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Porcelain Doll

Chapter 1 – That Bitch

It was the beginning of the sixth semester of my medicine course at college.

I was sitting at the last row of desks next to the door, spacing out about my life.

When I took off home, one of my twin sisters was arguing with my stupid father about some stupid thing, as they always do. Actually they have been arguing a lot lately. My sisters are teenagers now, so I guess that PMT thing has got them. And it's been a big pain in my ass.

The first week of classes was normal. The euphoria for reviewing dear friends and professors were felling the college's corridors with people chatting everywhere. In the classroom, we reviewed the schedule for the semester. We also heard all the stories about the summer vacations. All that excitement for have given one more step towards graduation was truly amazing.

On the last day of class on first week, my classmate Inoue came to talk to me when I was setting my bike about to go home. I was lamenting for having more fights to listen when I get there.

"I wanted to go see a movie."
"Hm… what movie?"
"Hmm… I don't remember the name, but it's about some ninjas with special skills… it seems good… the special effects are nice at least." She gave me a welcoming smile. It was enough to make me accept the invitation. Inoue was the most beautiful girl in college, no doubts about it… after that big boobs Matsumoto professor, of course.
"Hm… ok! Should we invite the guys come too?"

"The more people, the better, right?"

"Ok, I'll call Renji and Ishida. Can you call Chad and Arisawa?"

"Leave it to me!"

"Alright. I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Bye bye." She gave me a good bye kiss on my left cheek and I left on my ride.

When I arrived home, my stupid father was making sculptures with the garden's high grass with my sisters Karin and Yuzu.

'Well, at least they're not yelling' I sighed in relief.
"Yo Ichigo, don't you want to join us?"
"No, thanks. I have homework to do." Actually had nothing, but I didn't want anyone to see me doing that.
I dropped my bike in the garage and went to my room. I threw my bag on my desk, laid in bed and turned on my TV. There was nothing interesting going on, so I decided to play some video game.

At home, we switch the household's duties. And now was Karin's turn to make dinner, which was always a terrible thing, since she makes the food too salty. When she didn't burned it all.
"Oi, Karin…where is that cooking book I gave you as a birthday present huh?" I teased her.
"Tchê! Don't bug me Ichigo, I'm not in a good mood!"
"And when are you?"
Her reply was a roasted steak thrown at my face and dad's, since he was laughing of her.

Then I helped Yuzu with the dishes, and returned to my room.

I read a book and just fell asleep.

At least the weekend was fun. Hang out with the friends we don't see in while is always good – afterwards we all go travel with our family on vacations.
On Saturday we went to see that movie that Inoue wanted to see. Later we went to have some a milk-shake. We had fun chatting, mocking of ourselves and the people passing by the street. Except for Inoue and Chad. As she was too innocent and afraid that people would hunt her in her dreams, Chad… well, Chad was Chad, always quiet.

Sunday was the boys' day. Me, Chad, Ishida and Renji went out riding a bike around the city, whistling for the pretty girls passing by, like we used to do since we met in college. I remembered that in first year in college, when we were hanging around, Renji whistled to a travestite. He haven't had noticed it was a man, so we mocked him. We still do.

And then comes Monday again. It was the second week of classes. It was also when my punishment for being so lazy, I think, came along. When my nightmare started.

Once the class started, professor Ukitake announced an Anatomy work to be done during the semester. The work should be done in pairs. So far that was fine with me. But then he said he would be the one to pick the couples, and that's when it stopped being so fine.

He asked for a report about all the aspects of a corpse. He wanted us to review it's physical, psychological and pathological aspects before it's death. And for that, he would give us one of the many corpses that college had for the analysis.

"…Akira and Ishida… Renji and Chad… Inoue and Yoruichi… Arisawa and Soi Fong… and finally, Ichigo and Rukia" That white haired man dictated the pairs. I always admired professor Ukitake. His calm manners of speaking, walking and looking were kind of inspiring. I guess I could understand why girls loved him.

'Rukia?' I turned to Ishida who was sitting beside me.
"Who the hell is Rukia?" I asked.
"Is that girl that sits right in the front first row beside the window… she didn't come today." He replied pointing to the empty chair.
"I don't remember anyone sitting there."

"How come? A short black haired girl… blue eyes… she is always alone and never speaks."
"I don't know who is."
"Is the one with the best grades of the class."
"Damn, I don't know who she is!"
"Geezz Ichigo, you have to pay more attention to people around you!"
"Why should I?"
"So you don't have to ask me that!"

I came back home worried about the report. Have to make some work with an unknown person was bad. I didn't know if she was that kind of annoying preppy girls that only talks about her nails and hair and only by luck gets good grades or if she was that kind of freaks that lives in libraries and gets really pissed when gets a 9 and would curse me for the rest of my life.

At night my father asked a pizza, and then I devoured a bowl of ice cream with Karin. And later I ate popcorn with Yuzu watching a movie late at night.

The result of this? A lot of stomach ache!

I couldn't even sleep for a whole hour. I had to spend the whole night in the bathroom!

'I'll never do that again!'
The next day I was the first one to arrive in classroom. Since I couldn't sleep, I decided waiting the class starts reading a sports magazine, I bought on my way, would be the best way to fill my mind. Minutes later a pale and sullen girl came in and sits in that same place that my colleague said that was Rukia's seat.

I stopped to examine her better, and remembered that on the first day of class in college, I mocked her in front of the entire class. She got late since she had entered into another class by mistake.
'Damn it! I just hope she doesn't remember that.'
I took some courage, from don't know where, and went talk to her.

She looked at me from toes to head.

'Yep, she remembers.'
"Hello." Her voice was strong and had some accent, the first impression I had about her was of a determined and fearless person. I thought I was probably the first to hear her voice among the students.
"AHM… you didn't came yesterday right?"
"And?" So she was also a bit rude.
"AHM… well, professor Ukitake asked for a report by next week… and he wants us to do it so… by us I mean you and me."
"Ok." She simply returned her gaze to the stupid book she took off from her purse to read.

So she was rude, and I don't care. Right after I returned to my chair.

The class started, and everything was normal as it should be.

On lunch time, I walked faster to reach her, since she had left the room already.
"Rukia!" I called her out loud so she could hear me.
"Hm?" She turned to me with a cold and serious look.

'What is her problem?' I wonder if she really was mad about that thing, since it's been quiet long ago.
"Ahm about the report… how are we going to do it?"
"With a pen and a paper."

'Is she trying to be funny?'
"Duh! I know that. I meant where and when could we meet to do it."
"Do not worry, I do it myself" she said turning her backs to me.
"Huh? Excuse me?"

"Don't worry, I will make sure to put your name on it." She said while walking towards the patio without looking at me.

'Or she is making fun of my face or she really is underestimating me and thinks I am stupid.'
"No. The professor said it was for both of us to do it, not just one of us!"

"Why do you care?" This time she stopped walking and looked at me irritated.
"Because… I'm not stupid, I have as much capacity for writing that report as you have, it's not just because you have the best grades of the class that it means you are in fact the best one of us, you know?"
Ha-ha. By her mad expression I could tell she didn't like it, but for that I couldn't care less.
"Fine…" She took out of her bag a book with a few sheets of a notebook and delivered it me. "… read the book to develop the report, and could you please… do not ruin this book?"
"No problem, partner!" I will smack that arrogant face of hers "… but do you even know what is this about?" I couldn't understand how could that idiot delivers me that book without even asking me about the report we had to make.
"Indeed I do… I went to Ukitake's office before class starts, since I have missed his class"
'Damn, she is good.'
"Ok… so how should we do this?"
"You write about the psychological aspects and I'll write the rest of them… we can come after today's class to see the body and take some notes… since you insist."


So she left. Renji and Ishida soon approached.
"What's up? Did you talked to her?"
"Man, she is horrible! No wonder why she always alone." And I meant it from the bottom of my heart.
"She used to be my next door neighbor years ago… I think I was about 8 years old… from my house we could hear her parents arguing all the time. They were always fighting inside the house, but once they put their feet outside, they were completely different… discrete… but hardly greeted someone." Renji said.
"Hunf… I don't care! We all have problems at home."

"I'll tell you about it!" Ishida said lamenting for his situation with his troubled father. His father was an business man. No one knows exactly what does he do, but he is always traveling, leaving him alone behind. And when he comes back, he gets drunk for a whole week causing trouble after troubles to that poor Ishida. Once I had to help him to caring that heavy man inside his house. On that night, I would sleep over his place when we got from a party, and we found him on our way, laid on a bench street just like a beggar. Ishida was so embarrassed, I even pity him.

"You know… she has an older brother, but I never saw them together, I mean, I saw her with her mother and father, and saw him with his mother and father, but never saw the two of them together" for some reason Renji kept telling us about that stupid girl.
"Hm …"

"How come?" Ishida asked interested in that story.
"I don't know… maybe I just missed the times they went out together."
"Idiot!" Ishida and I responded in a chorus.

Then after lunching, we went back to class. She didn't even looked at me. So I pretended not to know her.

When the class finished, I went straight to college's morgue room without waiting for her.

Getting there, I realized some of our colleagues were already doing their analysis.
I looked for the body destined to us and started to take notes in my notebook. Minutes after, Rukia appears and begins with her analyses as well without saying a word to me.

I stopped briefly to look at her.

I got angry at the way she gently touched the body. Her perfect handwriting irritates me, and the expressions that she showed by looking at the corpse made me mad. She was completely irritating. I wondered if she was doing it on purpose.

During the week I didn't spoke with Rukia. I never liked snobbish people, so I keep them away from me. I had enough with Ishida, filling my ears with his stupid things from time to times.

On weekend, I refused all invitations to go out. I wanted to concentrate on the book that arrogant girl gave me, and on the notes I made.
I promised myself that would make the best report of the class just to break her face. I don't like being underestimated either provocations, so I decided that I would make her respect me.

On Monday, I was late for class. Since I spent the weekend awaken writing my ass off, I over sleep this time.

'Damn!' While my rushed steps ran through that silent hall, I heard from my classroom professor Ukitake calling Rukia.

"I apologize professor Ukitake, but my report partner did not appeared in class today, but here it is…"
"I am here… arffe, arffe… sorry for my delay." I said between puffs.
"Oh here he is, my great late partner."
I hit her nerve, and I could hear the class mutters.
"Excuse me?"
"I said, EACH one of these would you like, my dear Rukia?" I had written all of three reports, and now I was proudly showing it to her. I thought she was mocking me again when she asked me to write only one, so I decided I should write all of them as well.

She got mad as hell, and I had to hold myself not to laugh in front of everyone. I took her report, and realized she had also written the three of them, probably thinking I wouldn't do my part. I united it with mine, and put them over Ukitake's desk. She was staring at me more furious than ever.
The professor gave me a "well done". I thanked and went sitting in my seat.
"Nice!" Ishida said as I sat.


PS: I know some people don't like mixing languages, but I decided to make Inoue call Ichigo by Kurosaki-kun, since the idea of her calling him just by Kurosaki sounded odd.

PS2: I have nothing against gays, travestites or lesbians… I like them actually…but that story actually happened to a friend of mine once and it was really funny, since he was straight, so I thought adding it here, since in this fic the characters are straight… for the time being at least. :D (I might add some light yaoi… maybe)

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