Chapter 8: Water

"I see us with the Volturi," Alice stated the second I came up to her.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"I can't tell. I think the werewolves are there because there's only so much I can see. You're talking to Aro about 'exchanging' something. MY whole family is being held captive."

"How are we being held?" Edward questioned. He came up to us a few second ago.

"Fire, it's like a gunpoint to our necks," Alice explained.

"Vampire flame killers," I said recognizing what she was describing. "I invented it."

They stared at me, horrified before Edward tamed his expression and spoke.

"We should discuss this with everyone else," he said.

"Is there anyway to avoid this?" my voice filled with regret.

"No," Alice sighed, "even if you leave us, they were still planning to kill Edward."

I shuddered, "We should get to the house."

"Bella!" Esme pulled me into her arms when we got to the front porch.

"Excuse me… Could I have a moment?" I asked before disappearing upstairs. The Cullens exchanged glances of curiosity before Edward followed me upstairs.

"Where are you going?" he asked, it honestly sounded more like a demand.

My head was spinning with all types of thoughts. I need to clear my mind in order to concentrate properly. There was only one way to do that.

I stretched my shield so that he could hear my thoughts, which were quite literally bouncing off the walls of my brain.

Edward winced, "Go ahead, you're starting to give me a headache."

I nodded running into the bathroom and turning the faucet for the bathtub on. The water was so slow; I had thoughts of ripping the faucet out. Stupid, stupid, stupid… I thought. Edward chuckled, in truth I had forgot to close my thoughts.

"Please don't," he pleaded.

"Fine," I muttered stripping my clothes and going into the tub. I didn't even care if he was watching or not, I just wanted to get rid of this stupid migraine.

I submerged my head, while turning the cold water knob all the way to the right. If I wasn't vampire this would've seriously been cold.

My head started going numb. And the ringing thoughts started to decrease. FREEDOM!!!

Since I was having one of those out-of-body experiences, I didn't even notice when Edward stepped into the water and sat down next to me.

If I wasn't so off right now, I would've been marveling at Edward's perfect body. It was like a Greek statue. Beautiful. Defined. Perfect.

"Are you alright?" he asked when I pulled my head out of the water.

I smiled weakly at his concern, "Fine."

"Is that how you… Delete thoughts?"

"Uh… Yeah, sort of. I just push them into the back of my head and deal with them later."

"Like humans," he connected.

"Exactly," I dipped my fingers into the water, suddenly coming up with an idea. "You want to watch something?"

"Like what?" Edward questioned.

To answer his question, I carefully lifted my fingers from the water watching as it began to form a string from my fingers to the water. Edward watching as I pulled the string water out of the tub and let it go so that way it could float in the air. I used air to keep it lifted. I repeated the step a few more times so that way it looked liked we had water streamers above us. I loved doing this, it always calmed me.

"Your right," he agreed with my thoughts. "It is calming."

"Your family is going to start worrying." I said, getting up. The minute I stopped concentrating the water streamers lost their flight falling back into the water (and occasionally on us).

"So that's it then?" he asked.

"Pretty much."


Alice met us outside with new clothes which we quickly changed in to.

"So what are we going to do?" Carlisle asked when we all arrived downstairs in the living room.

I sighed getting ready to take charge, "We should hunt. Prepare to fight or escape or whatever."

"Okay," Edward nodded his head. "We should go in pair, in case they plan to do something while we're away."

"Alright then, Edward and Bella can go first. Then the rest of us will. Not too long though," Esme said.

"I'm sorry everybody," I mumbled.

"It's not your fault, Bella. If anything it's-" Edward began.

"Do not say it's yours!!! So help me if you do!" I yelled.

"Go! Before we start our own war here," Emmett ordered. Not a hint of humor in there.

"Stay safe," I sighed.

When we came back the house was totally wrecked. The only thing not destroyed was the glass table where a note lay.

Edward read it aloud: "Dear Miss Swan,

"We hoped you would listen to our request apparently you feel that you are more powerful and stronger than the Volturi to ignore us. Well, apparently, you're wrong. If you wish to retrieve what was lost meet us at the Volturi's new court.

Thank you,

Aro and Volturi," Edward hissed in disgust ripping up the letter into tiny shreds before turning to me. "Now what?" He asked.

I took a minute before my senses came back, "Listen to them. Otherwise it's all over…" My voice hit that automatic grave note that I was always used to. Normally it was to mock my victims, but now… Well, I was the victim now.

"Okay," he took my hand was about to pull me out the door, but he noticed my zombie state. "Bella?"

"I'm sorry," I chocked on my words, and my knees buckled. Edward caught me before I hit the floor.

"We'll get through this," he assured me.

"We're going to die," I moaned.

"No we're not."

I snorted, "You're right. You're going to die."

He sighed, "Bella we have to hurry."

I moaned again, giving in. We stood up and ran as fast as we could to the Volturi's place, and I could only hope we would all survive.