The next morning Carlton was the first to awake, bodies next to each other but lower limbs still entangled. He leaned back to watch the psychic sleep, surprised at what he was feeling. If he had known a week ago that he would end up like this, naked in bed with Shawn after a night of the hottest sex he had ever experienced, he would have assumed that he would feel regret, or at least panic over what this would mean for him.

Oddly enough, he only felt relief. He had been with a man, and it had felt right; nothing like his experiences with women. The suspicions he had begun having in college were finally confirmed. He was gay. But more than that, he had been with Shawn, which felt even more right. Sure, he had truly loved his wife, and he had thought he loved his ex partner, but what he felt with Shawn was a more whole, all-encompassing love. It wasn't the kind of love you felt for a family member or a friend, it was the kind of love they made movies about. He finally knew what everyone meant when they said "in love."

He reached out a hand, running his thumb over the rough five o'clock shadow on Shawn's face (a texture that Carlton though might just be the most erotic thing he would ever feel in his life), before dragging it gently across the other man's lower lip.

Shawn stirred, looking around and stretching before his eyes landed on the detective. "Mornin' Lassie."

In response the detective leaned in, kissing Shawn on the lips in attempts to convey everything he was feeling, running his hand across Shawn's rough cheek as he did so. He ignored Shawn's slight morning breath. That meant he was real, and he was here with the detective.

"Oh, wow. You're in a good mood this morning."

"Of course I am," the detective replied, shifting his body on top of the other man. He kissed him again, relishing the feel of Shawn's hands on his skin as he slipped them under the sheet, slowly pushing them down the detective's back until they reached his butt, where he grabbed on, pulling the other man's body down more into his.

They began rocking slowly together, cocks starting to harden from the kiss, and the friction between their nude bodies.

Suddenly the phone rang. Carlton began to pull away so Shawn could answer it, but the younger man wrapped his legs and arms around the detective, pulling him back down.

"The machine can get it," he whispered, before kissing the man again.

They continued kissing over the sound of the rings. Shawn's outgoing message began, followed by a short beep.

*Hey, Shawn. It's Mia.*

At the sound of the woman's voice, Shawn pulled away from the kiss to give more of his attention to the machine.

*I have to cancel for Friday.*

Shawn's bottom lip swelled out in a playful pout, but his eyes remained focused on Lassiter while his hands clamped down even harder on the other man's backside.

*I have to go out of town for a few days. Don't let it get too stiff, now. I'm going to work you hard next time to make up for it.*

Carlton felt Shawn's body shake in a chuckle beneath him.

*You had better be stretching; I'm going to get you into positions you didn't think were possible. Ciao.*

"Aye, aye, Cap'n!" Shawn said playfully, pulling Carlton down to resume their kiss.

Carlton resisted though, pulling away as a flood of confusing emotions washed over him. Shawn merely smiled up at him, lying unashamedly naked; his tan muscular body nestled in a mess of soft clean white sheets.

When had Carlton gotten out of bed? A surge of jealousy bubbled up in his gut, followed by a wave of self disgust. He had no business being jealous. He was just some guy Shawn had fucked. They were-They weren't anything. Shawn certainly didn't have feelings for the detective, why would he? Carlton felt sick to his stomach.

"Where are you going?"

The detective didn't even realise he was circling around the room collecting his clothes until Shawn spoke. He looked back at the man, who had sat up in the bed now. 'Gay my ass!' he wanted to say, but it came out as, "I have to go to work."

Shawn smiled his damn obstinate smile. "The Chief doesn't want you anywhere near the station today."

The detective had his shoes, socks, and pants on, and was attempting to thread his belt through the loops. "I—I just have to go."

Shawn's smile disappeared. He began to get out of bed, and Carlton couldn't stand to see him like that. He threw his shirt and holster on, grabbing his tie and making his way quickly to Shawn's front door and out into the hall. He pressed the button for the elevator, giving thanks when the doors opened almost immediately, revealing a single woman holding a bag of groceries. She looked him up and down, taking in the badge on his belt, and the gun in a shoulder holster over an open shirt, not even bothering to hide the shock on her face. "Going up?" she asked uncertainly just as he finished fastening his belt.

"Lassy!" he heard behind him.

He just wanted to get away from Shaw-Spencer as soon as possible, so he got in to the elevator. The button for the fifteenth floor was lit; he would be riding up with this woman for a long time, but if that meant getting away from the psychic, he could live with it. He pressed the lobby button and went to the back corner of the elevator, putting his tie through his collar and starting to tie it, forgetting that he hadn't even buttoned his shirt yet. The elevator doors had almost closed when a hand shot through the crack, forcing them to open again. He looked up to find the younger man standing in the hallway, wearing nothing but a white sheet wrapped around his body. The woman's face went from surprise to amusement, taking in the situation before her.

"Lassy, what's wrong?"

"I have to go. I'm sure you have plans; you won't miss me."

"You are my plans!" the man said, pushing back on the door as it tried to close on him again. As it slid back open, the alarm started going off. The woman with the groceries smiled, eyes darting between the two men as if watching a tennis match, wondering what would happen next and thinking that this was better than any Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie.

"This will give you a chance to hook up with Mia before her trip, Spencer. Now, let us go."

"Hook up with...? Carlton, what are you talking about?"

The detective was fumbling with his tie, his shaking hands having trouble with the knot. "This woman has milk, Spencer. She probably wants to get it put away."

"Actually, it's soy milk. It doesn't need to be refrigerated until it's open," she cheerfully offered.

He locked his blue eyes on her, clearly annoyed. "You're not helping, Lady."

Shawn moved forward, reaching up with one hand to help the detective with his tie, holding the sheet up with the other hand. The elevator doors closed behind him, and they started going up.

The detective slapped his hand away. "So how many other people are you sleeping with?"

Shawn looked more confused. "The only person I've wanted for a VERY long time was you."

The woman with the soy milk sighed.

"Then who is Mia?"

Shawn looked around the elevator, confused, as if he could find the answer written on one of the walls. Finally, he realised what the detective was talking about and started laughing, which only made the detective scowl.

When he was able to speak, he explained, "That message was from my physical therapist Dr. Mia Caroselli. I started seeing her after my last motorcycle accident when I reinjured my knee. What I said last night was true. I'm gay."

"Spencer, I've seen you date women before."

The elevator made a dinging sound and the doors opened. In from the eleventh floor walked another woman wearing exercise clothes and carrying a yoga mat. Her eyes went from Shawn's sheet covered back, to Carlton's still-bare chest, then to the control panel, where both the lobby and the fifteenth floor buttons were lit. Finally she looked the soy milk woman in the eyes and asked uncertainly, "Going down?"

"I'm going up; I don't know where these two are going."

"What's going on?" the woman with the yoga mat whispered to the woman with the soy milk as the doors closed and the elevator again started making its way skyward.

"Well, the tall one with the gorgeous blue eyes, gun, and badge thought the shorter one in the sheet was cheating on him, but it was a false alarm. But now he doubts he is even gay."

"Wait, the one in the sheet doubts the cop is gay?"

"No, the other way around. The sheet guy used to date women."

"Okay, wait, a minute. Hi, my name is Shawn, and I AM gay." He turned away from the ladies and back toward the detective. "I don't know how closely you've been paying attention, but I haven't dated anyone in a few years. I wasn't sure what I wanted back then, but now I know I want you!"

The elevator dinged again. They were on the fifteenth floor. As the doors closed and the elevator started going down, Carlton spoke. "Wasn't that your stop?"

"Uhhh," the woman with soy milk hesitated, "I forgot something down in my car."

"You were married once, Carlton. You know that what you did in the past has nothing to do with what you want now, or in the future. I want you, Carlton." Shawn took a step forward and put his hand on Carlton's bare chest. "And I know that you want me too, I could tell in the way you touched me last night, in the way you said my name when you...," he bit his lip, "in the way you kissed me this morning."

He reached up his other hand and grabbed the detective's crookedly knotted tie, pulling on it until the detective's lips were within range of his own. He kept one hand where it lay on Carlton's chest, just above his heart, and thread the other arm around Carlton's neck, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. The taller man put up no resistance, instead wrapping his arms around the shorter man's body. He pulled away from the kiss, only long enough to say, "Can someone press the button for the third floor?" His eyes locked on Shawn the whole time.

Someone must have obeyed, because the next time they heard the ding, they were on Shawn's floor, where Carlton pushed the naked man backwards out of the elevator until his back hit the opposite wall. It took them a while to make it to Shawn's door, immersed as they were in their kiss. Finally, as they reached their destination, Shawn turned toward the door, the detective quickly pressing himself against the psychic's back, kissing his neck, and reaching a hand around to massage his hardening member through the sheet.

The shorter man gasped, letting his head fall back against the detective's shoulder again and kissing him while reaching behind himself to cup the detective's own growing bulge through his pants. The detective let out his own low moan, reaching out in front of him to open the door.

"Uh, Shawn?"

"Yes, Lassy?"

The detective groaned as the other man's hand squeezed him through his pants again. "Do you have the key?"

"It's on the kitchen counter, next to our phones."

"Uhh, the door is locked.

"What?" Shawn lifted his head again and tried the knob himself. It rattled uselessly in his hand, but would not turn. "Oh, no."

"Stand aside, I'm going to kick it down." The detective started pushing up his sleeves, a move that is slightly less effective when your shirt isn't even buttoned.

Again, Shawn put his hand on Carlton's chest, pushing him away from the door. "Don't you dare, Lassy. I don't want to pay for a new door. We'll go downstairs and get the Super."

"I could just shoot out the lock..." the detective offered, reaching for his gun.

"No, come on. His office is just down on the first floor."

He pulled the taller man back toward the elevator by the tie. When the doors opened, soy milk woman, who was still standing inside, greeted them with a huge smile. Both men's lips had the telltale just-kissed look, and the detective now sported an obvious erection which was clearly visible through his pants.

"Going back up?" the woman asked.

The detective made his way back to the corner of the elevator, not even bothering to answer. When Shawn followed him in, the detective positioned the shorter man in front of himself to hide the predicament in his pants.

"No, I locked us out of the apartment," Shawn explained with a smile.

"Ah," she smiled back at him, smirking over his shoulder at the detective, "Why don't you guys come up to my apartment to call the Super. You can wait there for him to unlock your place, instead of waiting out in the hall. Sometimes he can take a while. When I locked myself out, it took him 45 minutes to get back to me. I'm sure you don't want to wait out in the hall that long in a sheet."

"Ah, thank you! I'm Shawn Spencer, by the way," he offered her his hand, making sure to keep the sheet up with his other, "this is head detective Carlton Lassiter of the SBPD." She dropped Shawn's hand and offered hers to the man behind him. When the taller man didn't move to greet the woman, the psychic reached back and squeezed him through his pants again.

"Gah!" He reached around the shorter man. "Ma'am."

She took a good look at them then. "Shawn Spenc...Are you that psychic that works with the cops sometimes?"

A big smile lit up his face. "I am!"

"Ah, I thought you two looked familiar. There was a story about you in the paper about a month ago, when someone at the mayor's office disappeared. I knew something was up in that picture. Two men don't look at each other like that unless they're in love."

"Actually, we wer-" Shawn squeezed the man again, effectively shutting him up.

"That's probably true," Shawn offered.

The detective brought his hands up, grabbing Shawn's biceps from behind and trying to keep his breathing steady as the younger man rubbed him slowly. Maybe Shawn was right. Even back when the psychic used to annoy him constantly, he always enjoyed his job a little more when the younger man was around. He bent forward and pressed his face into the other man's hair, breathing in his scent.

"It was true," he whispered, half to himself and half to Shawn.

The End

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