Summary: A strange electrical storm causes Mulder to go back in time. He finds himself in San Diego, California and is invited to stay in the Scully home. Mulder thought he knew everything about his partner, but now he's going to see a whole other side to her, her 17 year old self to be exact. How will Mulder get back? How will his experience with a 17 year old Scully affect their future? The story is better than the summary.

Author's Note: This is my first X-Files fan fic. I'm obsessed with this show and I've enjoyed reading everyone's stories. You all have inspired me to try and write one myself. I am a HUGE shipper so of course you can expect tons of MSR!!!!! eeeekkk

I've decided that this story will start off somewhere in the middle of season 7, before "All Things."

Oh and uh…yeah they're not mine

Mulder listened to the thunder shake the window panes of his apartment. The storm was already intense but the worst was still to come. Mulder watched as the local news channel reported on the storm.

"This storm has a powerful front heading right for Washington, D.C. This is the worst tropical storm to ever hit the state of Maryland, with winds reaching 50mph and torrential downpour. Roads are being blocked by trees and fallen power lines so I advise everyone to stay at home. This is a dangerous storm. The National Weather--."

Mulder turned off the TV and looked at his watch. It was 8:16pm. Scully was supposed to be coming over at 8:45pm to watch the "Twilight Zone" marathon on Sci-Fi but he thought maybe he should call her and tell her to stay home.

Just as he reached for his cell phone, it rang. The caller ID flashed Scully's name. He smiled to himself. 'How did she always know?' He pressed the talk button and put the phone to his ear.

"Mulder, it's me." Scully said. Mulder felt his smile grow wider. Then a loud clap of thunder pulled him out of his reverie and reminded him of why he was going to call her.

"Hey, Scully, listen this storm is really bad; I don't want you driving in this weather condition." He tried his best to mask his disappointment. He and Scully had been hanging out more outside of work and he found himself really looking forward to their take-out dinners, late night movie marathons and late night talks. He was becoming fonder of her; he'd even go so far as to say he was smitten with her.

"Yeah I was just going to mention that. I'm surprised the power hasn't cut-off yet; there are power lines down all over the place." As Scully spoke, Mulder looked out his apartment window. He couldn't see much. Suddenly, lightning struck a nearby telephone pole. The light was so bright that for an instant, the street was lit like day and Mulder got a quick glimpse of the damage caused by the storm.

Another clap of thunder made Mulder jump back from the window a little.

"Mulder what's going on?" Scully asked worriedly.

"Lightning just struck outside my apartment, Scully."

"Well get back from the window. And don't worry, Mulder. The probability of lightning striking in the same place twice is highly unlikely." Sometimes her logic comforted him.

"I'm sure you're right Scu--."

Scully heard the line go dead. 'Oh no.' she thought. She tried calling Mulder back but it went straight to voice mail. She knew, somehow, that something had just happened to Mulder. She dialed 911 but all the lines were busy due to the storm. Scully had to take matters into her own hands. Just as she grabbed her coat and car keys, thunder sounded louder than ever, as if warning her to stay where she was. But if Mulder was hurt, she'd risk anything and everything to get to him, just as he would do for her.

So what happened to Mulder? :0 you'll have wait and see next chapter. I would love to hear what you guys think. I'll try and make the next chapter longer/better/everything. lol