Chapter 1
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Italics - Comms


Give me the clear blue sky over my head and the green turf beneath my feet - William Hazlitt


Hound sighed and looked skywards when a boom sent all the wildlife scurrying for cover. The whine of jet engines heading his way let him know his peace in this backwater forest had been interrupted and it was a Seeker, of all things. The green Autobot knew he was fairly well camouflaged, sitting where he was with his back to a tree in the midst of the wood, and didn't move from his position as he tracked the jet across the sky.

Another boom filled the air and Hound knew, even if he'd been blind, that the Seeker was Thundercracker. The light blue colouration just confirmed it, and the scout was surprised to see the Decepticon without either of his trine mates. Generally they flew in at least pairs, if not all together.

Thundercracker screamed by overhead, turned and headed straight for a sheer rock face that the forest backed onto. He transformed a few metres from it and proceeded to shoot massive holes in the bare rock, sending boulders tumbling to the floor. Hound frowned as he watched, standing to get a better view. What was Thundercracker doing?

The blue seeker swore, dropping down the cliff until he reached the floor, directly opposite the hidden Autobot and beat clenched fists into the rock, send up clouds of dust. He kept it up for some minutes before sighing loudly and thumping his head down onto the rock. Hound didn't think about it, just stepped from the trees, hands empty and loose at his sides.

"Bad day?"

Thundercracker spun around, weapon rising and looked completely shocked to find an Autobot standing there, unarmed and apparently understanding. The seeker grunted, dropped his arm and slumped back against the cliff face.

"What makes you say that?" He tried for indifference.

"I don't normally see you out alone, trying to beat the slag out of a mountain." Hound shrugged. "Looked like you were trying to work something out of your system."

Thundercracker shuttered his optics briefly before sidestepping the issue. "What are you doing out here?"

"It's my time off. I was enjoying the scenery and wildlife, before you scared them off," Hound replied.

Thundercracker shot him a look. "You like it here? On Earth?"

The scout nodded. "There seems to be so much going on, and it's a beautiful place."

Thundercracker slid down the rock face to sit down, legs stretched out in front of him. "Do you prefer it to Cybertron?"

"Sometimes." Hound took his continued conversation as an invitation to sit down and positioned himself next to the Decepticon.

"I miss Cybertron. Back before the war, when all the cities and towers were still there. Nothing beat flying through Praxus or the Iacon Towers when they were all lit up." Thundercracker flicked a pebble into the trees.

"Never been a city 'bot myself." Hound shook his head. "Too many others, all living too close."

Thundercracker made a noise of agreement. "Living on the Nemesis is just like that. I could fragging shoot Starscream and Skywarp sometimes! They just have no idea how annoying they can be!" One fist thudded down hard into the ground and Hound made a sympathetic noise. "And why am I even telling you this?"

"Because sometimes it's easier to talk to a complete stranger than someone who'll judge you."

"You won't judge me?" Thundercracker asked, surprised.

"Don't tend to go around judging 'bots if I can help," Hound shrugged.

Thundercracker was silent for a moment as he weighed the possibilities of talking to someone who was supposed to be his enemy. Hound was not one of those Autobots who had gotten themselves a name amongst the Decepticon ranks, not like those Twins had. His holographic ability was considered weak and non-aggressive to the Decepticons, but Thundercracker had to admit it allowed Hound to get close to them without them knowing, or trick them in the midst of battle.

"Starscream made a play for leader again today. Megatron fragged him up something bad this time, I don't think he'll be out causing you any grief for awhile," Thundercracker snorted. "He never learns, the idiot." Hound felt a small smile creep up onto his face but remained quiet.

"It wouldn't have been so bad if Skywarp had behaved himself, but oh no, that slagger went and pulled a prank on the Stunticons before trying to hide behind me! He kept whining on and on about how friends should look out for each other." Thundercracker clenched his hands into fists. "Now there's watching someone's back, having a little fun, and then there's sticking some sort of foul smelling liquid in the Stunticons whilst they're in recharge. I value my frame being in one piece, thank you very much."

"Bad day, then." Hound answered his own question.

"Oh it gets worse. Soundwave then had the nerve to ask me to sort it all, because I am a Seeker! He can fragging well sort them out himself!"

"So you took off," Hound guessed.

"It was either that or beat some 'Con's head into the floor. I'm not on shift anyway, I can do what I like." Thundercracker folded his arms over his cockpit and appeared to be sulking.

"I take a drive when things get a little too much for me." Hound gazed out at the scenery, giving the Decepticon time to sort himself out. "I mean I'm pretty laid back, but some 'bots take that to mean they can walk all over me."

"Yeah. I get call strut-less sometimes, just because I can resist the urge to get into meaningless fights over petty arguments." The seeker started to relax.

"That just sounds sensible to me," Hound commented. "I wouldn't want to pick a fight with Motormaster."

Thundercracker sniggered. "He's pretty dumb. In a locked room, you'd stand no chance, but out in the open, he's slow and lets his anger get the better of him cause he can't win."

"You'd get into trouble wouldn't you?" the scout glanced at his companion. "If the others heard you talking to me."

Thundercracker shrugged. "There's no one here. You're saying you wouldn't?"

The green mech frowned. "Some would be suspicious and call me a traitor or spy, but Optimus wouldn't let anything happen without proof. You remember that incident with those cells, the Insecticons and Mirage?"

"That's when Megatron blew them all up so no one could have them."

"Mirage got a cerebral shell put in his head during all that, all because Cliffjumper accused him of being a traitor and he was trying to prove he wasn't."

"That mini-bot a pile of slag to you guys as well then?" Thundercracker found that amusing.

"…Sometimes." Hound tried not to let the smile creep across his face. Cliffjumper wasn't all that bad, just a little over… enthusiastic.

Thundercracker sighed again, optics drifting over the open valley, filled with its organic beings and tried to see what there was to enjoy. Pit, it was dusty and dirty, and bits got everywhere. Seekers had to keep themselves in pristine condition to work at the best of their abilities and you had to be the best otherwise you were just a target.

"I don't get it," Thundercracker commented suddenly. "What is there to like? Where's this 'wildlife'?"

Hound chuckled. "You scared them off, remember? You jets aren't exactly quiet, and with throwing that boom of yours around, they took off long ago. I could hear you coming from hics away."

Thundercracker scowled. "Could not, and anyway, sneaking up on things is cowards' work."

"If you say so," Hound shrugged, refusing to be draw into an argument.

"You're not going to defend your friends who sneak around?" Thundercracker asked, puzzled.

"What, you mean like Mirage?" Hound shook his head. "I know they're not cowards and I expect you know it too. It's just your way."

The Seeker accepted his companion's comment with reasonable grace. The two passed a few more hours talking, until the sun was getting low in the sky. Hound was contemplating making a move, but was in no particular hurry to be anywhere and Thundercracker didn't appear to be either. That was until the Seeker's comm blared into life.

'Thundercracker, where you hiding?'

Thundercracker narrowed his optics before snapping, 'I'm not hiding anywhere, Rumble.'

'Whatever.' The cassetticon replied nonchalantly. 'Just to let you know Screamer and 'Warp are givin' Hook problems.'

'So? He's a big con, he can deal with them.'

'I only mention it 'cause Megatron's heard and he's out looking for you, since you're not here sorting them out, like normal. Soundwave's headed him off for now, but that'll only last so long.'

"Slag," Thundercracker muttered sourly.

"You got to go?" Hound asked, having heard the conversation.

"Yeah..." Thundercracker didn't sound pleased. 'I'm on my way back, Rumble.'

The blue mech stood and stretched. Hound watched him for a moment before standing next to him and wondering what to say. Thundercracker turned to him, shrugged one shoulder and said, "It was strange, but I liked talking to you."

"Me too," Hound agreed.

Thundercracker nodded, glanced out over the valley and then mumbled a goodbye. "See you around, Autobot."

With that he took a short run, launched himself into the air, transformed and roared off across the sky. Hound stayed where he was until the blue seeker disappeared from optic range before he murmured, "see you around."


And they did. From time to time, when life amongst their respective comrades became a little too much, Hound and Thundercracker found themselves heading back to where they had met before. Sometimes the other was there, sometimes they sat alone, but in the times they had together, they grew in confidence and it turned out that, despite their huge differences, the two mechs had a lot to talk about.

"And then Starscream blew a hole in the side of the ship and flooded out half of it before someone remembered to shut the bulkheads!"

Hound laughed, "Wheeljack blew up his lab again yesterday and ended up stuck in the ceiling. Ratchet had to prise him out with a crowbar. He was swearing at him the entire time."

Thundercracker snorted and flung a rock out from the ledge, watching it arc through the sky before missing its target by half a mechanometer. He glared at the dead branch sticking up from the tree. Hound had challenged him to hit it, but not with his weapons. Thundercracker wasn't use to throwing things. The green Autobot next to him grinned widely before flinging his own rock out at the branch and the pair watched it clip the tip.

"Wondered when playing those human sports Spike's been teaching us would come in handy."

"I don't get why you like the humans so much." Thundercracker turned to stare at his enemy companion.

Hound spread his hands out. "I don't think it's something you can pinpoint. I mean I like Spike because he's friendly, open, brave and has taken us into his life without any real problem. Not all humans are like that, but everyone deserves a chance." The scout pointed at the seeker. "Let me ask you something then. Why do you want to destroy them? They offer you no real threat, they're just defending their home."

"It's what Decepticons do, or hadn't you noticed?" Thundercracker snapped, refusing to meet Hound's optics.

"You wouldn't be out here talking to me if you were that enamoured of the cause," Hound pointed out.

Thundercracker folded his arms over his cockpit as he glared out across the landscape. At first Hound thought he wasn't going to get a real answer but then, abruptly, the blue mech spoke out. "Rub it in, why don't you? I know I'm not what I'm supposed to be, I know I'm a little different and that I have my doubts. I joined because Megatron made the future sound fairer and Skywarp got so caught up in it all, I couldn't let him go by himself. I just think battles should have honour to them, but most Cons would just stab you in the back for saying that, so I keep quiet and blend in."

The Autobot sat in silence for a moment, truly stunned the seeker would be that honest with him and he took a risk in reaching out to the other mech. In their times together they had not touched - it had seemed an unwritten rule, not to cross that boundary - but Hound was a tactile mech and after such an announcement, he felt it was worth the chance.

His hand barely made contact with Thundercracker's arm before the seeker had swung round to look at him, but he continued to let his hand rest there as he said, "Thank you. You didn't have to tell me that."

Almost instantly the blue mech was looking away again, a scowl on his faceplates, but he didn't shrug the scout off or say anything that told Hound his words were unwelcome. The Autobot had learnt by now that a sullen, grumpy-looking seeker was not necessarily how the mech was feeling inside. Being around Decepticons had taught Thundercracker what expressions he could and could not show to the world, and Hound was merely learning to read the other mech a little better. Time would only help.

Thundercracker abruptly sighed,

"It's that time again."

"Duty calls," Hound answered knowingly.

"Yeah, Megatron's called up the flyer's to do some actual training," Thundercracker shrugged one shoulder. "Starscream will say he's above it all, Megatron will yell. Typical day in the submerged space ship."

"Have fun then," Hound grinned.

Thundercracker shot him a sour look before he climbed to his feet, Hound following suit so they were standing together on the rocky outcrop over looking the forest. The seeker fired up his thrusters so they took him a little way off the ground before he started moving off over the edge. The blue mech shot a look back over his shoulder and met Hound's optics. Their gaze held for a few seconds, Thundercracker's expression softening a little before he dipped his head slightly and head out across the sky.