamanaka! I can take you yelling at me, but your mother!" shouts Inoichi as he watches Ino grab the bags and run past him and up the stairs. "Ino! You don't have time!"

"Watch me," mumbles Ino as she makes her way back into her room and opens both luggages, removing the items and tossing them messily into her purple ones. She zips those ups and runs back downstairs, "Come on before I miss the bus!" She snatches open the door and runs out to her father's black Ford F-150, tossing her bags in the cab and running around to the other side of the truck. "Dad, hurry up!" She snatches the door open and slides in on the black leather seat as Inoichi walks out of the house towards the truck. He opens his door and slides in next to his daughter pulling the keys out of his pockets. "Come on, hurry!" Inoichi eyes his daughter, before full blown tormenting her by taking his sweet time. "Dad!" He goes even slower. "Fine you win!"

"See…that we're getting impatient gets you," responds Inoichi as he starts the truck and pulls out of the driveway of the two story white house. He get out on the road when Ino reaches over to turn on the radio.

"When you get there…you really need to call your mother and apologize for your rude behavior."

"Yeah, yeah."

"Ino…I'm very serious."

"And I said yeah."

"Ugh…you're too much like your mother," groans Inoichi as he pulls onto the freeway heading north. "I see you decided to go bangless?"

"What do you mean?" asks Ino while looking out the window.

"You forgot to leave your bangs down." Ino's eyes widen as she looks in the side mirrors.

"You're kidding me!" She grabs the rear view mirror turning it so that it was facing her.

"Ino! I need that to drive!"

"NO you don't! All you need is your hands, feet, eyes and a car with gas!" She pulls the hair tie out, shaking her head and allowing the platinum blonde hair to cascade down her back. Biting her bottom lip she looks around for something to part her bangs with, finding a pen, "Ah ha…" She parts her hair using the pen and pulls the rest back into her hair tie. "Now…some gel…" She begins digging through the glove compartment.

"What are you looking for?" asks Inoichi as he eyes his daughter.

"Gel. Why? Eww!" Ino slides her hand out of the glove compartment and slams it shut.

"That's what you get for looking around." Ino rolls her eyes and turns to look back out the window.

They finally arrive at the bus terminal and Ino opens her door climbing out. She shuts the door and grabs her bags out the cab and walks back over to the window. "You know…you really shouldn't be keeping those in the cars. Especially since you're married to mom."

"Well…what if I told you that those are what I use when I take your mother out."

"Eww! T.M.I.! T.M.I!" shouts Ino as she covers her ears and shakes her head to the side wildly. Inoichi let's out a smirk. "That was very disgusting!"

"You act like we never gave you the talk." Imo freezes.

"Please don't bring it up," responds Ino while remembering the horrible experience of watching her parents play with dolls. To top it off they were giving the talk to her in front of Sakura and Hinata, and let's not forget Ino's ex-boyfriend Sai. She covers her face and shakes her head in hopes of quickly forgetting such a thing.

"All those boarding the bus south to Tanzaku Town please make your way to gate 3," comes a male's voice over the loud speaker.

"Guess this means good-bye pops," responds Ino as she backs away from her father's truck.

"Stay out of trouble Ino. And stay away from boys…stick with your studies."

"Yeah…yeah." She waves goodbye and walks over to gate 3. She looks around and stands inline waiting for her turn to get on the bus. When it arrives she hands her bags over and climbs aboard heading towards the back of the bus taking a seat close to the bathroom, but not too close for the simple fact of the smell. She scoots over to the window seat, leaning her head against it. She dozes off just as the bus pulls away.

"Now arriving at Tanzaku town." Ino opens her eyes a little to see them pulling up into the bus terminal. "Alright exit row by row…come on." Ino stands up and stretches turning to the window to see her two best friends Hinata and Sakura waiting for her. She hops off the bus to and runs over to them giving them each a huge hug.

"Finally Ino! You were suppose to be on the first bus!" nags Sakura as she leads them away to her red Honda Civic.

"Excuse me for wanting to be perfect for Orientation," retorts Ino as Sakura opens her trunk, allowing for Ino to throw her bags in. "So how are you Hinata?" Hinata turns her head and looks at Ino. "Did Sasuke finally ask you out?" A blush quickly spreads across Hinata's cheeks as she turns her head oh so slightly to try and hide it. "Oh so I take it he did…and did he show you what was in the glove compartment?"

"Ino-chan!" shouts Hinata while shaking her head.

"Ino! Leave her alone!" shouts Sakura as she shuts the trunk and walks over to the driver side opening the door. She climbs in as Hinata takes the back seat allowing Ino the front.

"What? It's not like Sasuke never said he didn't want it! If I don't recall he said it very loud enough in front of Hinata and everyone else during his graduation speech." Ino turns around to see Hinata pale skin now red with embarrassment.


"Alright! Alright…can't you guys take a joke?" states Ino as she looks at Sakura before turning around to Hinata. "Gomen, Hinata-chan. Didn't mean to embarrass you like that."

"It's okay Ino-chan."

"No it's not!" Ino turns back to Sakura, "Anyways we're are so here." Ino looks out her window to see the huge towering University.

"Alright! Finally…college life!" Shouts Ino as she opens the door. Sakura turns off her car and follows suit. "So we get our info where?"

"From the Main Hall," Ino turns ad gives Hinata a huge grin before grabbing her arm and leading the way. Sakura growls and shuts all the car doors, before running after them. As they enter they see the room filled with people from all over. "Now where is Hinata's sexy fiancé?" asks Ino while looking around.

"He's not!" shouts Hinata.

"Ah ha…Sasuke! Naruto!" shouts Ino while waving. Sasuke and Naruto turn around and walk over to them. Sasuke approaches Hinata and wraps his arms around his waist holding her close as all the guys around eye the girls.

"So Sasuke are you and Hinata dating?"

"Dating and Fu-" Hinata quickly covers his mouth while blushing madly. A huge grin comes across Ino's face. Sasuke grabs Hinata's wrist and pulls her hand away from his mouth. "What are you embarrassed about?" Hinata just buries her face in his black shirt.

"Alright fresh man class! Listen up!" Everyone turns to see a busty blonde woman standing on a row of tables with a microphone in hand. "This is what's going to happen! You'll get your schedules, dorm numbers, and cafeteria cards when I'm finish. Then your going to unpack. And you'll have the rest of the day. But I sure advise that you visit your classroom and introduce yourself to your teachers…since some have homework that you'll need to turn in tomorrow." The busty women then steps down off the table and everyone begins to bum rush it.

"Should we wait it out?" asks Ino.

"We'll be back," Sasuke let's go of Hinata go and grabs Naruto away from Sakura walking away.

"Wonder where they're going." They watch the guys disappear into the crowd only to return moments later with everyone's stuff.

"Looks like me and Hinata are roomies," states Sasuke with a huge grin as Hinata's eyes widen. "Just remember to be quiet…there are others who have to study…" whispers Sasuke but loud enough for the group to hear. A huge perverted grin appears on Naruto's face as he turns to Sakura, who smack him in the back of the head.

"Sakura-chan," whines Naruto as he rubs the back of his head.

"Well…I've got my dorm to myself!" chirps Ino loudly.

"Whatever come on…"

After they finish packing the girls all begin to walk around the campus, chatting about the summer.

"So how was it?" asks Ino eyeing Hinata mischievously. "Did you actually get to meet Sasuke's parents or just his bed in the bedroom?"

"Y-yes, Ino-chan I got to meet Sasuke-kun's parents," answers Hinata while turning to look at Sakura. "How about you?"

"Naruto's related to a group of pervs!" shouts Sakura getting a laugh from everyone. Ino turns completely around and begins walking back wards. "You're going to run into someone."

"No I'm noooo-" Bam! Ino runs into someone falling on top of them, in a sitting position. She turns her head slightly to see a crimson haired pale green eyes, pale skin young boy no older than her underneath her. He glare up at her before pushing her off. "Hey!" He stands up and dusts him self off, looking down at his blood red shirt which was now covered in hot coffee.

"Ino apologize," hisses Sakura.

"Gomen," states Ino as she sticks her hand out, "to make it up to you how about I buy you another right now." He continues to glare at her. Ino notices his red folder and picks it, "Cool you got Sabaku-sensei also…" He eyes her before turning around. "Hey don't you want that coffee?" He continues to walk away, "Well I'll see you in class tomorrow!"

"Smooth Ino," laughs Sakura getting a few giggles out of Hinata.

"Hey, shut up," responds Ino as she continues to watch the red head walk away. "He's kinda cute. Guys I think I just found my college boyfriend!" Sakura and Hinata both roll their eyes walking away.

Ino checks herself one last time in the mirror before walking away down to the political science building to see everyone waiting for her. "Finally!" shouts everyone as they walk down the hall to there first class. They all enter and take a seat in the front of the classroom as it begins to fill up.

"I wonder where that cute red head is," states Ino as she looks around.

"Probably hiding from you," responds Sakura as she places her head upon her hands.

"Shut up." Ino let's out a huff and crosses her arms, as the door towards the professors office opens. Out steps the male that Ino ran into the day before wearing a white suit with a brown shirt and white tie. He walks over to the board and begins to write something on it.

Finishing he turns and looks at the class, "My name is Gaara Sabaku…and I'm your political science teacher for this semester." Sakura and Hinata turn to Ino's who eyes just locked gaze with Gaara, "and you are to address me as Sabaku-sensei and nothing else. From this point forward your teenage days are over. You are young adults and I expect you to act like it. So first rule…your homework will be turned in before I even step out my office. Second rule it must be typed and double spaced." He watches someone raise their hand, "and if you don't have a computer use a friends and if you don't have friends then you really must be pathetic. And lastly I'll let it slide today but from here on out you are to dress like young adults not…sluts." He looks at Ino before turning back around.

Ino raises her hand, "Yamanaka-san, question?" he asks while scribbling something down on the board.

"Are you open for tutoring?" asks Ino excitedly.

"For tutoring and nothing else…" He turns back and looks at her. "And where's that coffee that you'd said you'd get me?"

"In my dorm…wanna come?" she flirts.

"Get out." He turns back to the board and continues scribbling, "did you not understand what I said Yamanaka-san…get out of my classroom." He sets his marker down and turns around to look at Ino. "Pack your belongings and leave. I will not tolerate that kind of behavior in my classroom."

"Oh lighten up…you're the same age as all of us here, probably even younger then some. You're acting like an old man…"

"Gomen…I forgot that because I'm nineteen I'm suppose to act like a hormonal rage little bastard, Yamanaka-san." He undoes his tie and loosens up his shirt a little causing for all the girls to drool. "Mustn't forget these now right?" He walks over to his desk and pulls out his stud earrings. Sliding them in his ear, putting on his eye brow piercing and lastly his tongue piercing, causing for even more swooning and drooling. Ino leans forward, "Oh yeas and my pants…are they a little to high for you liking?" he takes off his jacket rolls up his sleeves and untucks his shirt before loosening his pants and letting them sag. "Is this good enough for you Yamanaka-san?" he asks while stepping right before her and giving her a cold gaze.

Ino stares at him before drifting off into her own little world. "Yamanaka-san," he growls before grabbing her head roughly. Her daze breaks and she looks at him, "Fourth rule…answer my questions immediately. So is this good enough for you?" Ino takes a big gulp before nodding her head. "Really?" She nods her head again. "Get out." He let's her go and backs away.

"Sabaku-sensei," states Sakura.

"Yes, Haruno-san?" responds Gaara.

"Why are you kicking Ino out of the class?"

"She's being quite disruptive and she sexually harassed me…what else is there for me to do?" He turns and looks at Ino, "when class is over come to my office." Ino let's out a huff and grabs her bag exiting the room. Two hours later Ino finds herself sitting in front of Gaara in his private office. "Yamanaka-san…I do not like being disrespected in front of my class."

"Gomen, Sabaku-sensei," whispers Ino. "It won't happen again…" She quietly stands and makes her way to the door.

"Where do you think you're going Yamanaka-san?" She stopped and turns around to look at him, "You have to make up everything you've missed…he sets a few sheets down on the desk and hands her a laptop…get busy." She walks back over to her seat, sitting down as he takes his seat once again. He lifts his feet up and places them on the desk while reading the newspaper.

"Are you sure your nineteen Sabaku-sensei?" asks Ino as she peeks at him over the laptop. Gaara looks over his paper and returns to it, picking up his coffee and taking a sip. "Fine…I'll do my work…" She begins typing away when a knock comes upon a door.

"So what's this I hear about you harassing a new student?" asks a dirty blonde female as she enters the room, "oops…" Gaara looks up from his newspaper.

"Temari…how can I help you?" he asks calmly ignoring the fact the Ino was still there.

"Well some of the fresh man are talking about a Sabaku-sensei that was harassing young women…at first I thought it was Kankuro…since he's such a perv…but it wasn't him. It's my baby brother."

"I wasn't harassing anyone…she harassed me." Temari turns and looks at Ino who was busily typing.

"Are you sure? It seems to me that you've been hanging out with Kankuro…a little to much. Dontcha think?" Gaara eyes Ino out the corner of his eyes. "She's kinda pretty dontcha think?" Ino begins typing quicker. "If I don't recall…you like blondes, right?" Ino tenses up and Gaara notices.

"Your dismissed, Yamanaka-san." Ino nods her head and grabs her bag, "Take the laptop but bring it back in one piece." She nods her head again. She grabs the laptop and leaves. Temari takes her seat.

"You know…she's really quite pretty…" Temari gives Gaara a huge smirk. "Oh come on…she was practically drooling all over you before I came in…"

"You're starting to sound like Kankuro…"

"Hey it's not my fault that my nineteen year old brother acts like a forty year old bitter virgin man," retorts Temari. "She's pretty…go out with her…" Gaara looks at the clock before standing up and adjusting his tie.

"I've got another lecture to give if you don't mind."

So whatcha think? And yes Gaara's a professor at such a young age and so is the rest of the Sand siblings...well more like Temari since Kankuro's just going to be going to get his teaching liscense.