Chapter 10 - Epilogue
It's only little, but it wanted to be written....


"Man this place got trashed didn't it?" Jazz looked around as he followed Blaster through the ruined city.

"Yeah, took one pit of a pounding." Blaster agreed before gesturing at the black and white. "Question for ya: Did you know about Hound and Thundercracker? I mean before all of this got aired like dirty laundry."

Jazz grinned. "Course I did. Wouldn't be very good at ma job now would I, if I couldn't find out 'bout a bot in ma own base. Never told anyone 'cept Optimus 'n he already knew 'n they weren't doin' no harm, so we let 'em be."

"So they're good then?"

"Solid as a rock. I ain't seen 'nother relationship last like theirs." Jazz snickered suddenly. "Maybe we should have been usin' Hound's example t' convert the Cons."

Blaster laughed. "I would pay in high grade to watch you put that to Prowl… Oh… slag, Jazz, I'm sorry."

The black and white mech shrugged one shoulder as he said, "It's ok. Still not real t' me yet either."

Blaster could see the downcast look on his companions face. "Yeah but I know you two were close friends."

"'Nother reason that I'm glad this war's over," Jazz glanced across the city. "But that helps too."

Blaster looked across at where Jazz had indicated with a nod. Hound was standing at the base of one of the ruined towers, a beam on one shoulder, staring up the tower. They could just about make out he was saying something, but not what. Up the tower, hovering next to it was Thundercracker. He had a tool in one hand but his attention was directed down at Hound.

The pair of watchers grinned when they saw the ex-Decepticon throw up his hands and drop downwards to land beside Hound. The green mech pointed at something up the tower and then at the tool in Thundercracker's hand. The seeker glanced at it and then threw it back over his shoulder with a shrug, which got him a slap across one intake from Hound.

The blue mech physically took the beam from Hound, gently leant it against the tower and then stepped right into the smaller mech's personal space. They could just see one black finger poking Hound in the centre of his chest and anyone else might have thought Thundercracker was threatening Hound, unless you saw the smiles on both of their faces. The seeker's finger trailed upwards, caught under Hound's chin and tilted it upwards so he could capture the other mech's lips in a kiss.

"That'd explain why no work's gettin' done," Jazz remarked.

"Rodimus seems to be taking their relationship well," Blaster commented. "He's not gonna deploy Hound or Thundercracker anywhere."

"He's got t' much else on his plate t' be worryin' 'bout a seeker turncoat 'n a scout that have proved this war wrong," Jazz shrugged.

"How do you mean?"

"This war just turned into one side wantin' the other dead. Those two want anythin' but that," Jazz turned away, taking Blaster with him. The red mech gave the couple one last glance before he followed his friend away.


Thundercracker lifted his head a little, enough to see Hound's optics, and smiled. "You were saying?"

"You know full well what I was saying," Hound responded, an answering smile on his own face. "You just don't want to work."

"I've been thinking."

"The horror," the green mech smirked.

"And you know full well what I've been thinking about." The seeker slid one arm around Hound's waist.

"Do you ever think of anything else?"

"What can I say? You're irresistible," Thundercracker grinned.

"And you're insatiable." Hound prodded him in the chest. "You can just keep thinking. We've got work to do."

The blue mech stared down at his partner who, despite his words, hadn't moved, and his smile turned into something more content. "How did I end up here? Happy with a groundie, building things, at peace, on an organic world."

"You had a bad day," Hound replied softly.

"And I've never been so grateful that I did. May we have many more."

Hound laughed and pulled Thundercracker down to him again to kiss him.