Pain – Kyuubi or summon/demon talking

'Rage'- Jutsu

"Hate"- Speech

That's all I know- Thinking

Hey guys I'm back! Yes I know it's been a long time, I sort of abandoned this fic after I lost a lot of the work on my old laptop. I then got a new PC and after trudging through some old emails I found that I had a semi-saved version of this chapter and decided to give it another shot. So I've pretty much busted out like 15,000 words in the past week to get this out to you as quickly as possible. I hope you enjoy, also a quick thank you to all the people who asked me to keep going, it really did kick me into gear.

Also a warning extreme violence and attempted rape ahead.

Three months had passed since the mission escorting the princess back to her homeland. In the elapsing time team 7 had several missions, mainly B ranks and one A rank consisting of hunting down a missing nin. It was a Wednesday morning; Naruto and Sakura were walking to the bridge that the team would normally meet upon. The pair had come from the streaked blond's house, a place which Sakura had taken to staying at more and more. Partly because she was so used to sleeping with Naruto by her side and partly because she didn't want her parents to walk in when Naruto was in one of his morning moods.

Arriving on the bridge Sakura spotted a note stuck to the bridges red, wooden railing. It read:

You have the day off, been assigned to a mission.


On the spare paper beneath the writing was the symbol for the Uchiha, signifying that Sasuke had been here already and had left. "So what do you want to do?" questioned Naruto, "train?"

"No, I think I'd rather enjoy a day off, plus I've got a shift at the hospital later. Some free time before then would be nice," answered the pinkette.

"What do you want to do then?" asked the Jinchuriki,

"We're going out, because you need a new wardrobe," decided Sakura.

"There's nothing wrong with my clothing," replied Naruto,

"Naruto-Kun, all the clothes you have are shinobi wear. You need some civilian clothes, and 'no' is not acceptable," ordered the demoness, "plus we haven't been on a date for a while, so we can use this opportunity to go on one."

Arriving in Konoha's market district the couple started to look around, the bustling streets filled with the sounds of the running's of the civilian population. Shops and stalls were open displaying their goods to everyone. The pair wondered in and out of stores looking for suitable clothing, this mainly involved Sakura pulling Naruto out of the shinobi shops, as he believed that they were good places to get casual clothing from. Soon enough however Sakura decided to take the lead and shop for Naruto. "Come into here, they'll have some decent stuff," said the pinkette as she led her demon into the store by the hand. The store was of a fairly large size, boasting a large selection of both male and female clothing, and to Sakuras happiness none that could be used by an on-duty shinobi. "Now I'm going to go and grab a few things, while you pick out a new wardrobe," she finished poking him in the chest lightly before skipping off.

The medic nin moved to the lingere section of the store, she needed to get more undergarments that fit her new requirements, already knowing what size she was Sakura proceeded to pick out her negligée. Grabbing a couple packs of sports bras and plain panties for use while on missions she placed them in a basket that she had picked up on the way in, looking around further she started to eye out some of the more 'daring' pieces of underwear. Measuring up a pair of black and red lace bras Sakura couldn't help but think, I wonder what Naruto-kun would think of me in these?

He'd be thinking they'd look better on the floor and us on a bed all for him. Shannaro!

Sakura couldn't help but blush at her inner self's thoughts, though she as was inclined to agree. Before she could place the items in the basket she heard a voice talk to her, "So who are you getting those beauties for? Perhaps a 6ft blond Adonis with a dark personality?" turning her head Sakura found Ino, her rival and arguably her best female friend. Quickly spying the size of the piece of clothes the platinum blond rushed behind her best friend and grabbed her cleavage and squeezed, "Have you grown Forehead?" Sakura let out an 'eep' at what had just occurred before removing herself from her friends grasp, shielding herself, "Ino!" she admonished, a blush crossing her cheeks.

"So it seems like the prude of our group is growing up. So tell me how good is our resident power house? Let me guess: Shinobi on the streets and a demon in the sheets? Am I right?" shot off Ino, raising an eyebrow. "I don't think what I do with Naruto-kun in the bedroom is any of your concern Ino," a mischievous smirk appearing on the pinkettes face, "however if I had to say anything is that Naruto-kun's prowess on the battlefield is only matched by his abilities in the bedroom," and with that Sakura walked off with her purchases.

"Come on Forehead you can't leave with only that! Give me the details!" Begged Ino initially gob smacked at what the pink haired woman had just revealed. "Sorry Ino no can do. Anyway why are you he-ohhh," started Sakura before she spotted Naruto with a handful of clothes talking to her other teammate. "So he finally asked you out then?" a sly smile growing on the medics face. Completely forgetting the barrage of questions that she had been firing off at her friend Ino replied "Yeah, he came to my house this morning and asked if I wanted to go to the market together. I asked if it was a date, so he said 'would you like it to be' so I replied yes."

"Well I'm glad you both are giving it a shot, now stop bothering me and go spend some time with him. Don't want him slipping through your fingers," laughed Sakura, lightly slapping her friend on the shoulder. "Ok but you definitely owe me some gossip later," said Ino running of to Sasuke. "I promise nothing," Sakura shouted as she watched her best friend grabbed her surrogate brothers' arm and said something to him. Sasuke looked down at the girl, smiling and replied. He gave Naruto a fist bump before walking off, the mind-reader on his arm.

"So found some things that you liked?" questioned Sakura,

"Yeah I think so," replied her mate. Looking through some of the purchases she spotted a couple pair of jeans and other trousers, along with a number of t-shirts. Pulling out one it read 'you're not dead…..yet' looking to the taller male she just gave him a look. He only smiled in turn. Placing both their purchases on the counter next to the till, the cashier racked up their total bill before Naruto proceeded to pay for everything as the purchases were bagged. "So where to now my love?" questioned Naruto,

"Well how about we go get a snack, I know a nice little tea shop that's close by,"

"Alright then," walking with the flow of the crowed Sakura navigated her way with Naruto towards a quieter part of the village where the pair came upon a medium sized building. It was only one story in a tradition Japanese style, most of the walls were coloured in a soft green, with the shutters being a tan colour, the edges of the roof ending in dragon effigies, a sign reading 'The Jade Dragon' hung above the doorway. Walking through the door way a girl of probably a year or two Narutos junior came to greet them. Wearing a simple green kimono and having her brown hair up in a bun with light make-up, she greeted Sakura as if she was somewhat acquainted "Ah Sakura-sama it's a pleasure to see you again, the usual room?"

"If it's free Akiko-san" she replied. Following the girl along a corridor to one of the shuttered room, the host opened the door for the pair as they removed their shoes and entered onto the matted room. In the centre was a green table with two read cushions on either side. Kneeling onto the cushions, Naruto and Sakura were handed two menus, "I'll return in a few minutes so that you can decide on what you want," said the girl before shuffling out of the room, closing the door. "You seem to know her quite well," asked Naruto, making some conversation. "I normally come here between or after shifts at the hospital with a few friends or Shizune-sempai. Akiko is normally the one to serve us" answered Sakura, while looking at her menu. "So anything you recommend to eat?"

"The soy fish is rather good, but I prefer the satay chicken," Sakura finished as there was a knock on the door, "Are you ready to order?"

"Sure thing Akiko," called out Sakura, walking into the room the waitress kneeled beside the pinkettes with a note book and pen. "I'll have the green tea and a chicken satay," looking to Naruto to complete their order, "I'll have the jasmine and lemon tea, with a chicken satay as well, but with extra peanut sauce," finished Naruto with a small smile and a nod. Writing down the order Akiko leaned in towards Sakura, with the note book covering her mouth she whispered to the pinkette, "Sakura-sama this is the first time you've brought a boy here,"

"Oh Akiko, this is my boyfriend, Namikaze Naruto," informed Sakura, "We've been going out for a couple of months now" The woman's eyes widened slightly at the realisation at who she was in the room with, "As in Yodaime-samas son? As in THE Namikaze Naruto" quickly bowing at realising she had been disrespectful, "please forgive my rudeness Namikaze-sama." Knowing that there were no lies to her demeanour, Naruto interjected "Please Akiko-san raise your head. I'm not one for the whole 'honoured son' thing, any friend of Sakura is a friend of mine."

"Hai Naruto-sama," responded the girl as she raised her head. Naruto was about to say something but was cut off by his mate, "Don't bother Naruto-kun, I've been trying to get Akiko-san to stop addressing me so formally for years now, but haven't succeeded. I don't know how more times I'll have to tell you before you stop," said Sakura, the last part to the waitress. "At least one more time Sakura-sama, I'll go and place your order now," finished the kimono garbed girl as she moved of the room shutting the door once more. "She seems like a nice kid," Naruto threw out,

"Yeah she is," responded Sakura, before trailing off into small talk and other lines of conversation. Fifteen minutes later another knock on the shutter, before it opened to reveal the couples waitress. Placing the drinks in front of the respective recipients, while reading out the orders then placing the food in the middle of the table, she finished by telling the pair to enjoy their food before leaving quietly, they replied in gratitude. Taking a sip of his tea, Naruto stated, "I see why you come to this place, the tea is very good. We should come here more often," smiling in response, Sakura replied, "Well we can always come here between my hospital shifts if you want; it's a bit out of the way from the training fields,"

"Sounds like a plan," finished Naruto as he started to dig into his food. The room door opened again without any announcement, looking to see who the intrusion was from, Naruto and Sakura saw a bear masked ANBU member, kneeling before quickly saying, "Naruto-san, Hokage-sama requests your presence," nodding in understanding the blond said,

"I understand, I'll finish eating then head straight to see her," the ANBU member took this as a queue to leave, "Sorry Sakura-Chan, seems like we'll have to cut our date short, duty calls," finished the demon apologetically. "Don't worry Naruto-kun, I'm in gear anyway. I'll get some training in before I head to the hospital, go see what Shishou wants," replied the pinkette. Creating some Shadow Clones, the original told them to go and drop the bags off at his flat. Naruto then gave Sakura a quick kiss on the lips as he set off, "I'll see you at home tonight?"

"Sure thing,"

"Love you,"

"Love you too," ended Sakura, as she took a sip of her tea, grinning into her cup. Naruto left the room by shutting the door and pulling on his cloak. By happenstance he walked by Akiko, "Leaving so soon Naruto-sama?" she questioned,

"I've been summoned by the Hokage," he replied, "Also here this should cover the bill, take anything left over a tip," fishing his wallet out of his pocket pulling out about seven hundred yen. "Naruto-sama this is over twice the bill," Akiko said alarmingly,

"Take it as a tip!" Naruto called out over his shoulder before he took the roofs. A further twenty minutes passed, in the time during Akiko went about attending to other customers and taking dishes from the small kitchen. As she moved through the corridors she noticed a head of pink hair, "Oh Sakura-sama have you all finished?" she questioned. Looking to the girl Sakura replied, "Hai, how much does the bill come to?"

"Ah Naruto-sama has already paid for both himself and you," informed the brunette, "He also gave me a very generous tip,"

"That baka, this was supposed to be my treat," the pinkette stated, while shaking her head lightly, "Well I'll be off then Akiko-san, enjoy the rest of your day."

"And the same to you Sakura-sama," replied the girl giving a small bow as her customer left the building.

- Hokage Tower

Tsunade was sitting at her desk digging through piles of paperwork that were the bane of her existence, she was brought out of her work daze by a tap on the window. Stuck to the glass lazily, looking out on Konoha was Naruto. Opening the window she said, "You know we have a door for a reason. I was hoping you wouldn't pick up on Jirayais habits,"

"Oh but Kaa-san it's such a beautiful day, you can't pass up weather like this," he retorted, the Hokage had to agree it was a very nice day, warm with a slight breeze. Unfortunately she wasn't able to enjoy it because of the piles and piles of papers surrounding her desk. "You summoned me?" the streaked blond said; bring his surrogate mother out of her musings. "Yes-" she stopped at the sound of a low boom, huffing she turned around to look where Naruto had teleported. "You know just because you can use the Hiraishin doesn't mean you have to use it for everything," admonished Tsunade,

"Sorry Kaa-san," apologized the Jinchuuriki,

"Anyway I need to ask a favour of you. A little problem that I think you might enjoy solving. We've had reports of bandit raids on the Damiyos road. However I can't send any shinobi to deal with it officially as it's not technically under our jurisdiction, but the problem is that it's a major trading route to Konoha." She explained,

"So why not let the Damiyos samurai take care of it?" Naruto questioned,

"Normally that would be the case, but at the moment the Damiyo is out on a dignitary mission and as he is the only one who can order his samurai, that solution isn't going to be viable. It'd be quicker if the problem resolved itself, if you know what I mean," suggested the buxom woman. "Are you asking me to help you violate boarder laws kaa-san?" replied the demon, smirking, "I'm not asking, I'm just informing you of a niggling situation," continued Tsunade, carrying on with the jest, "Well because you informed me so kindly, and as I have some free time I might just go for a nice walk don't you think?" said Naruto,

"Any place in particular?" asked the Sannin,

"I hear the Damiyos road is nice this time of year,"

"Oh well have fun Naruto,"

"Don't worry Kaa-san. I will," he finished as he walked out of the door.

- A couple hours later: Damiyos road

Rushing through the trees Naruto, looked down on the paved road that cut through the forest for any signs of disturbances. A couple more minutes of running led to a clue as to the whereabouts of the bandits. Dropping down onto the road, he came up to a raided caravan, bodies lay strewn across the cart and floor, arrows and sword piercings evident on their bodies. Looking around the area he scanned the floor for tracks that might lead him to his prey. Imprints in the soft mud were evident a couple of feet away from the pillaging site, sniffing the air the blond picked up a trail that was still quite strong, the raid must have only occurred an hour ago at the most.

Taking to the trees once more he started to follow the trail as it went deeper into the forest. Running through the canopy of the forest Narutos enhanced hearing picked up the sound of gruff voices and laughter. Slowing down slightly he came to rest on a tree branch a couple of metres behind the group, who hadn't even noticed his presence, not that he expected them to. He counted eight men in total. They had a random assortment of weapons in the group ranging from swords to bows and arrows, each member also carried a sack filled with loot from the caravan the blond had just passed. The Jinchuuriki new that he could have taken the whole group out in an instant, a quick fire jutsu or simply teleporting in and slashing their jugulars but the animal in him craved the hunt. He decided that he had time and he would enjoy stalking his prey and tearing them apart piece by piece. Activating his Vanishing Fox jutsu, Naruto blended into the forest. The blond proceeded to follow the group for a few hours waiting for darkness to start settling.

Silently jumping over to the branch just ahead of the member of the back of the group, looking to the sky he saw the sun beginning to set, deciding it was late enough he pulled out a length of ninja wire and tied a noose into it. Lowering the near invisible wire down to head height he awaited the trailing member of the group to step a little more forward. The rear guard bandit grumbled along dragging the sack behind him, he didn't realise as his head passed into the loosely drawn noose. The moment Naruto saw that his first prey was in position he dropped the ninja wire slightly so the noose settled around the bandits head before he fell of backwards from the branch he was perched on. The action caused the ninja wire to constrict around the bandits neck, cutting deep into his skin, before he was hoisted up silently into the air. As the Naruto hit the ground he stuck the kunai that was attached to the other end of the wire into the ground to act as an anchor before he quickly took to the trees again, circling round the group to await their reactions.

It was only the sound of the sack hitting the ground that brought the rest of the group's attention to the recently deceased member. "Holy fuck! What happened to Shiro?" blasted out the bandit that was closest. "He's fucking dead, and we didn't see shit!" the blond watched from the trees as fear slowly crept into the group we has waiting for one of the member to lose his calm and run. "What the fuck man? What the fuck?" cried out the skinny member of the group, horror evident in his face. "Pipe the fuck down Kojou, we've got a trouble maker round here and I don't need you adding to my problems," shouted a member of the group, he was a medium build but held himself with authority, probably the leader. "No way screw this man, I'm out," with that he ran in the opposite direction of the hanging man. Naruto smiled as human nature set in, he jumped off to follow the runner. "Hey ass-wipe goes grab the bastard before he hurts himself," shouted the leader to another one of the members to get him to go after the run away, a smart move.

While Kojou wasn't the strongest member of the group he was the fastest, and right now he was running faster than he ever had before. He'd turned around to see a member of his band me murdered without anyone seeing what had happened, but he was so engrossed in his own thoughts he didn't even see a foot slam into his face as a person descended from the trees. Naruto quickly grabbed the bandit by the throat, and pushed him into the tree. Listening out he heard the man sent to follow, however he was going in a slightly different direction. Looking directly into Kojous eyes the blue eyed man said ominously, "I need you to scream for me," the skinny man couldn't even formulate any words as Naruto roughly shoved kunai into the man's scrotum, electing a painful howl from him that reverberated through the forest. The blond then stabbed him a number of more times in the gut aim to cause pain rather than death in an effort to keep the screams going. Picking up the spear that the bandit had brought with him he shoved it through the bandit's stomach and sticking him to the tree, before giving him a shallow slash across his throat. It wouldn't kill him straight away but it would stop him from speaking. Leaving his work on display the demon bled back into the forest that was his playground. The screams soon brought the rest of the rag tag team to see what had happened to the members of their band.

As the group arrived, bar the member who had originally gone off to find the most recently deceased member of the group, at the source of the scream they stopped and simply looked in shock, "Who the fuck, where the fuck?" shouted a member in confusion, watching as his friends were slowly killed. The leader of the group knew that he was starting to lose control of the situation, "Alright everyone stick the fuck together and don't go wondering off. We're safe when we're together," ordered the bandit leader, looking round he found that not everyone was present, "Shinji? Shinji where the fuck are you?"

"Boss I'm argh-" Shinji shouted out before falling to the floor and letting out a cry, "Oh shit he's got me boss he's got me," The bandit leader looked in the direction of his man but found it hard to see what was happening in the failing light, all he caught was a glimpse of a shadowy figure dragging one of his gang along the floor screaming. "There! Over there, follow him don't let him take Shinji!" he shouted as he went to give chase.

Naruto was relishing in the fear that was surrounding the men, it was like the sweetest aroma to him. When he saw one of the members lagging behind and idea began to formulate in his head. Normally he'd had eliminated the group without anyone of them knowing what had hit them, the fear of being killed off by the unknown was a spectacle to watch as people caved in on themselves, fear giving rise to images in the shadows to figure out what was attacking, whilst in reality there was nought in the dark. However right now Naruto wanted the group to know that they were being hunted, he wanted them to band together if for nothing but to increase the challenge. For this reason alone he gave a group a glimpse of him as he abducted their comrade. Circling around the group with his abductee a hand around his throat to stop him from making any noise, the blue eyed man took Shinji to an area of tallish grass where he sat him down, binding his legs and arms in such a way that he was unable to move, before finally gagging him. The blond then went about setting a simple trap. Using some ninja wire and wood which he had sharpened he set a trip wire trap in about 10 minutes. Running back to the group he proceeded to silently follow them for a further 20 minutes; he wanted the fear of what was truly happening to sink in. The Jinchuriki watched as they went about searching for their lost friend. Deciding that they were going in the wrong direction Naruto said "Hey over here," just loud enough for it to be heard. "Guys shut up, did you hear that?" said the boss,

"Hear what boss?" questioned one of the group members,

"I thought I heard a voice," he replied,

"Over here," whispered Naruto again.

"It came from there. That way come on!" shouted the leader chasing after Narutos position. Seeing that they were following, the streaked blond jumped off silently leading them back to their man. Following Narutos voice through the woods the group came upon an area of relatively tall grass. As darkness was becoming more and more thick it was becoming harder and harder for the bandits to see Naruto was having no problem however. He was currently crouched in a tree a few metres behind his remaining targets, his eyes could see just as well during the dark as he did in the light due to his enhanced senses. Using a trick the Kyuubi had taught him the Jinchuriki focused his hearing in the direction of his targets as well, the result was that he was able to 'see' the heart beats of the people in front of him. In his vision he saw a red beating heart inside each of bandit's chests. Each beat would send a wave of red throughout their bodies. This vision allowed Naruto to keep track of the bandits even through a certain thickness of objects such as trees or foliage. His training with the Kyuubi had taught him how to hone his senses in unbelievable ways. At times it was like he could hear colours, he could see sounds.

One of the members of the group spotted someone sitting in the grass. "Hey who's that," he called out, "Shinji? Is that you?" Naruto pulled on a little bit of ninja wire in his hand, he had wired it up to the bodies hand to make it move; the bandit only saw the person waving. "Hey guys look Shinji is over there. He must have escaped. Don't worry pal, I'm coming to ya!" Feeling like something was off the bandit leader called out, "Hey wait a minute!" but it was already too late the member of the group that had gone to check on his friend had entered the grass and already tripped the wire their hunter had placed for them. Everyone in the vicinity watched as pieces of sharped wood shot out of the undergrowth and pierced the victim. Three times through the chest. Once in the leg. Once through the eye. The group stood in horror as they watched the last spams of life run through the dead body as blood now covered the wooden stakes and surrounding foliage. "Holy shit man, these ain't no accidents, we're being fucking hunted man! We've got some next level guy out their picking us off one by one." Deciding it was time to get out of here the bandit leader shout, "Come on to the hide out, there's no way we get caught out there, it's home turf. Forget the loot"

Quickly agreeing with their leader the group rushed of after him dropping all their bags in the process. Naruto was mildly impressed that they seemed to know where they were going even in the darkness that was blanketing the surrounding. He guessed that they at least knew the lay of the land, stampeding through the forest the group ran into a small cave that was buried in a rock formation. Naruto peered into the cave but found that even his enhanced vision couldn't pierce the darkness, there mustn't haven been any light in the caves for him to able to see nothing. Encircling around slightly and dropping down beside the entrance, the blond gave a low whistle into the cave, below that of normal human hearing. Closing his eyes he listened intently as a picture appeared in his mind's eye, his whistle bouncing of the caves wall and reverberating back to him giving him a sort of hazy map into the cave system.

Cautiously he entered the dark space to find the remainder of his quarry. Wondering through the singular tunnel Naruto would occasionally let out another low whistle to let him 'see' the path in front of him. After a couple of minutes of walking he could smell the air freshening up a little bit as the room began to open up. The images of hearts pumping in shadowy white figures were in the room. The blond guessed that they couldn't see at all and believed that if they couldn't be seen they were safe. Pulling a kunai out of a holster he threw it into the cave ceiling to dislodge some rocks which fell to the ground making a noise. He saw one of the bandits rush to the spot and wildly swing is sword in the area hoping to hit whatever had caused the noise. Leading him into the open had given a straight line of attack, speeding forward the blond pulled out another kunai in his right hand. Stabbing him in the stomach the man let out a scream of pain; Naruto pulled the weapon out before plunging it into his throat. At the same time he swiped the bandit's feet from out of him and flipped him over. The commotion alerted everyone in the area to the intruder. The Jinchuuriki heard something being flung in his direction, jumping back he avoided a bottle crashing roughly where he had been, the area soon ignited into fire, burning what little life from the bandit on the ground, but also temporary blinding Naruto with the sudden change in visibility. "Torches," areas of the cave soon began lighting up and Naruto found that his darkness was rapidly diminishing. Jumping to the roof he used chakra to stick to it as he eyes cleared and got accustomed once more.

Smiling grimly the shinobi had decided that his hunt had gone on long enough and that it was time to end his game. Dropping into a patch of darkness he turned to one of the men revealed by torch fire and ran at him. As soon as he entered line of sight of the bandit, the bandit tried to let out a cry to the others but was cut off as the blond shoved a kunai into his eye and push him to the floor before he kept on running, changing direction to another target. One after another Naruto would appear from the darkness and strike the light from his foes life before moving onto the next, till there was only two left. Running towards of one the final members of the group Naruto was about to strike once more before suddenly stopping on the edge of the lights range. He looked off into to space. He didn't know why but something felt wrong, so very wrong. His bones felt cold and he had to suppress a shiver that was about to run through him.

The bandit saw a shadowy figure suddenly stop at the edge of his vision and decided it was a good a time as any to escape while he can. Looking to the exit of the cave he ran, only to find that his boss had also left too and was ahead of him. The noise of movement had brought Naruto out of his daze and found that his quarry was escaping, or at least trying to. The bandit leader has successfully left the cave and turned around for a moment to see if anyone else had made it. He was met with the sound of running footsteps only to be cut off by a loud scream. Frozen in place the last survivor could only pear into the darkness for something. A few moments later a cloaked figure emerged from the cave entrance. The leader just started to laugh either from delirium or fear, "You're a man. You're just a man. A single person." He called out. Pulling out a wicked looking blade from his belt he just said, "I'm going to gut you for what you've done," Naruto had guess that the flight-or-fight response had kicked in and the man had decided on the wrong option, not that either truly matter. Pulling out his own sword the demon said, "Mines bigger." Charging forward the bandit leader tried to slash at Naruto, but before he could even get half way into the swing the blond had grasped the arm and plunged his own sword through the breast bone. The leader gurgle a couple of times as blood trickled from his mouth, push the body of his blade Naruto swung it to a side to clean the blade before re-sheathing it. Looking back in the direction of Konoha he rushed off through the trees. Why do I have such a bad feeling? He questioned himself.

- Konoha, sometime later

Naruto had just entered back into the gates of Konoha. The bad feeling in his gut had only gotten worse, pushing him to reach his home faster. Jumping across the roof towards the Hokage tower to report the success of his little errand he heard a shout from behind him "Naruto!" looking to the voice he saw that it was his surrogate brother, "have you been summoned too?" the blond looked puzzled as he slowed down slightly.

"No, I've just gotten back, I was running an errand," replied the Jinchuuriki,

"Ah well you might as well come with me, I think we got a team summon. Kakashi-sensei has already left and I haven't seen Sakura since a couple of hours ago so she must be with him," explained the Uchiha,

"I've got a bad feeling about this," finished Naruto as they both started to pick up speed to their destination.

Rushing up the stairs to the top floor and striding down the corridor to the office Naruto and Sasuke both entered without knocking. From the moment Naruto had entered the room he knew something has horribly wrong. He saw the look in his Kaa-san bloodshot eyes, the air around her felt cold and frustrated, her heart rate was elevated and breathing slightly ragged. "Tsunade-sama, you summoned us?" Sasuke question, "I also found Naruto on the way so I thought you might have wanted him as well."

"Hai, it's good that you brought him," said the Hokage, with great difficulty it seemed, "forty-five minutes ago I dispatched Kakashi a few miles out of Konoha to find Sakura who hadn't returned from gathering some medical supplies for the hospital. I've received a message saying that she is currently missing and that it looks like a fight had taken place. She is currently MIA." The sharigan-user went wide eyed and slowly turned to his best friend. He saw the streaked blond standing completely motionless. Naruto felt as if the heat from his body had been sapped away by the words he had just heard. Sakura-chan. Missing. Those were the only two words in his head, constantly repeating over and over again. And for the first time in over three years he felt an emotion that was so strange and foreign to him that he had forgotten what it had felt like. Dread. Uncontrollable fear. Not for himself, but for the girl he loved. He could have lost the one thing that he held the most dearly in this entire world. More than his friends. More than his own Kaa-san. "Where?" was all he said,

"The last know position was ten miles south-east, Kakashi and a tracking team are already there," answered the older woman. Slowly stepping forward Naruto moved his hands behind his head and untied his head band. Taking it off he slowly placed it onto the Hokage's desk, "What I'm about to do, I will not do as a Shinobi of Konoha," Naruto stated simply. Standing up from her seat Tsunade carefully placed her hands on her surrogate son shoulder and said, "Bring her back Naruto. Whatever the cost bring her back. Don't worry about any repercussions," lifting his head up, Tsunade saw the anguish and cold restraint rage behind Narutos steel blue eyes, the murderous intent waiting to be unleashed, "Hai." Swiftly turning around, his cloak billowing around him he looked to see Sasuke say, "Go. I'll catch up," the raven haired man knew Naruto was far faster than him and right now Naruto was the best chance of getting his adopted sister back. The demon nodded in response before disappearing in a low boom.

- Earlier that day

Tired that was how Sakura felt. Her body ached all other, every muscle screaming out to simply relax. Since Naruto had left she had been at the training ground pushing her body to adapt better to her demon chakra, to use it like any other form of chakra at her disposal. After her training she began her shift at the hospital, it was a long a gruelling day for her. It seemed as if half of the shinobi force had decided to injure themselves today. As darkness had descended upon the sky she waited for her day to end. To go home, and hopefully cuddle up with her love and fall asleep, however as she left the hospital she received a message saying that her master requested her presences. So that was where Sakura was on her way to now, trudging through the streets, certain she was suffering from mild charka exhaustion, on her way to Hokage tower.

The pinkette was so much in her own world she didn't even realise that one of her team mates had landed beside her until a hand was waving in front of her face. Looking to her left she saw Sasuke walking beside her. "Got a lot on your mind?" he questioned,

"No, just tired. Are you on the way to the tower?" Sakura replied,

"Yeah, just finished patrol duty," Sasuke answered,

"Do we even get patrol duty anymore?" the pinkette asked,

"We might be the rising star team of Konoha, but we've still got to do some of the grunt work," laughed the Sharingan user,

"Yeah tell me about it, my last shift at the hospital was killer, now shishou wants me," finished the medic, as they walked up the stairs into the Hokage tower. "Ok well enjoy the rest of your night," stated Sasuke as he gave Sakura a quick hug,

"You too Sasuke, just remember Ino has to be in early tomorrow" responded Sakura, sticking a tongue out as she let go before walking up the stairs. Her raven haired team mate shot her a look then took a left. Walking up the stairs to the top floor she gave a quick smile to the secretary as she knocked on the door. After hearing the call to enter the demonette stepped in, to find her master still buried in paper work. "Ah Sakura, I'm sorry to call you so late but I need to do me a favour. I've just read the reports from the hospital and it seems we're running low on a few herbs that we use quite often. I was hoping you could run to the meadow for me and grab enough to last a couple of days, just till I can organise a larger shipment," asked the Godaime.

"Oh it's no worries I'll get right on that," replied Sakura with a low bow, her mentor gave her a quick thank you before returning to her paper work. Sakura knew where her teacher meant, she had made the trip multiple times before, it was about ten miles out of Konoha. Walking down stairs she quickly made her way to the main gate, showing her necessary ID before heading off in the direction to her destination.

The journey to the meadow had taken roughly half an hour for Sakura. It normally took her half that time to reach here. The length of time added was a testament to how tired she was. She was even made to carefully control how much chakra she used to enhance her speed to ensure she did drop out of consciousness. Even now the medics head would occasionally drop before she caught herself. The meadow itself was a pleasant environment, it was an open area filled with lush green grass. Bushes dotted the area while rich trees encircled the area, shrubs growing daintily at their bases. Getting to work quickly Sakura knelt down in the areas she knew the needed herbs would be growing. After picking them free she would carefully place them in one of the bags that she had brought along.

Without warning the pinkettes body moved to the right of its own accord, narrowly dodging a kunai that was now embedded in the dirt. Seconds before her enhanced ears had picked up the low whistle of it flying through the air. Even though her muscles screamed in protest, the green eyed woman quickly turned around on the spot to look for her attacker. Spotting a foot coming towards her face a second before it was too late the pinkette managed to bring up an arm in defence. Gritting her teeth as pain and shock reverberated through her left arm; Sakura was pushed to the floor as the nin that had attacked her used his other foot to kick his target to the floor. Moving with the force of the impact Sakura rolled back into a standing position and took a second to look at her assailant. A ninja wearing a mask and cloak, an ANBU from some other country if she had to guess.

However the second that she took was a second too long, as a first smashed into her face, once more moving with the blow the medic twisted around and returned with an elbow into the third attackers face. Leaping forward to capitalize on her previous attack, she was interrupted as another attacker moved forward and stabbed her with a kunai, the blade slipping between her ribs. Back handing the ninja she hobbled back and pulled the kunai out of her body. It had entered a body cavity, while it was debilitating it wasn't life threatening. Although at the current time she had neither the chakra nor the breathing room to heal her wound. She was currently surround and outnumbered, it was a bad position, especially in her current state. Deciding that attacking was probably the best idea Sakura prepared for an assault to give her the tactical advantage. Running to the enemy in front of her, Sakura saw the one to her side move to intercept. Throwing the kunai in her hand at them to throw them off she started off with a one-two combination of punches. While the first one missed the second one landed on the cheek of the mask, cracking it. This created an opening, moving to jump on the moment Sakura slammed another fist into the other cheek. At the same time she flung her right leg out backwards hitting the nin who had run behind her in the stomach. Throwing both backwards, yet the moment both had retreated a safe difference Sakura was peppered with a large number of water bullets. Each one felt like she was hit full force of a baseball bat. Crossing her arms she did her best to weather the storm. As she carried on blocking the water bullets she heard a cry of "Earth Style: Rock Pillar," a column of earth erupted from the ground beneath her and slammed into her stomach knocking the wind out of her and throwing her into the air. As she flew through the air dazed from the attack another ANBU jumped from the trees and delivered an axe-kick to the green eyed woman's abdomen.

As the hit landed Sakura could feel ribs crack and break. Hitting the ground hard the pinkette lay on the ground unable to move. The mysterious attackers stood a few metres away in a group waiting. Coughing up a goblet of blood, Sakura spat it onto the floor. Get up. Come on. Get up! GET UP! The demonette screamed to herself. Through sheer force of will the pinkette wearily stood on shaky legs, her left arm hanging limply at her side, dislocated. The medic started to count off her injuries. She had a cut on her temple that meant she couldn't see out of her right eye. She had a broken rib and cracked breast bone that was making it hard to breath. Her other side had start to bleed more heavily in addition. This doesn't look good, but if I'm going out, I'm taking them with me. Summoning what little chakra she had left she channelled it into her remaining useful arm. "She's tenacious I'll give her that," spoke one of the enemy nins, a male voice. "She's the Hokage's apprentice, what do you expect," replied another.

Focusing her anger she charged forward. Running straight into the pack of them, she dodged multiple strikes from the ANBU team. As she ducked beneath punch she saw an opening, "SHANNARO!" she screamed out as she let fly a punch with all her remaining chakra. Her fist impacted with the man's ribs, chakra exploded outward. The increased force caused Sakura to crush the man's ribs into his lungs. If the nin survived his shinobi career had ended. Her moment of came to an ended as a kick to the back of her legs forced her to a knee. Another kunai was then slammed into her right shoulder, the pinkette let out a scream as the owner of the test twisted and pulled the weapon backwards, pulling the victim with it. This had left Sakura wide open to a finishing attack. A knee swiftly hit her in the nose, before a round house kicked slammed into her temple. Her consciousness was knocked right out of her.

The pinkette would flash in and out of consciousness. The first time she heard the ninjas mumbling among themselves, she wasn't able to make out what they were talking about though. The next time she awoke she was over someone's shoulder being carried into the forest. Reaching out with a bloody had she weekly gripped out onto a tree, smearing her life essence across the bark. It would serve as a directional indicator for anyone who would come to find her as soon as people noticed she was missing. Sakuras last thoughts before she slipped off into the black abyss were Naruto-kun, find me.

-Presenttime, Ten miles out of Konoha

Naruto pushed his legs to the limited powering through the forest to his mates last know position. Her unknown fate driving him hard and faster with each step, while it only took him mere minutes to reach his destination it felt like hours to the Jinchuuriki. The trees bent in protest at the vortex created by Narutos speed, the branches cracking and breaking under the power of his steps as him hammered them to reach even higher speeds. As a clearing came into view the blond jumped of the final branch and sored through the air before trouncing into the ground, spider web cracks appearing where he had punished the earth with his landing. Swiftly striding up to his sensei he gripped him by the shoulders, "Have you found anything?" Naruto question, a desperate anxiousness in his eyes, "Anything at all." The shock of Narutos current state almost stupefied the silver-haired Jonin, had the situation been different he would have been dumfound. Moving over to a rough area of ground, Kakashi knelt down and began to speak, "There looked to be about four or five assailants, one of them was seriously injured. Other than that there's no markings of what village they were from, the gear they used must have been stolen from somewhere in Konoha, as the kunai that was found is one of ours, but no one was scheduled to be in this area. I'm guessing another village ANBU. Sakura put up a fight Naruto, but even she was out matched," the one eyed man finished solemnly. "Hey guys I've found something over here," a voice called out, looking around Naruto saw it was Kiba. Teleporting over to him Naruto quickly asked what had been uncovered. Pointing at the tree that Akumaru was currently sniffing at, "Some blood," the large dog gave a number of barks to his companion, "It's Sakura's, it seems like she left us some directions,"

"Kiba which direction," the use of his name had surprised the dog user, the loss of Sakura causing Naruto to lose all sense of reclusion from his old school friend, "Kiba please," begged the blond. "We don't know an exact location, but I'd say that way was your best, I'm not sure if they changed direction or doubled back on themselves without further tracking," finished the brunette. "I'll find her," said Naruto determined as he bounded off into the forest. While his sense of smell might not have been as good as an Inuzaku's, when it came to his mate no one would be able to track her better than him.

- Somewhere in the fire country

Sakura eyes opened slowly, her blurry vision coming into focus. As soon as she was aware of her own body pain shot through her entire being and coursed through her veins. Looking to her side she saw it had been hastily bandaged a red patch evident in the centre where her bleeding had just barely stopped, probably thanks to the demon chakra in her body. Moving her arm to check the wound more careful she noticed that she was in fact bound, her hands chained to the floor, unable to part, she sat on a box, her legs were free however. The movement however caused the green eyed medic a great deal more pain as she remembered her arm was dislocated. Holding onto the chains she gave a swift tug and pulled her arm back into position, stifling a cry as she did so.

Once the throbbing had subsided the demoness summoned chakra into her arms to attempt to break the chains she felt it being instantly sapped away, the seals glowing on the manacles before dying down as she stopped pouring chakra into her arms. Focusing deep inside of her just like Naruto had taught has Sakura attempted to pull on her demon chakra reserve, channelling it through her body she found that it was not being absorbed by the seals. Cutting off the supply she decided to save it for a time where she could possibly escape.

The room around her had no widows, it was illuminated by a small light a few metres on the ceiling away from her. There was a single entrance to the room, grey steel bars. She wasn't just in a prison, she was in a cage. The door to the room soon opened and a single person entered, male judging from the body shape, Sakura couldn't see his face though as he was wearing a mask, in his hand was a mug with a spoon in it. Kneeling in front of the pinkette the enemy shinobi pulled out the spoon, a watered down yellow substance on the spoons edge. Pushing it towards Sakuras mouth the medic took a quick sniff of what it was. Her enhanced sense of smell wasn't able to pick up anything else in the mix. Quickly taking the spoon into her mouth and letting go she found that it was watered down honey that they gave her. It would be enough to sustain her, but not enough to give her the energy to fight back. The longer she stayed here the harder it would be to escape as she inevitably grew more and more weak.

Standing up quickly, the man moved to leave the room, deciding to risk a question Sakura spoke up, "Why have you brought me here?" her response was a punch across the face. The pinkettes face shot to the left with the force of the blow, breathing in deeply Sakura composed herself and said, "You're all going to die, I promise you that," she was rewarded with punch in the opposite direction. "You will talk when you are spoken to" stated the man monotonously. The demonette looked back to the masked man a hard look on her face. Judging from his body Sakura guessed he was probably taken back a little, not many prisoners would have the gall to make such a statement especially considering the situation she was in. Turning around her moved to the door, moving through the metal portal and locking it behind it the man looked to another one of his own as they spoke to him. "Hey careful of that face of hers. Don't want her spoiled too much, hoping I could have some fun with her before we have to get rid of her. She's quite a looker," the first nin just ignored him and walked off. Once out of eye sight Sakuras started contemplating her situation, she hated herself, being captured so easily. Logically thinking she shouldn't have been so hard on herself she was fighting five fresh ANBU, while she was only a Chuunin and she had been training all day, she was bound to lose. None of that did anything to abate her self-loathing; she told herself that Sasuke would have taken at least two if not three of them. Her sensei and Naruto would have had no problem probably wiping the floor with them with ease. She had been weak enough to get captured by an enemy. Gritting her teeth and her hands gripped the edge of the box she was sat on harsh, a single nail protruding out from the wood. The metal object surprised her, wrapping her fingers around it, she slowly started to pry it from the confines of the wood, a plan slowly formulating in her mind.

- Somewhere in the Fire Country

Naruto had been running through the wilderness of the fire country for about an hour or so. He wasn't able to move at full speed as he was tracking Sakura's sent. All he had to go off where a few drops of blood here and there mixed with the cacophony of background smells. However like any shinobi worth their salt Sakuras abductees had doubled back on themselves and changed direction to confuse any trackers. Dropping to the ground Naruto let out a shout of frustration as he punched a tree, a clear dent event from the force of the blow. "Fuck, it's taking too much time. Why can't I find her?" Naruto questioned himself,

It's because you're tracking her like a regular ningen kit. Your seal might not have fully matured but you should be able to 'sense' her general presence. Stop thinking of trying to find her and find her.

Contemplating the demon lords words for a moment, Naruto knelt down on the ground and closed his eyes. Slowing his breathing Naruto start to focus in on Sakura, listened for her energy in the world, grasping out for the thin strands that connected then, opening his eyes Naruto was drawn in what seemed like a random direction a thin strand of energy seemed to barely glow in his vision leading him somewhere.

- In Sakuras prison

Being unable to tell the time within the confides of her prison Sakura had patiently used what had seemed like an age to pry out the singular nail from the wooden box. Her fingers were bloody and raw from all the attempts she had had, the skin on her finger tips flaking off. However to her it was all worth it, this nail was the singular most useful thing she had on her person. The smell of alcohol drifted into the room that she was in, looking up she found that three shinobi wonder into the corridor outside of her cell. From their states of being they looked as if they were tipsy, but not intoxicated. She looked at all three of the men, none of them had masks on so she got a good look at all their faces, had she not been in the position she was in now she'd have said that two of them look kind of attractive, still nothing compared to the almost unnatural beauty that her mate possessed, but attractive on a human level. The third member of the group wasn't so good in the looks department, a broken nose and crooked smile doing nothing to help him. "See I told you she was looker didn't I?" one of them exclaimed,

"Yeah quite young too, bet she's tight as fuck," responded the ugly one. Sakura almost gaged at their language and how they described her. Opening the door they carried on, "Come on let's have some fun before they damage her too much." The three nins walked up to her, their hands moving over her body in a sickening way, no one other than Naruto should have been touching her the way they were attempting to. The pinkette cringed as one of the number ran his slimy tongue along the side of her neck, while another pride her legs apart, "Come on now lovely don't fight us, you might enjoy this," parting her legs so that he could move in between then the nin started to undo his belt, while another groped her breasts.

In that moment all the shinobis were at their most vulnerable, too caught up in their lust to think that she could fight back. In that moment she flooded her system with all the demon chakra she could muster. For a few moments her body felt strong once more, the pain and aches disappeared as adrenaline coursed through her body. Pink eyes transformed into green slits as canines enlarged. Moving the nail in between her finger she swiftly punched the man to her left in the face, the nail lodging itself in his eye. He screamed out in pain as blood flowed from the area that he was grabbing. Moving her head to the right she head-butted the other man in the nose quickly breaking it as it impacted with her forehead. Falling backwards the enemy nin clutched his nose in pain. At the same time the pinkette wrapped her legs around the man in front, in a leg lock and proceeded to squeeze cracking his hips and squashing his kidneys. Rearing his head up and chocking out a scream Sakuras head surged forward and sunk her fangs into the man's throat. Her medical training meant she knew where to aim for. Piercing his trachea and pulling backwards roughly the demonette pulled out the only means of the shinobis way to breath. Letting go of her leg long the dying ninja fell onto the floor clutching his bleeding throat. Spitting out the man's trachea onto the floor, he started to reach for it in a vain attempt to save his life as it slowly guttered out.

Wiping her mouth to get some of the blood out of it the pinkette spat on the floor to clear the coppery taste. Standing up she pulled on chains on the floor, swiftly snapping the metal with her demon enhanced strength. Grabbing the chain on the floor, she moved over to the broken nosed ninja who had started to get up. Throwing the chains around his neck Sakura started to tug on them choking the man of oxygen. However as she was doing so, she felt her own body start to grow weaker, she hadn't had enough time to collect enough chakra and a portion of it was being used to naturally heal her wounds. Summoning what little strength she had remaining and using will power to supply to fill up her desire to survive the pinkette pulled back on the chain harder. Sweat formed on her brow as the shinobi struggled. Grasping the chain he thrashed about violently, each tugging motion was jarring to Sakura it felt like he was pulling her joints out of their sockets form the power. After what seemed like a lifetime the struggling slowed down before it finally stopped. Rolling the body off of her, Sakura moved to her knees, breathing hard, sweat dripped from her face onto the floor. Staggering to her feet the pinkette looked up, only to see a foot an inch from her face.

Before she knew it she was on her back, lights flashing through her vision. Shaking her head to try and clear her sight she looked up to see a fist come to her face. Putting up a hasty block she felt like a hammer hit her as she was launched into the wall. Coughing up some blood, the pinkette felt another impact on her side, undoubtable opening up her wounds once more. Soon more fists and feet joined in on beating her. Moving into a foetal position, the pink haired woman did the best she could to protect herself. However each strike felt like she was being hit by a wrecking ball. She could feel herself bleeding internally and bones fracture and break. The abuse went on for what felt like a life time, her body screaming at her to simply give in and die, but she refused, she refused even in this situation to be a loser. She'd survive, even if it killed her.

Sakura felt being grabbed by the throat roughly and shoved against the wall. She tried to open her eyes to see by who, but could only open the right one as the other had swollen up and been clotted by blood. Next she felt her arms being pinned above her and shackled once more. Closing her eyes she allowed herself a moment of rest, in that time she felt all the people around her leave the cell. Coughing up a bit more blood, it only ended up dribbling down her chin mixed with saliva. The medic tried to examine her own body and knew it was in a bad way. She had multiple broken bones and fractured, her could barely see out of one eye, her internal bleeding was heavy, her breathing was heavy and hard like a bone was scraping against a lung, she had a major concussion and her heart was palpitating irregularly. She knew she had to do something to preserve her life and quick. Channelling what little medical chakra she could muster to her heart and brain she slowly started to slow them down and lower her core body temperature. What she was about to do was dangerous without another medical professional close by but it was her only option. She slowed down all of her life functions as she attempted to induce herself into a medical coma. Sakuras eyes felt heavy as she closed them while the remainder of her body came to an almost complete stop, causing the medic to drift off into the darkness.

- With Naruto, somewhere in the fire country

Naruto had reached one of the borders of the fire country but he could tell he was close; the scent of his love was getting stronger and stronger as he near what would be his destination. Slowing down slightly his nose picked up two more scents which were much closer. Stopping on the next branch he thought sentries as he noticed what seemed to be a concrete disk in the ground by the base of a tree. It was the entrance to a shinobi base.

Moving through the canopy Naruto spotted the two shinobis standing guard, silently creeping up behind one of them Naruto pulled out a kunai and swiftly cut the guards throat letting her body drop to the floor with a gurgle and a thud. The second guard looked down to see what happen, instantly going on the alert he looked around for the unknown assailant. However the guard never managed to find him as a hand engulfed in a Demon Chidori had penetrated his chest from behind. He could feel a hand on his heart in the whole in his chest. Pulling back quickly Naruto pulled the guards still beating heart from his chest with a snap as his veins and arteries disconnected; the light left the guards eyes as he fell forward into the ground below. Crushing the beating organ in his hand, blood splattering across Narutos face, falling to the ground unbothered by the vitae the blond walked over to the stone disk on the ground. Forming a Demon Fist the Jinchuuriki punched the entrance in an explosion of earth and stone, falling down through the now open pathway.

As his feet touched the stone ground, the blond found himself in a long corridor a number of shinobi wondering its pathways. The area was filled with Sakuras strawberry sent. Naruto could feel his rage building up, the anger and hatred he had for those who took his mate boiling over, the thought of her being kept in this placed made his want to slaughter everyone. "Where is she?" he asked, everyone in the vicinity only answered by getting into combat stances. "I said WHERE IS SHE!" Naruto roared out, chakra lashing out in his sound waves, causing everyone to cover their faces and brace themselves. "YOU HAVE TAKEN HER FROM ME. TELL ME WHERE SHE IS!" Narutos chakra moved erratically and exploded out of him, the arms and hood of his cloak exploded off of him, leaving frayed edges. The V of his cloak splitting down to the middle of his chest revealing his pectorals, black and red chakra constantly seeping from his body and floating into the air.

Rage fuelling his emotions Naruto attacked. Jumping forward the demon shoved his hand into the closest nins face and rammed it into the wall crushing the entire head. Quickly leaving the dead man the blond moved onto his next victim. Before the woman could even react Naruto had clawed down her face opening up deep tears. The kunoichis screams were silent as clawed fingers dung into her throat and ripped it out followed by a chakra enhanced kick, sending the body flying away. It landed in front of a pair of nins blood splaying out above it.

Charging forward the two enemies tried to take down Naruto, the ninja on the left threw a punch to the blonds face only for it to be intercepted and the Jinchuuriki to deliver a palm strike to the offending limbs elbow snapping it like a twig. Swinging with his left arm Naruto clawed the face of the second shinobi before grapping hold of his clothes and throwing him hard against a wall smashing every bone in his body. Naruto then punched into the first enemy's stomach, his fist entered into the internal workings, grasping the man's liver and pulling it out before throwing it away like a broken toy, on the way out his intestines were dragged out as well. Clutching his stomach with his remaining arm the shinobi's back hit the wall before sliding down, marking the area of his descent with red liquid.

Rushing forward down the corridor, the demon became a red and black streak of death and destruction. Curling his fist and striking a black haired man in the face, the force of the punch cause the enemy's head to shoot backwards rapidly breaking his neck and caving in his face. Throwing out his other arm the Jinchuuriki impacted with another body caving in the chest cavity and sending it backwards into the wall causing a deep grove and cracks to form from the impact. Moving into a round house Naruto slammed his heel into another person's face completely removing it from the neck from the force of the impact. The only thing that was driving Naruto further down the corridor was the strength of Sakuras sent increasing as he drew closer. Half a dozen kuani flew down the corridor only for Naruto to slide to the left to dodge, slamming a hand against the wall and channelling chakra, dark cracked spikes of earth erupted part way down the corridor from the wall skewering the members of the enemy who had thrown the weapons. Their bodies hung from the spikes, blood dripping from multiple puncture wounds. Teleporting past the spikes Naruto shouted, "I'LL KILL YOU. I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU!"

Tackling a man to the ground the blond shoved his hand into the man's ribs before pulling two out, one in each hand. The screams echoed down the corridor, the response was a call from a woman shouting, "We need reinforcement we're getting slaughtered down here." Using a chakra enhanced throw the blond launched one broken ribs at the voice. The bone flew at such velocity it cleanly pierced the woman's chest and moved through the other side taking her heart with it and pinning it to the wall at the end of the corridor. Looking to the victim beneath him Naruto shoved the man's own ribs into his eye socket killing him instantly.

The further the Chuunin moved down the corridor the more blood and gore covered it. Starting in a run once more a red haired man shouted, "Earth Style: Rock Wall," a wall of solid rock moved up in front of him in an attempt to halt the intruders advance. The shinobi didn't realise how wrong he was until Naruto barrel through the wall knocking him off his feet. Looking around the Demon spotted the prone enemy and said, "You took her from me." Grabbing the man by his belt and collar Naruto hoisted him above his own head using his inhuman strength "Now I will BREAK you," then brought him down onto an awaiting knee snapping the person's spine with ease.

"Seal the bulkhead, we can't beat him," someone cried out. On command a large, thick, metal door started to slide down at the end of the corridor that would stop Narutos advance. Moving quickly forward Naruto grabbed onto the face of the next dead man. A dark skinned man, with dread locks. Pushing his face against the wall Naruto started to move as fast as he could down the corridor. The fiction cause flesh and muscle to tear away from the man's face aspushed down the corridor. Soon his bone was shorn away, revealing the grey matter beneath. The shinobis head getting smaller and smaller as more was grated away, a line of blood ran across where his head was ran along the wall, bits of brain literally the edge of the corridor. Naruto reached the edge of the corridor just as the bulk head sealed, throwing the corpse against the metal with a wet splat, only a couple of centimetres of head left.

The bulkhead closed with still one shinobi left on the other side with Naruto. His comrades of the other side of the door could hear him crying out for them to open the door, this was followed by an ear splitting scream, before weeping them silence. The remaining ninjas awaited for what would happen next, a false sense of security behind the steel door.

Dropping the body to the side Naruto stared at the large bulkhead for a moment; rearing back he extended his claws and slashed the metal. While leaving deep gouges in the door it only seemed to have scratched the surface. Collecting chakra into his palm he started to form a Demon Ball before pushing it into the door. The metal twisted and contorted, yet the blockade still stood firm from the punishment. Naruto was not going to give up; he could feel that Sakura was close by, that just getting through this barrier would bring him to her. The blond's eyes shone with blue steel as he took a step back and created a wide firm base. Swirling his arms round his body Naruto rest one behind him and one in front in a sort of fighters stance. Then using his chakra he gripped the huge steal door. Twisting his hands and closing his fists, he slowly started to pull the door from its position, the edges of bulkhead started to bend inwards, scraping the walls and breaking parts of stone off. Naruto grimaced as he continued his task, what he was doing now was the largest singular object he tried to manipulate with chakra, the feedback and pressure from his own chakra cause the ground to crack and break beneath him in protest, but Naruto refused to give up, he pushed more chakra into his task.

A moment later he felt the metal give way, bending it into a concave shape he pushed the huge block of steel down the corridor into anyone behind it. The enemy nins behind the door didn't have any time to react, the belief that they were safe had dulled their senses long enough for them to be caught off guard. Four shinobis were hit by the flying door and crushed to a red paste as they slammed into the wall at the end of the corridor. One of the number behind the door had managed to escape through sheer luck alone but his survival was short lived. Naruto walked forward and lifted the man up with chakra and swiftly crushed his neck.

Turing the corner he found a weeping woman curled up in a ball on the floor. Pulling her up by her hair the female kunoichi, a blue haired average looked woman grasped at her scalped as she screamed out for him to let go. Naruto was about to kill the woman by splitting her in half, however the idea soon left him, he realised that on all the ninjas that he had killed, not one of them bore a symbol of allegiance, and an operation this large couldn't run on its own merits, not without a backer. Bringing his free wrist up to his mouth he bit down and tore slightly opening a wound up. Smearing his blood across the woman's face and dropped her, the blond's wounds quickly sealing up in a hiss of steam. "Run now little rabbit, run back home," whispered darkly, he smiled as the look of shock dissipated from her face as she scrambled to get as far away from the demon as possible for one day I will come for you and those who tried to take from me.

Running down the corridor Naruto soon came upon what looked like cell. Behind the cage doors of the first, in the darkness the blond spotted a head of pink, "No!" he whispered to himself. Ripping the door off his hinges he ran then slide next to the limp body that was changed to the wall. Propping Sakuras head on his thigh, grabbing the chains attached to her wrists the blond melted them with some of the Kyuubis chakra. Naruto gently stroked her cheek, "Sakura-chan, wake up, I'm here, you're safe now," he whispered tepidly. However he received no response, all he could feel was the lack of a heartbeat and the frozen touch of her skin, "Please don't leave, not after I just found you. Please Sakura-chan," desperation evident in his voice.


"No, no, no, NO, NO!" sobbed Naruto, but with each word his voice grew in volume and rage until it became a veracious roar. Chakra swirled around him on the floor and with his final repetition, the blonds head suddenly looked up shooting chakra through the ceiling of the roof destroying it, surging up into the sky above in a grand pillar or black and red.

-Hokages office

Tsunade was pacing in her office waiting for any more news on what had happened with her youngest apprentice. She had been told that Naruto had rushed off to find her and that Kiba was in pursuit, she had then sent a full complement of Jonins to follow the tracker led by Kakashi, it could be called gross misconduct of resource use. Normally only a handful of Jonins would be sent, rather than the number she had sallied forth, but Tsunade didn't care, Sakura was like a daughter to her and knew that she meant more to Naruto than the world itself, she would bring her back if it meant going to war with another country.

Suddenly a shockwave rocked Konoha, looking out of her window she found almost everyone in the streets gazing in one direction. Looking up slightly she saw a black and red pillar of chakra piercing the sky, clouds swirling around it like the eye of a storm. Thunder and lightning brokered amongst the immediate areas in the atmosphere around the pillar. It was a very imposing sight against the back drop of the night's sky and a feat only cable of one person that she knew. "What have I done?" Tsunade questioned herself at the force she had just unleashed.

-With Naruto, Enemy Base, Fire Country Border

As the chakra column dissipated Naruto kneeled on the floor cradling his loved one, chakra fires still evident in a kind of concentric circle around him. Hearing footsteps Naruto looked up a single shinobi wearing a mask ran into the corridor outside of the cell and into the Jinchuurikis line of sight. "My heart. My Soul. That is what you have taken from me," said Naruto vehemently. Naruto wasn't able to see the sclera around his red demon eyes turn as dark as the abyss, or the veins beneath his eyes turn a dark crimson. Deep within the blonds mindscape darker presence awaked once more and smiled evilly. Lifting a hand he reached out with his chakra, except instead of going for the throat as usual he wanted to make the random shinobi suffer. Pushing his chakra through the person's body he gripped his heart. The chakra exertion of the act alone would have killed a lesser man, but Naruto was not a lesser man. The enemy shinobi fell to a knee, clutching his chest, to him it felt as if someone had an iron clad grip on one of his most important organs, he could feel the contours of someone's hands on his heart slowly gripping harder and harder. The nin ripped off his mask as he started to cough up blood and painfully wheeze. Clenching his fist Naruto crushed the man's heart in his own chest. The ninja gave out a pain gargle as he died.

Ignoring the now dead man, Naruto shifted his attention back to Sakura, holding her close he buried his head in her neck. A cool hand placed itself on Narutos warm cheek, looking up in a state of disbelief, he whispered, "Sakura-chan?" the Jinchuurikis face returning to normal. "I'm not going anywhere," the pink haired woman whispered back weakly. The blond just buried himself back in the woman he loved. Lifting the ailing medic up precariously in his arms bridal style, Naruto said, "Come on let's get you home," just as Naruto stood up fully two more people rushed into the prison weapons drawn. The pinkette slowly turned her head to see who they were, recognising the eye-patch man she told Naruto, "They did this to me," burying her head in his chest.

With those four words the shinobis fates were sealed. Rage filled Narutos at the injustice the men had committed. The door of the cell that Naruto had ripped of flew forward and hit the eye patch man, while the other shinobi was pushed backwards into the wall with a crash. The metal of the cell door encircled the man and trapped him, the metal bending inwards not allowing any movement crush bones in the man, who let out a resounding scream. Manipulating the metal with his chakra, a few of the bars of the contorted metal curled and bent like snakes before pushing themselves in the ninjas flesh. Two went in through his eyes, a few through his chest and other appendages. Naruto wanted this man to suffer as much as possible before he died. He could hear the beat of his heart growing faster and louder, almost threating to explode in his own chest, it was almost hard to hear over the sounds of his screams. Finally as the eye-patch man's body began to give out the blond finished him off. The metal around his head started to shrink in crushing the man's skull slowly with a sickening crush.

Turning his attention to the other person in the room who had begun to gather himself after the impact with wall, he soon found that suffering was to be inflicted upon him albeit much quicker. Falling to his knees he began to clutch his head. A moment later his eyes exploded outwards in a gelatinous slag, while blood shot out of every orifice, his limbs twisted and broke before being flung across the room like a rag doll. All without Naruto moving from his position, "Naruto-kun," whispered Sakura, looking down to the woman in his arms he watched as she whispered determinedly, not moving her head from his chest "Kill them. Kill them all." Looking back towards the bodies in the room he responded darkly, "Hai."

Moving off through the base at a walking pace Naruto systematically began to purge every living person in the base. He didn't use his sword or kunai. No flashy jutsus or taijutsu forms were used. Instead the blond walked through the corridors, with Sakura in his arms, exploding heart, crushing brains and twisting bodies with pure chakra manipulation. As he walked it was as if the rapture itself followed in Narutos wake. By the time he had finished red coated every surface, bodies laid strew around the entire complex, limbs and organs rent from bodies scattered the floor in a sight that would sicken all but the most harden of shinobi. Murder. Pure unadulterated murder was what Naruto brought to those who attempted to hurt his most precious. He cared not for creed, colour, sex or race. All were equal. And all died.

- Konoha. Hokage's office.

Tsunade sat in her office head in her hands worrying over the two people she saw as her own children. They had been gone for hours and pang set in her heart that didn't go away. She was brought out of her musing when a column of black flame swirled up from the ground, appearing from the rising flames were the two people she had been fretting about. Shakily walking forward Naruto placed the prone body of Sakura on the table in front of him, "Kaa-san, help her please," he said desperately. Tsunade immediately went into full medic mode, "Shizune!" she called out, the door to her office flung open and in came the black haired woman. Seeing the poor state of the woman on the table she rushed up and immediately set to work. "I want a medical team and operating room ready in the hospital now," the Hokage called to the secretary, who immediately set to work.

Naruto moved back, but his legs finally gave out as he fell backwards crashing into the furniture behind him. Shizune saw what happened and looked to Tsunade who gave a nod. Moving over to the blond she started to see what was wrong, just as she got to work she felt a firm grasp on her shoulder, looking into deep blue eyes she heard Naruto raggedly say, "Nee-chan…..(gasp)…..I'm fine ….(gasp)…Sakura-chan," understanding the message she left him on the floor and returned to her sister apprentice. Naruto breathed deeply, he was suffering from complete chakra exhaustion, it was a feeling her hadn't felt for a very long time, his reserves were so large that chakra exhaustion seemed to be a thing of the past. However the method he had used to kill while in the invading shinobis secret base required the reserves equal to a jonins to kill one person and became extremely taxing even with someone of his ability. At his current state he wasn't even able to use the Kyuubis chakra to replenish his supply. He was literally empty only staying awake through strength of will alone. If he used the demon lords chakra to replenish his own at his current state it risked damaging his chakra coils. Looking back up to the desk, he saw that a team had arrived and began loading her onto a stretcher. As she was carried out of the room, Naruto drifted off into oblivion.

Opening his eyes, Naruto struggled to come to before the knowledge of everything came rushing back to him. Eyes shooting open Naruto contacted the Bijuu in his stomach, Kyuubi how long have I been out for?

Almost three hours, I tried to wake you but after how much chakra you had used I wasn't able to.

Shaking his head Naruto prepared to move, he asked one more question Chakra levels?


Understand the meaning the blond teleported in a column of black flames. Appearing inside the hospital reception the people in the lobby stopped surprised at the sudden flame apparition. Moving to the desk the Jinchuuriki moved over to the nurse who was behind it, "Sakura Haruno? What room is she in?" inquired the Chuunin,

"Haruno-sama came out of surgery half an hour ago, but she's not allowed visitors for at least…"the nurse was cut off when Naruto grabbed the edge of the desk, his tightening grip cracking the wood, "Don't rest me," he yelled, eyes flickering to red,

"Room 256, D ward, Floor 3," she replied quickly. Rushing off down the halls of the hospital expertly dodging anyone on his way the blond read the signs to know where he was heading. Quickly finding the room he wanted he pressed and open palm to the wall outside the door and said, "Summoning Jutsu," two puffs of smoke originated from either side of the door. Ask the smoke cleared two foxes stood guard, 8 tails waving behind them, their fur a slightly lighter shade than the Kyuubis. "No one gets in other than Kaa-san and Nee-Chan," ordered Naruto as he walked into the room. The foxes nodding in response as they stood sentinel outside the door. The foxes were the royal guard of the fox realm, bred to guard the Kyuubi himself, they would let now pass.

The room was deathly quiet other than the sound of the heart beat monitor which was moving at regular intervals and the sound of Sakura breathing. The pinkette was laid out on the hospital bed, hooked up to a number of machines to monitor her condition, an IV and blood bag hung from a stand while an oxygen tube where fed through her nasal passage. Moving to one of the chairs next to the bed, situated in front of the window Naruto sat down and held onto one of Sakuras hands. He could feel the blood pumping through her veins matching the beat of her heart. Naruto knew she would survive. The demon chakra in her pathways would constantly be working to repair any lingering damage or speed up what the medical team that had operated on Sakura. What would take other shinobi weeks to heal would take Sakura days if not hours to heal. On the journey back to Konoha, Naruto had fed her some of his own demon chakra to stabilize her and speed up her recovery. Taking a closer look at the woman that he loved, he saw that she was covered in bandages. She hand them wrapped around her forehead, a pad was stuck to one of her cheeks with medical tape. The arm that he was holding was bandaged from wrist to elbow. While the other one was almost completely bandaged, he also spotted some white strips beneath her hospital gown.

Naruto was brought out of his musing as he felt the hand he was holding slowly grip his. Looking up he watched as Sakura slowly open up her eyes and smile to him. "You came for me, I knew you'd come for me," she whispered weakly.

"Of course I did. I'm never going to let you down. Rest now Sakura-Chan," he finished kissing his mate on the forhead, before sitting back down. The medic closed her eyes and drifted off once more. The small talk relieved any doubts he still had.

However Narutos protective instincts kicked in, in her current state the demoness wouldn't be able to protect herself and so that duty fell to him. Pulling out his sword he held it in his right hand, the tip resting on the ground, while his left hand help the hand of the woman he devoted his life too.

The door to the room opening allowing the Hokage and her assistant to enter, they saw Naruto and Sakura in the room together, a fell darkness seemed to originate from where Naruto was sitting, casting a shadow over the rest of the room. Tsunade and Shizune quickly went to work checking over the younger woman, greens hands occasionally glowing green then dying out. Shizune looked over to Naruto a worried look spread across her face, "It's ok, I can handle this," she heard Tsunade say as if reading her mind. Moving over to Naruto the black haired woman knelt down in front of him and gently held one of his hands, "Naruto-kun, come on let's go get something to drink," she said, sisterly affection evident in her voice. "But-" he started,

"Sakura will be alright. Tsunade-sama is here with her,"

"Hai," standing up off the chair, he sheathed his sword. His hand lingered on the pinkettes for a moment longer before Shizune gently coaxed him out of the room. Passing through the door way, a number of his worried friends and companions stood there. He had guessed that the foxes had followed his word to the letter and that none of the people outside had been allowed entrance. Nodding to the foxes they understood his command. Shizune help his arm as they walked by the hall, they passed Lee, Ten-ten, then Ino and Sasuke. Stopping for a moment he looked at his brother in the eye. Sasuke let go on Ino's hand, then placed one on Narutos shoulder, the blond nin returned the gesture in turn. Bringing him closer Naruto embrace Sasuke in a hug, "She'll be ok. She's a fighter, I'll look out for her till you're back" said Sasuke reassuring his friend, "Thanks," he replied, squeezing once more before breaking off. Surprisingly Ino also gave him a teary-eyed hug "Thanks for bringing her back Naruto," she whispered, he nodded in return before walking off with his older sister.

Leading him down to the nearest cafeteria, Shizune sat Naruto down at one of the table before walking off to buy them both some coffee. Walking back with two cardboard cups filled with steaming hot liquid, the older medic nin watched her little brother. Even while drinking his coffee the blonds eyes darted around the room, looking at everyone and everything. She had seen it before in other shinobi, he was analysing everyone, calculating how much of a threat they are, how fast he'd be able to deal with them or how quickly he'd be able to return to Sakuras side if need be. Weak points in the structure and choke points that he'd be able to defend easily, his mind was in full-shinobi mode, moving a two hundred miles a minute. "Naruto-kun, you need to calm down. Sakura is safe here, no one is going to be able to harm her," soothed the black-haired woman. The blue-eyed man visibly relaxed at the statement as he finally began to understand that his love would be safe. "Sakura is a strong person. She's going to be out of here in no time," comforted Shizune, "Other than you I haven't seen anyone else heal as fast, it's almost like she has some of your chakra inside of her."

"She does," admitted Naruto, the woman gave a look as if she required further explanation, "Sakura-Chan has my demon chakra in her system. I have marked her as my mate, we're bonded and so she can use demon chakra. It's what's increased her healing rate." Finished Naruto, "Bonded? What do you mean?"

"I can't fully explain it, me and Sakura-Chan are linked. I can feel her when I'm not next to her. I can understand her in ways people can't imagine. It's like our souls are one,"

"That sounds unbelievable, how long has she been marked?"

"For as long as we've been together, she chose to stand by me for as long as we shall live,"

"Does Tsunade-sama know?"

"No not yet, we were looking for the right time to tell everyone,"

"I see. Well then I will respect your privacy, though I think Tsunade-sama would like to know," advised Shizune. Naruto only nodded in response as he finished off his coffee. The two surrogate siblings would continue to make comforting conversation, while visitors upstairs could see Sakura. As their conversations came to close Shizune walk over and bent down in front of him, "Naruto-kun, go home, shower get some rest. Sakura wouldn't want you to be killing yourself over her. She' safe here and you can come and visit tomorrow," ending by placing a kiss on Narutos forhead, reaching into her kimono she pulled out the blue eyed demons head band and placed it on the table. The raven-haired woman gave a smile before walking off to probably go and check on Sakura.

The young man wanted to listen to the advice, but his heart wouldn't let him. He had to stay near Sakura to ensure that she would be ok. Grabbing his head band he disappeared in a column of flame Naruto teleported himself to the tree that sat outside of the pinkettes room, sitting down on the branch, his back against the tree trunk Naruto stared into Sakuras room. He watched as people stood around her, friends and family. Her parents stood there, Sakuya was crying while her husband held her. Sasuke had is arm around Ino who was just standing there looking at her best friend. The Uchiha turned his head round and looked over his shoulder through the window, spotting his friend; he gave a nod of acknowledgment, before looking back before someone noticed.

As time went on the room began to empty, the night grew on and nurses came into the room ushering people out. Even as people left, sat and watched, watched and protected. Time dragged on and things remained ever still within the room that the Jinchuuriki stood guard over. Yet the events of the day started to take their toll on Naruto, the exhaustion of both his body and soul started to become known to him. His eye lids started to droop, even though he fought to keep them open soon the blond couldn't stay conscious and let himself fall asleep, the close presence of Sakura calming him.

-Sometime later

Awaking feeling more refreshed, the blond cracked his neck and limbered up before looking into the room. To find it empty. Terror once more set into the blue eyed man's heart, teleporting into the room Naruto patted the bed to see if it was some kind of Genjutsu. Opening the door he saw that both guards weren't their either, however he felt that neither had actually cancelled their summons. His heart soon calmed as he still felt Sakura within the confides of the village walls.

Looking out the window Naruto had a good idea of where Sakura was. Jumping out of the window he leapt off to where he felt the green eyed woman would be. Running along the roof tops of Konoha the demon say that it was not yet dawn and that a thin veil of darkness still covered the land. Moving in the direction of the training grounds, he jumped over the fence to the one that his team specifically used.

The ground was littered with craters and upturned earth, in the centre was Sakura running through her taijutsu katas over and over again. She was dressed in her training gear, except bare footed, bandages and dresses still covered her body. Naruto looked upon the sight and found that even through Sakura had several wrapping she was still the image of beauty in his eyes. The pinkette moved into a kick, yet as she landed he knee buckled and failed causing her to fall down. Growing angry she punched the ground causing another crater to form beneath her fists, angry at her own weakness.

Walking closer to the woman, Naruto passed between the two guard foxes to sat watching their charge. "Dismissed," he stated, bowing in response the two foxes replied at the same time, "Hai Naruto-sama," then they disappeared in puffs of smoke. Naruto stood silently as he observed Sakura get up and start again, rigorously pushing herself to perfect her fighting style. Fist and legs moved in the rigid dance of his Kaa-san 'Mountain Crusher' style, moved forward towards his mate he was slightly surprised as Sakura spun around and threw a fist at his face. Easily catching the attack in an open palm, "Sakura-Chan, what are you doing?" he said solemnly, "Training," she shouted back as she threw another punch, which he caught with his other hand, "You should be resting. You tough but even you need some rest after what happened," the words that left his mouth only seemed to anger the green eyed medic further. Pulling her fists back, Sakura stepped back and spun into a kick. Naruto easily dodged by taking a step back, "I'm tired of being weak!" she called out as she carried her assault on Naruto. Moving his body in opposition of Sakura, the blond carried on dodging moving ever backwards. "I'm tired of always being left behind. Tired of always needing to be rescued," she carried on shouting.

Naruto slowly started to grow annoyed at Sakuras stubbornness, yet also proud at her desire and will to grow stronger. He knew what he needed to do. Dodging once more Naruto sent a powerful back hand across the pinkettes check, sending her to the ground. "You're right. You're weak and nothing you'll ever do will change that," Sakura looked shocked at Narutos words, she didn't ever expect that to come from him. Her features slowly turned to anger, "Fuck you!" she shouted, jumping and swinging at him once more screaming while doing so. "You lack the anger and hate to be strong. Not concerned enough about the brutality of combat," mentored Naruto, as he continued to fend off any incoming blows. Logically Sakura knew what Naruto was doing, he taunting her to push her to make her better. But the logical part of Sakura had shut of long ago; right now all she wanted to do was cave his skull in.

The blond smiled he could see that his mates strikes were getting stronger, flashes of green slitted eyes peered at him. However what Sakura lacked was the control of her anger, her attacks had grown wild and uncoordinated, he needed her to break, to truly feel despair. Moving to the left of a strike he once more back handed the medic across her cheek, this time moving with the blow she spun around into a counter attack, one that Naruto was ready for. As a fist was thrust forward the blond let it pass under his arm harmlessly before gripping onto it. The manoeuvre had left the demoness unbalanced causing her to crash into his chest. Shifting one leg between hers, then back behind her knee, Sakura started to fall back but stopped herself by gripping onto Narutos cloak with her trapped arm. Though it meant that she was unable to really do anything anymore. Refusing to be beaten she started to pound on the Jinchuurikis chest repeatedly, however she was unable to gain any true moment and so the attacks were harmless. Naruto could feel the despair and desperation settle in; her attack grew weaker and weaker before soon stopping. Next Sakura lightly started to head butt Naruto in the chest over and over. He could feel wetness on his chest from Sakuras tears as she started to cry, sobs of anguish reaching his ears. Soon the pinkette stopped any form of resistance and just cried. "Please. I don't want to be weak anymore," cried the broken woman, "Please I don't want this anymore. I'm begging you Naruto-kun. Help me. Please," she begged.

Inside his mind Naruto smiled, Sakura had broken herself, that was what he needed. He knew what she wanted, but he couldn't do that while she held the shape of someone else's teachings. Now though, now she had fallen, away from past beliefs and now he could mould her into the weapon she wanted to be. Beautiful and terrible as the flames that burned in her heart. Looking down to the woman that he loved he moved a tender hand to her cheek and wiped away her tears. "Fear not Sakura-Chan, I shall teach you. I will show you the way to make you great," turning Sakura around so that her back was to his chest, she placed her bare feet on Narutos sandaled ones. As the dawn began to break upon Konoha, Naruto started to move through the katas of the 'Demon Fist' that he used to such brutal effect. Ingraining the movements into Sakuras own muscles. The new dawn didn't just symbolized a new day for Konoha, it represent a new emergence in Sakuras life and the start of a new age. As Naruto continued his movements he whispered into Sakuras ears, "Fear not Sakura-chan, you will be as strong as I can make you."

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