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Before Bill drove Mulder to the Scully home, he decided to take him to the Navy hospital just to make sure Mulder wasn't really as peculiar as his behavior.

Bill and Mulder walked in through the double glass doors and into a sterile smelling building. Hospitals and clinics always have a particular smell to them. They walked up to the receptionist who had to do a double take when she noticed Mulder. What was it with women in this time, or maybe he just never noticed other women noticing him because he was too busy wondering if Scully was looking his way.

"Hello, we need to see Dr. Randal right away, at the behest of Captain William Scully." Bill said to the receptionist. The receptionist looked at Bill and then at Mulder, probably a little longer than needed.

"Of course," She said pleasantly. "I'll notify the doctor that you're here." Mulder noticed her smile was so wide that she was probably hurting her face.

Mulder and Bill went to sit in the waiting room. Mulder hoped that it would be a short, quiet wait but Bill obviously had other ideas.

"So where are you from Spender?" Bill started up the interrogation again. Mulder sighed.

"I'm from Massachusetts." There, that was an honest, simple answer. Mulder was really beginning to become annoyed with Bill's questions, so Mulder decided to ask Bill some questions.

"So, Bill, how long have you been in the Navy?" Mulder asked. His question was generic and he really didn't care about the answer but he needed to keep the attention off of himself.

"Almost four years now. My father has been in the Navy since before he and my mother were married. I always had a respect for what my father did; I thought I might give it a try." Bill was sincere. Mulder couldn't believe this guy had a side of him that wasn't drenched with arrogance.

"So what's your family like?" Mulder asked another question. But he actually wanted to hear what Bill had to say.

"Well I have two sisters and a brother. My mother and father were always kind of strict, but they've loosened up the past couple years. My younger sister Melissa is 19 and is away at college. Then there's Dana." Bill stopped speaking; he took a breath and looked down at his hands.

"What about Dana?" Mulder urged Bill to continue.

"She's 17 and she has so much potential. She's brilliant and does so well in school, but she's just going through her rebellious phase, I guess. I wish my parents would come down a little harder on her, since they don't, I do. I don't like being the bad guy but someone needs to tell her what the boundaries are."

Bill was starting to get a look on his face, a look that Mulder recognized. Oh yeah, there's the ass hole he knew. Before either of them could say another word, Dr. Randal called for them.

"Hello, Bill. What can I do for you and Mr.…?" The doctor greeted them and then waited for Mulder's name.

"Spender, My name is Spender." Mulder informed the doctor.

"Hello, Mr. Spender. What brings you here today?" The doctor seemed nice enough.

"I found Mr. Spender lying unconscious. His behavior is, well, a tad peculiar." Bill looked at Mulder apologetically. "And I just think he should be checked out, make sure he's okay."

"Okay Mr. Spender come with me, Bill please wait here." Bill went to go sit back down and Mulder followed Dr. Randal.

Mulder had his blood drawn, his head examined, and a physical.

"Well Mr. Spender you seem to have a concussion that will require bed rest for the next few days. You may experience black outs, headaches, and maybe some nausea. Also, your white blood cell count was sky high, which is an occurrence that is found in someone after they have experienced weightlessness. So I recommend you take it very easy the next few days. I'll notify Captain Scully so he'll know that you're on military leave for the next week or so." Dr. Randal assured Mulder that he would be fine if he rested up and then sent him on his way.

"So what's the verdict?" Bill asked Mulder as they left the Navy hospital.

"I have a concussion and was ordered to bed rest for the next couple of days." Mulder noticed he did have a headache. But he was stressing out big time! How long would it be before people noticed he wasn't even registered in the navy? How would he explain how he ended up on this Navy base? And how would he get back? All of the thinking made the throbbing in his head hurt more and more. He could feel his heart race and slow and race and slow. Then…there was darkness, and all pain ceased.

"Mr. Spender? Can you hear me?" It was a female voice that spoke now. Mulder thought he recognized the voice. Had he blacked out? Was he back in his own time? Mulder was eager to open his eyes, to see his familiar surroundings. The only thing he was a pair of bright blue eyes, beautiful lips, a perfectly sculpted nose, and fiery red hair. It was Scully. He recognized her features but she looked different, younger.

'God, she's beautiful,' Mulder thought.

"Mr. Spender my name is Dana Scully. I'm Bill's sister. You fainted in the car. You're at our house here on the base. You're safe." She smiled sweetly at him. She seemed so soft and warm. He couldn't even think, he couldn't breathe, he couldn't move.

"Thank you." Mulder said in amazement. He didn't dare take his eyes off hers, he refused to blink.

"You're welcome." She seemed just as captivated by him as he was her. "Um, how are you feeling?" She asked.

"Better." Mulder replied as he got up in a seated position. She had been leaning over him and straightened up as he moved and came face to face with him. Neither of them could breathe.

She jumped up suddenly and walked to the door. She seemed nervous all of a sudden.

"So dinner is in an hour. Someone will come get you so you can join us. I know you're supposed to stay in bed but feel free to wander around. Our home is your home." She bit her lip. "Let me know if you need anything. I brought you some Tylenol and a glass of water. The bathroom is down the hall. If you're up to it, I'll give you a tour of the house after dinner." She smiled a small smile. Was she blushing? Mulder was amused. Was she blushing because of him?

"Thanks, Dana. A tour after dinner would be great." Mulder smiled back at her, making her blush an even darker shade of red.

"No problem." And with that she turned and left Mulder in a day dreamy kind of state.

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