Name: Here for you

Author: Re

Story: Bella is turned into a vampire by Victoria, shortly after Edward leaves in New Moon. The Volturi then takes action, kidnapping Bella and making her, as Jacob calls it, a "slave". When the Cullens return to Forks 100 years later, what will they expect?

Pairings: Normal ones from the book

Re: Okay for the SC fans, this is the thing that has been on my mind and took me from my other stories. The SC story will continue, and depending on the views, this one too. I already have a few chapters written up for this anyway… So that' all! Enjoy!

Prologue: Sweet Loving Memories
(Bella's POV)
Edward ran away, leaving me totally speechless, broken, and alone...

The feeling haunted me for weeks, just knowing that he'd never come back here.

Back to me. I'd never hear is sweet voice, see his glorious face. It was all gone.

They were all gone. Alice, Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme,…They all left me.

At the time, I forced myself to believe that they would only do this because it was best for me. And from a certain point of view, it was. From Edward's view it was.

But with my luck, there was really no telling what would happen.

What do you know; Victoria shows up and turns me into a vampire. Then the Volturi come and snatch me from home and take me all the way to Italy so I can work for them.

That's how I ended up here with Jacob, my best friend who's been with me for the last 118 years.

We still live in Forks, in Charlie's house. I usually stay here when I'm not on a mission for the Volturi or something.

Jane has become on of my closest friends, aside from Jacob himself. Demitri and I hate each other with such a force it lights the room on fire. Literally.

The fires are usually my fault. I can control the four elements, fire, water, earth, and air. I have some more powers, but they aren't that important.

Over the years, I have developed a love for music, the way Edward had. I chose the violin since the piano was a little to painful to bear.

Also, because the violin reminds me much of myself. I can make a sad melody depending on how I'm played, or I can do something completely opposite, depending on how I'm played.

I can tell you now that majority of my players had me play very depressing music.

I never expected the Cullens to come back, but then again, they never expected me to be alive.

It's only a matter of time before things take a turn, for better, or for worse.

But now I don't have to sit on the sidelines anymore.....

Re: Okay, so Good? Bad? Do I totally suck? And don't worry about this being emo… Actually you should cuz it is, but in the ending its all la-di-da happy, cuz I'm a sucker for that stuff. XD! R&R