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Roar – Kyuubi or summon talking

'Boom'- Jutsu

"Hello"- Speech




The ball of black energy enveloped the two people as there attacks met in the centre.

As the ball dissipated the two boys lay there chest heaving on the cold ground. Rain had started to fall from the sky, trying to remove the blood that stained their battered bodies. One of the boys had golden blonde hair that was now drenched and the hole in his chest was slowly healing up due to the power of the Kyuubi, his name was Naruto Uzumaki.

For once in his life he was thankful to it. The other had hair as black as the night, he was fighting to remain conscious, the Rasengan had hit him in the chest and he knew that he had lost the fight, the curse seal had receded from across his body, the great Sasuke Uchiha had lost. He coughed up some blood.

Naruto smiled to himself. He had proved them all wrong, they all had told him that he would never amount to anything that he was destined to be a failure, but despite that he had won. I've fulfilled my promise Sakura-Chan, he would bring back Sasuke back and she would finally realise that he would to anything for her and then she would love him for it. "Hey Sasuke told you that I would bring you back to Konoha," Naruto wheezed out,

"What ever dobe," he replied in his monotone; Naruto picked himself up of the ground straining his already tired muscles and moved towards Sasuke.

"Hey Sasuke I guess this means that I'm better than you now huh?" He asked as he picked up the limp body of his comrade. "Don't kid yourself dobe that was just fluke" Sasuke replied raising his worn out voice, slightly. As Naruto moved Sasuke to try getting a bit more comfortable, he winced in pain as he realised that he still had an open wound he put his left arm to it and watched as a red liquid sapped out. Just because he had the Kyuubi's regenerative capabilities didn't mean that it wasn't going to hurt like a bitch.

Naruto contacted the Kyuubi, hey fox can't you speed up the healing a bit faster, I'm going to bleed out before I get to Konoha. He had found out he had the ability to talk to the Kyuubi without being unconscious or asleep after going into the one tailed state.

Sorry kit but fighting that Uchiha took a lot out of you, plus your body can only take so much of my chakra right now, but I'll try help as much as I can.

Thanks fox.

Naruto was brought out of his conversation by a chuckling Sasuke; "Hey what do you find so funny, Sasuke" inquired a curious Naruto.

"It's just that I wanted to leave the village to gain power for revenge on my brother and I believed that the only way that I could do that was by breaking my bonds, but I realised its true what you said, it's the bonds that make you strong."

"Wow and it took you all this time to realise that and it only took me to beat the crap out of you to listen to me" Naruto replied sarcastically,

"Well what I'm really trying to say is thank you….brother," Sasuke explained before he drifted in to the realm of unconsciousness. Naruto just smiled.

- Meanwhile in Konoha

A pink haired girl was pacing back and forth at the entrance to the village. I wonder where they are. I hope Naruto can bring back Sasuke. The blond haired Hokage looked a the girl knowing that she was worried about her comrades, "Calm down Sakura, they'll be fine Naruto will back Sasuke," Tsunade comforted,

"But what if Naruto doesn't bring Sasuke back or what if Naruto's hurt," Sakura replied. Tsunade smiled at Sakura finally realising her feelings for her blond team mate, "Look if I know Naruto he will use everything his got to bring back Sasuke and if there's one person who can make the impossible possible it's Naruto, so calm down," Tsunade stated.

Sakura contemplated this and said, "H-hai".

As she said that a group of boys came limping into sight. "Medical teams move in and treat the most serious wounds as best you can then get them to the hospital," Tsunade bellowed. Sakura ran forward, stumbling slightly, looking for her two team mates. She found a bleeding and battered Naruto with one eye closed from a cut above it and Sasuke on Narutos shoulder looking worse for wear. He did it; he actually brought him back, just like he promised thought Sakura. She looked down and was shocked to see the wound in his chest she looked up and said "come on Naruto we need to get you to the hospital!"

"No first take care of Sasuke he is worse," he replied weakly as he moved Sasuke of his shoulder, "but Naruto your wounds are more serious, you have a whole in your chest,"

"Sakura-Chan..." was all she said, she nodded in understanding and took Sasuke from him. Once she had done Naruto allowed himself the luxury of passing out.

- Three days later

Naruto opened his eyes slowly; he shielded his eyes from the bright light of the room. His vision was blurred and he couldn't make out any sounds, am I dead?

No kit you're not dead or I wouldn't be hear

Oh, OK so where am I

Your in the hospital, you were out for three days,

Three days! I was out for three days!

Calm down kit if it you any other ninja you would be out for at least two weeks, plus a hole in your chest didn't help.

OK then thanks Kyuubi. After that he broke of conversation with the Kyuubi. As his senses returned to him he was welcomed with the beeping of the heart monitor and the sight of the hospital ceiling. He looked around the room to find so get well soon cards from Jiraiya, Tsunade and a couple of his friends. He wondered where Sakura was. Getting up out of his bead and put his feet on the floor which was cold to the touch, he was about to get his clothes put there was a small tug on his right arm. He looked down to see a small needle attached to an IV drip. He pulled it out which cause a little pain and a drop of blood to come out, but it healed up quickly, nothing to worry about. Once he was standing his muscles were still sore but he passed it off and looked around for his clothes. They were sitting on a table near the window. As he pulled of his hospital apron and put on his boxers, trousers and pulled on his black t-shirt, which fitted his toned and bandaged chest, he realised that he couldn't find his orange jumpsuit top, it hit him that it was probably shredded from his fight. Oh shit, that that was my favourite one. Now all he needed was his ninja sandal which he found under the bed. What should I do now hmmmmm lets see, I know I'll go visit Sasuke.

As he walked to the door and opened it he realised that he probably shouldn't walking about like this and if he was found he would be put back in bed. So with the stealth that he had learnt from being a ninja, even though he wasn't exactly known for his stealth capabilities he was a more of a charge-at-an-enemy-head-on type guy, snuck out off his room. As he walked down the corridor it hit him that he didn't know

Sasuke's room number, as he thought of it two nurses came walking down corridor, crap, I can't be found here or I'd be put back in room for sure. Looking around he spotted a janitors closet, he opened the door and dived in. from behind the door he could hear the nurses discussing, Sasukes health and that he was in 325, having the Kyuubi no Yoko in your body did have its perks one being heightened senses. Well it was good those nurses came by.

Lucky, said the Kyuubi

Shut up fur ball, replied Naruto

I know you are so what am I, the Kyuubi answered back

I hate you sometimes; you know that, stated Naruto getting slightly agitated

I love you too, the Kyuubi retaliated before receding back into Narutos mind.

Just because they were friends didn't mean the Kyuubi was going to stop his playful banter, it was just too fun to see Naruto get angry. Once the conversation had ended the blond haired boy listened for any more people. Silence. That meant that it was all clear. He cracked the door open a bit and peered out as a last check. Pushing the door open fully he stepped out a shut it carefully. Running down the hall he counted the room numbers down 320, 321, 322, 323, 324 and finally 325. He heard voices on the other side of the one was Sasukes and the other was Sakura, he could kill two birds with one stone, he could see both of them at the same time. He was about to walk in when he heard the two talking, just because he didn't have any parents didn't mean he had no manners, plus if it was important Sakura would probably hit him and he didn't need any more pain. So he decided to listen in. "There's something I've been meaning to tell you before you left the village, I really like you, maybe even love you,"said Sakura. Naruto was now intrigued he listened more intently. "What about him Sakura-Chan?" inquired Sasuke. Chan? Since when did Sasuke add Chan onto the end of Sakura-Chan, Naruto thought with a confused look on his face. "I love you, not him, I'm thankful for all he's done but I don't love him," explained Sakura. No, no, no, no, no, this isn't supposed to be happening. Sakura-Chan is supposed to fall in love with me. I know she has asked that question loads of time but this time she said it with more feeling not in that school girl way as well and she used those three words. I've got to get in there before it was too late. I've got to tell Sakura-Chan that I love her. But it was already too late. Naruto opened the door only to hear "I love you too Sakura-Chan"replied Sasuke.

"Thank you," said Sakura. Sakura started to massage her forehead, until Naruto walked into the room when a smile that spread across her face, while Sasuke had a small, but genuine, smile.

A single tear rolled down Narutos face, until sorrow was replaced by one thing. Rage. Unbridled Rage. Once Sakura saw Naruto standing in the door she let go of Sasuke and stood up. Naruto I was just going to go and see you to tell you tha…" but before she could finish her sentence she was pinned against the hospital wall by a hand holding her by her throat. Naruto had moved so fast that nobody had seen, he held Sakura up by the throat against the wall, slowly chocking her. Sasuke was sent into a state of shock, as all he could do was watch in horror.

"You used me, you bitch! I killed for YOU! I BLED for YOU!" roared the Kyuubified Naruto, "You had my heart in your hands, when you needed something you would come to me and ask me and I would obey like a dog, you asked me to bring back your precious Uchiha and I did it without a second thought and once you had him you ripped my heat to pieces. Well no more"

Sakura looked down into his eyes, they were no longer those innocent electric blue eyes, but silted, blood red eyes. She could feel that his nails had become claws and were staring to dig into her skin. His hair had become wilder and his whiskers marks had darkened. This wasn't the same Naruto she knew. "This isn't-cough- what it-cough-looks like," coughed out Sakura.

Naruto gazed into her emerald eyes 'Bullshit,' he shouted as he tightened his grip on her throat, the Kyuubi has now thrashing around in his cage asking Naruto to rip their throat out. Sakura's vision was slowly becoming darker from the lack of oxygen.

- Hokage Tower

The blond Hokage was doing her paper work. She felt a huge, yet familiar, chakra spike coming from the hospital. "Naruto," she said worriedly as she rushed out to the hospital as fast as she could.

-Back at the hospital

Sasuke had just recovered from his state of shock. He jumped out of his bed and yelled, "Naruto what the hell are you doing Saku…"

"Shut up traitor!" Naruto shouted back, "I bring you back from the clutches of Orochimaru, carried you here while I was bleeding out and then you go behind my back and take away the one person who I truly loved. You the one I call brother."

Sasuke made his way to Naruto to try and stop him from hurting Sakura further. Jumping towards Naruto in an attempt to surprise, but Naruto saw it coming and merely pushed him in mid-flight, with a bit of Kyuubi enhanced strength. Sasuke was sent flying across the room into a wall causing a large indents and spider cracks in the wall, from the force of impact.

Naruto was about to finish both of them of until he felt Tsunades chakra signature approaching, fast. Naruto looked deep into Sakuras eyes and said, "you know something Sakura you and Sasuke were some of the only who kept me hear but after what you two have done, you've made me doubt whether everyone else just wants to use me too," said Kyuubi Naruto, "so I swear that when I come back I'm going to destroy everything!"

Tsunade appeared in the door way "Naruto!" she shouted. Looking around he spotted a window, Tsunade followed Narutos line of sight to his target then back to him, "Don't you dare," Tsunade warned, Naruto just looked back at her and smiled maniacally. Dropping Sakura, Naruto jumped onto the hospital bed and used it as a trampoline to launch himself into the window, once Naruto was in motion Tsunade gave chase. As the two blonds left, Sakura took in a large gasp of much needed air, then she realised the situation as she curled up into a ball and started to sob.

- Outside

When Naruto jumped at the window, the glass shattered into hundreds of shards littering the ground. Jumping out of the third story window (don't tell me there are only two stories or something) had caused the ground to crack where he landed. Rolling forward to keep his momentum he made his way to the village exit, momentarily after Tsunade hit the ground where Naruto had created a small crater, then leapt after her 'son'. As he ran to the village gate, he looked behind to see Tsunade quickly approaching, even though he was using some of the Kyuubi's power he was only a Genin and she was a sannin using chakra enhanced leaps he had to throw her off. Taking sharp turns in random directions, but to no avail, Naruto took a right into an alley, with a dead end, he had to make the jump or be caught. Just as he was about to make the jump Tsunade tackled him to the ground. The Hokage had a hold on him; she tightened her grip and held him close to her chest. Naruto started to struggle to get free but Tsunade held firm and close. "Let go of me baa-cha, let go!" Naruto sobbed, "I need to run I don't-sob-want to be-sob-be hurt any more!" as he gripped onto her clothes like a small child.

"Shhh, its okay Naruto, its okay," Tsunade comforted, leaning against the alley wall. Tsunade could fell Naruto changing back, his claws became nails once more, his hair started to tame, the whisker marks became lighter, and his eyes returned to there original baby blue. Tsunade relaxed her grip and started to stroke his back, in a motherly way. "Why baa-cha? Why?" Naruto asked, "I did everything for her and all in wanted was her love, was it not enough?" Naruto looked up at his mother figure, before burying himself back in her. "I don't know, Naruto, I don't know," Tsunade replied sincerely. "She… just used me, like Kakashi, like the council, like this VILLAGE," said Naruto starting to raise his voice, Tsunade could feel him tense and starting to transform, "I'm just a weapon, a demon to them. They don't care if I got hurt. I'm going to show them, I'm going…to… destroy…THEM!" Naruto busted out of the grip throwing her through a wall.

Running out of the alley, Naruto flew towards the gates. Once Tsunade had recovered she ran out of the alley and shouted, "Guards, Stop him!" pointing at Naruto. The Chuunin at the gate ran in to the centre, Naruto shouted, "Get out of my way!"

"By order of the Godaime Hokage you must halt," replied the Chuunin.

"Oh no you don't!" roared Naruto. Seeing that Naruto wasn't stopping the Chuunin got into a fighting stance.

As he neared he shouted "Shadow Clone Jutsu" four Narutos puffed into existence. The clone ran ahead of the original. The one on the left ran forward tried to grab one of the Chuunins arms but was dispelled with a round house kick to the face, but this left an opening. Two clones ran up and simultaneously gave a powerful punch to the gut, winding him, before spinning and kicking him under the arms, they then dispelled themselves leaving him confused in a cloud of smoke, when he found himself locked in a full nelson. Meanwhile the real Naruto had jumped into the air and delivered a back flip kick to his face, the Chuunin was sprawled out onto the floor with a broken nose, unconscious.

Once past the guard Naruto ran into the forest and spared one last glance at Konoha Ironic, I saved a traitor from becoming one, only to become one myself, thought a smiling Naruto, before running deeper into the forest.

Meanwhile, the blonde Hokage broke down, crying. She had lost her son because of the one thing he wanted the most, love. He had already been teetering on the edge from his childhood and life, the incident with Sakura had just sent him over the edge. Now the village had to prepare for the repercussions, for it was not a case of whether or not it would happen, but when.

- Back at Konoha Hospital

Kakashi had rushed to the hospital after feeling the chakra of Naruto and Tsunade flare, only to be met with the sight of a hurt Sasuke and a crying Sakura. As Kakashi entered the room a bruised Tsunade appeared in the door way. "Kakashi! Take care of Sakura while I attend to the Uchiha," ordered Tsunade,

"Hai," replied the pervert.

Tsunade went over to Sasuke, picked him up from where he was slouched against the wall and placed him carefully on the bed. Her hands glowed a light green as they past over the last Uchihas body, healing his wounds. The lazy Jonin made his way to the pinkette, sliding down the wall to sit down next to one of his students and put a comforting arm around her. Leaning into her sensei, she started to cry harder. "shhhh, calm down Sakura," Kakashi comforted,

"H-hai," sniffed Sakura,

"Now I need you to tell me what happened here before I came," asked Kakashi. As asked Sakura started to tell her sensei what had happened. After hearing the story Kakashi was saddened. After everything he's been through, I should have treated him better, trained him more, so he didn't have to rely Kyuubi's power as much, it's probably influencing him. I'm so sorry sensei; I've failed you and your legacy, thought Kakashi.

"Right I've closed the re-opened wounds and stopped the internal bleeding," Tsunade explained, "He should be fine in a couple of hours." The conscious members of team 7 nodded. Relaying the information to Tsunade what Sakura had told him, she sat down in a chair to think. "Now on to more pressing matters," said Tsunade adopting a more business like tone. "It is of the utmost important that we retrieve Naruto, with the rise of the Akatsuki, as well as other matters," Tsunade eyeballed Kakashi, knowing that she was talking about the Kyuubi. "Now a team shall be sent compromised of two," pointing at Kakashi and Sakura, "and one other, may be Rock Lee he can match Narutos speed or…"

"How 'bout me?" came from a voice behind them.

"Sasuke," said Sakura with a questionable look on her face. "Tell me why I should let you go, your part of why this happened!" said an angered Hokage.

"Well I have the Sharingan which will be able to track his attacks..." started Sasuke,

"So does Kakashi," pointed out Tsunade,

"I would have an emotional advantage, he could be less willing to attack me," Sasuke carried on, "So would Sakura," Tsunade interrupted again.

"I've seen Narutos fighting capabilities," Tsunade opened her mouth to reply, but Sasuke saw it coming, "To its full extent. Which I doubt either Kakashi-Sensei or Sakura has seen and if I engage him even if I lose he would be too exhausted to put up much resistance against Kakashi-Sensei or Sakura," he stopped to think, "and he did the same for me, because he's…. my brother." A smile crept onto Tsunades face, maybe there is hope for the Uchiha Clan after all. "I… agree Sasuke Uchiha shall be your third member,' said Tsunade, a small smile made its way onto Sasukes face, 'Thank you Hokage-Sama,' replied a grateful Sasuke, "But if I find that you stepped one foot out of line, then your ass is mine," said Tsunade raising her index finger then pointing it at him, while giving him a menacing look. "H-ha H-Hokage-Sama," said Sasuke slightly fearful of the busty blondes' wrath.

"Good, now get ready, you leave in a few hours: Naruto Recovery Squad,"

Naruto couldn't have gotten very far in his condition, I just hope they can reach him before anyone else does, thought Tsunade.

We'll bring you back and I'll be a better sensei, Naruto.

I won't let you go down the same path I did, brother, one way or another.

When we find you Naruto I'll tell you what really happened.

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