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Deep in the forests of Hi no Kuni, three figures stood in their separate stances, one on his knees with his hands in the bird sign, the others standing directly in front of him, their hands outstretched as they reached towards him.

While a pool of blood formed beneath the two standing figures, dripping from the wounds in their body caused by the black shadows which had speared through their vital organs, and their skin returned to normal as the curse mark receded entirely.

The one on his knees, Shikamaru Nara, breathed heavily as he released the hand sign he was holding. The two figures then fell over, their limp bodies splashing into the pool of blood below them as the shadows which had been suspending them vanished entirely.

Shikamaru sighed heavily as he fell onto his back, his breathing slowing as he felt the burn of his chakra coils from the sudden use of the Kage Nui no Jutsu, a jutsu which he had been practicing for months to be able to use in combat.

He chuckled under his breath, 'I guess I need more practice…'

The burn on his coils was an obvious sign of chakra exhaustion, he doubted he was any good until the burn faded, and even then he would not be of any good unless he was used as support.

With a heavy sigh, he slowly began to push himself up, wincing in pain as he felt the burn on his coils increase, and as he finally managed to get onto his own two feet, he slowly limped over to a nearby tree, collapsing against it.

With Choji and Kiba

Choji and Kiba continued their assault against Jirobo, who had not budged an inch as their attacks grinded against his palms.

Choji and Kiba were gritting their teeth in pain as they pushed their attack, but it seemed no matter what they did, they could not break Jirobo's hide.

Jirobo saw the effort they were putting into their attack, and grinned cruelly. The goliath of the sound four began to close his hands, as he pushed back against the attack of the two Genin.

Kiba and Choji felt the pressure getting put on them, and they tried to push back, to no avail. They had already expended so much of their chakra, that they had no more to give.

Jirobo felt this, and roared in laughter, "Ha Ha Ha! You filthy, miserable chunks of trash!" his fists clenched tightly, snapping with such force that his chakra crashed into the attacks of Kiba and Choji, sending them hurtling into the nearby trees.

Choji smashed into the low lying branches, causing a resounding crack to be heard, no doubt the fracturing of his skull, or jaw had occurred.

Kiba smashed into the trunk of a tree, but he had been unfortunate enough to have gone right towards a low lying branch, causing it to pierce his shoulder, going all the way through, "Aaaah!" he hissed in pain as he felt the wood tear through his flesh, as blood began to pour out of the wound.

Akamaru had smashed into a nearby stone, causing him to fall unconscious.

Jirobo grunted as he began to allow his curse seal to recede, before turning his attention towards the fallen Genin, and snorted with contempt, "You know, I should be getting back to my comrades. But…" he looked over at Choji, who was barely breathing, and a twisted grin came to his lips, "…I am a little, peckish, I suppose they won't mind if I have a little snack first." He began to walk towards Akamaru, licking his lips, as a wave of chakra erupted from his fist, as his curse mark began to spread again, in response to his malicious hunger.

Kiba saw this, and began to thrash painfully as he tried to break the branch he was suspended upon, cursing as he felt the effects of the blood loss, the lightheadedness, the weightlessness he felt in his body.

Jirobo stood next to Choji, and then turned his gaze towards Kiba, smirking, "Oh don't worry…after I am done with fatass here, you're next." He shot his hand down, and grabbed Choji by his hair, lifting him up with little concern for his well being, and grinned as he felt his chakra began to slowly drain what little was left of Choji's chakra.

Jirobo grinned savagely, and bared his teeth, and moved to bite a large chunk of flesh out of Choji.


Only for Jirobo to freeze suddenly, as he felt a sudden pain erupt in his neck, before his vision began to rapidly darken.

Kiba watched in morbid fascination, his eyes wide as saucers, even as he struggled to stay awake, he stared at the sight before him.

Kushina stood next to Jirobo, her sword drawn, covered in a thin layer of blood, as a thin red line revealed itself on Jirobo's neck, before his head suddenly fell off of its former position, as Jirobo's body suddenly collapsed, releasing the drained form of Choji.

Kiba was staring so intently, he did not notice Minato arrive, and run to his side, until he felt himself being pulled off of the branch, a painful stabbing ripping through his body, "Aaagh!"

Kushina swiftly sheathed her sword and ran over to Kiba, and knelt down, her eyes hardening, "Naruto, where is he?"

Kiba stared at Kushina, "W-what?"

Kushina's eyes seemed to become like stone as she looked at Kiba, "Where is my son, now!"

Kiba flinched in shock, and he slowly stammered out, "T-they w-went that way." He said pointing in the direction he had last seen Naruto and Neji go.

Kushina snapped her gaze in the direction Kiba pointed, before she turned back to him, "You're certain?"

Kiba nodded rapidly as the Yondaime patched up his wound, "Y-yes, I-I am positive!"

Minato sighed as he sealed the wound, "This will slow the bleeding, but if you don't get medical attention soon, you are going to die."

Kiba's eyes widened, "W-what?!"

Kushina grunted as she shot through hand signs, "Kage Bunshi no Jutsu." The result was two separate Kushina's.

Minato did the same, and one Minato was the result, which quickly grabbed Kiba, while one of the Kushina's grabbed Choji and Akamaru.

Kushina looked at her clones, "Get back to the village, and dispel yourself upon arrival."

The clones nodded before heading back to the village, followed closely by Minato's clone.

Kushina turned in the direction Kiba had pointed them, and before Minato could say anything, Kushina had bolted towards the trees with enough force to shatter the ground beneath her. Minato quickly tailed her, as they headed off to find their son.


Tayuya cursed as she leapt through the trees, while her pursuers gained on her. She briefly looked back, and saw Naruto create two clones which Naruto used to send himself hurtling at her like a missile.

Naruto pulled out a kunai as he flew at her, and swung, hard.

Tayuya barely got out of the way in time to avoid a lethal hit. A long and deep gash along the cheek was her reward, "Gah! You son of a cunt!" she pulled out her own kunai, and threw them at Naruto.

Naruto barely got out of the way of most of them, but a single kunai successfully embedded itself in his shoulder, making him slow down.

Tayuya smirked and turned to head to her objective…

Only to find that Neji had cut her off, and was already readying a technique, "Hakke Rokujuyon Sho!"

Tayuya's eyes widened, and she tried to dodge, to no avail.

Neji struck at her twice, "Two Palms!"

Tayuya staggered painfully as she fell back.

Neji ran forward and struck two more times, "Four Palms!"

Tayuya cried out painfully as she felt her arms go numb.

Neji pressed his advantage as he struck four more times, "Eight Palms!"

Tayuya was barely standing as she felt the weight of the barrel on her back.

Neji refused to relent, and struck eight more times, "Sixteen Palms!"

Tayuya was slowly falling back even as Neji continued his assault, hitting her another sixteen times, "Thirty Two Palms!"

Even as Tayuya began to fall towards the forest floor, Neji kept pressing his attack, and finished it with another Thirty two strikes, "Sixty Four Palms!" the final strike hitting her with such force, that it sent her flying into the forest floor with enough force to make an imprint of her body, as the barrel flew off mid-flight.

Naruto leapt into the clearing, pulling out the kunai that Tayuya had hit him with, glaring banefully at her, before his attention turned towards the barrel. He clenched his fist around the kunai, and he began to stalk forward, as Neji leapt to the ground, standing over Tayuya as she groaned painfully, whimpering as her tenketsu had been damaged by Neji's attack.

Naruto finally stood in front of the barrel, and grabbed at one of the seal tags, and was about to rip it off.


Only for Naruto to turn around suddenly as he heard Neji cry out in pain, and his eyes widened at the sight before him.

Neji was being suspended in the air by a pale, white haired man, wearing an outfit very similar to what the other members of the sound four were wearing. But, the strangest part, was what the man was using to suspend Neji in the air…a white bone, jutting out of the man's wrist.

Neji cursed as he felt the bone pierce through his shoulder, before the man tossed Neji aside, making him slam into the ground.

Naruto cursed as he saw the man run at him, another piece of bone growing out of his wrist, this one was longer and sharper however.

Naruto swiftly ducked beneath the incoming strike, and he swung his kunai at the man's stomach.

Causing it to break on contact as a layer of bone suddenly grew out of the man's chest, protecting the abdomen.

Before Naruto could respond, the man struck him with a hard kick, sending him crashing into a tree away from the barrel.

The man frowned, before looking at the barrel, and grabbed it, and then leapt into the forest.

Naruto quickly pushed himself up, and snarled, "Oh no you don't!" he jumped into the trees after the man.

Neji cursed as he covered his wound, using what little medical jutsu he knew to slowly heal it, and then followed after, leaving Tayuya sprawled in the middle of the forest floor.

The white haired man ran through the forests, far outrunning Naruto and Neji, and continued to manage to fire back volley after volley of projectiles, made from his finger bones.

Naruto and Neji dodged that as quickly as they could, some of them grazing them, which was causing Neji to slow down.

Neji looked at Naruto, and remembered how Naruto had used his clones to send him flying at Tayuya, "Naruto!"

Naruto snapped his gaze at Neji, ducking under a branch, "What?"

Neji spoke loudly, "I got a plan, I need you and one of your clones to toss me at him, quickly!"

Naruto nodded his head, and quickly created another clone. Naruto grabbed Neji's arms, while the clone grabbed Naruto's leg, and through a whip-like action, the clone swung Naruto, as Naruto swung Neji.

Naruto let go, and sent Neji hurtling at the white haired man, and readied a palm strike, coursing with chakra.

The man never saw the incoming attack, which smashed into his upper back, causing him, Neji, and the Barrel to hurtle through the trees into an open field, and caused the barrel to shatter upon impact, allowing Sasuke to tumble away, still seemingly unconscious.

As the man stood up, Neji cringed in pain as he felt his wound reopen, and he had to roll out of the way from a slash from the man's bone blade.

Naruto jumped through the tree line, to see Neji fighting the white haired man, and it was clear that he was not going to hold his own for long.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and was about to run forward, when a hint of movement shimmered in the corner of his eye.

He turned his attention towards the movement, and his eyes widened.

To the side, Sasuke was moving, as a dark chakra rippled off of his body. The Uchiha began to stand, seemingly unhindered. The Uchiha looked up, and for a brief moment, Naruto and Sasuke's eyes met, before Sasuke suddenly turned, and bolted into the trees.

Naruto cursed, and he turned to see Neji continue to fight the white haired bone wielder. If he stayed and helped Neji, Sasuke got away, but if he got Sasuke, Neji would most certainly perish.

Naruto frowned, and then turned in Sasuke's direction, before bolting off.

He had a mission to complete.

Neji continued his assault upon the white haired man, even as Naruto left. While he had hoped Naruto would have stayed to aid him, he knew the repercussions if Orochimaru got his hands on Sasuke.

The white haired man did not relent in his assault, his bone weapons seemingly endless as Neji had to pull out all the stops, use every bit of Juken he knew, and hope he survived long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

The white haired man suddenly struck at Neji with a hidden bone blade, which slashed across Neji's face, scratching through the middle of his cheek, and slicing off his headband. Neji pedaled back as he felt his headband fall off, as blood trickled down the side of his face.

The white haired man stared at Neji, and he spoke, "A Hyuuga of the Branch Family…"

Neji frowned, without his headband, his curse seal was now revealed to the enemy.

The white haired man continued to stare, "Your skill as a servant is becoming…" the man put his arm forward, as another blade grew out of his palm, before he grasped it tightly, "…as a measure of respect, from one servant to another, I shall give you my name…Kimmimaro, last of the Kaguya."

Neji glared at Kimmimaro, and snarled, "I am no servant."

The two stared at each other, the silence, deafening…and as the wind passed by, they made their move.

And struck.

Meanwhile, with Tayuya

Tayuya laid there for what felt like hours, staring up at the sky as she tried to get up, the pain roaring through her system as she tried to reach for something to grab onto to pull herself out of the crater.

She cursed to herself, "Once I get out of this fucking hole, I am going to fucking kill those cuntbags and slit their throats and-AAH!" she cried out in pain as out of nowhere, a foot smashed itself onto her hand, causing several of her fingers to break.

Tayuya winced as she looked up to see who it was that had dared to attack her, only for her to suddenly gasp as a hand wrapped itself around her throat, and lift her off of the ground, and she stared into the eyes of none other than Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze.

Kushina glared at the girl, and began to squeeze, "I am going to ask you only once…where is my sochi?"

Tayuya gasped painfully, "I d-don't know who y-your fucking sochi is you bitch!"

Minato finally caught up to Kushina, and was gasping heavily as he walked up to her.

Tayuya's eyes widened as she saw the Yondaime. This did not go unnoticed by Kushina, or Minato, and Kushina began to squeeze tighter, "Oh, I think you do, little bitch!" Kushina suddenly slammed Tayuya into the ground, and pushed hard on her throat, "Which direction did they go?!" Kushina pulled out her sword, and slammed it, point first, right next to Tayuya's throat, "Now!"

Tayuya stared up at Kushina in terror, for the first time in a long time, she felt true, pure, unadulterated terror as she saw the look of murder and hate in Kushina's eyes, "T-they w-went that way!"

Kushina looked where Tayuya pointed, and then glanced at Tayuya, "If you are lying…" she left the end of that sentence hanging as she let go of Tayuya.

Minato moved forward before Tayuya could even get up, and swiftly placed a series of seven seals on her before she could move, "You try and remove those seals, and there won't be enough left of you to feed an ant, do you understand me?" he spoke with a sharp, and malicious edge to his voice.

Tayuya stared quietly at the Yondaime, and swallowed, her voice squeaking as she spoke, "C-crystal…"

Minato and Kushina stood up, and began to walk away, before Minato created a shadow clone, and grabbed Tayuya, as they headed back to Konoha, while Minato and Kushina headed in the direction she had told them to go.

Tayuya stared at them as they headed off…and a single sentence passed her lips, "Oh fuck me."


Sasuke suddenly found himself standing atop the head of a great statue, after bolting through the trees, reaching speeds that before he would never have dreamed of. In minutes, he found himself tearing through the trees at a speed that made it seem as if the world was going in slow motion, and he did not even feel himself grow tired.

It was as if he was without limits.

And this was only a taste of what Orochimaru could offer him…he would have his revenge, so very soon.

He looked around, and found himself staring at a place he had only ever heard of, Shumatsu no Tani, the Valley of the End, where Hashirama Senju, and Madara Uchiha engaged in mortal combat, and tore the very valley itself apart, a testament to the power of the Uchiha clan, and regrettably, the Senju as well.

He deemed it fitting however, that as he stared across the valley, towards the statue of Madara Uchiha, that the statue of Hashirama Senju, was under his heel, where all lesser men and women belonged in his eyes.

Sasuke began to move forward, as he saw the border of Hi no Kuni just beyond the valley, and his new life, awaiting him.


Only for him to be tackled from behind as he, and Naruto went hurtling down towards the water below.

Sasuke launched an elbow at Naruto, smashing into his ribs, and he turned mid fall, and began to strike at Naruto with kicks and punches.

Naruto responded in kind, grabbing Sasuke by the shirt, and striking him as hard as possible, before finishing with a head butt.

Sasuke's head reeled back painfully as Naruto and he separated in the fall, before they both crashed into the water below.

The water exploded outward and upward from the force of the two falling into it, and a massive wave washed against the feet of the statues of the valley.

Sasuke was the first to pull himself out of the water, and Naruto quickly followed afterwards.

The two stared at one another, before Sasuke snarled, "You can't make me go back to Konoha Naruto!"

Naruto frowned as he stood up, and cracked his neck, before he got into a fighting stance, "I have no intention to even try."

Sasuke's eyes widened slightly, before they narrowed, "So, you've been ordered to kill me?"

Naruto never spoke, only glaring at Sasuke, who began to stand, and get into a fighting stance of his own.

Sasuke got into the Uchiha clan fighting stance, and snarled as he activated his Sharingan, "You're going to have to work for your kill!" he charged forward as the curse mark began to swiftly spread across his body.

Naruto charged forward as well, and a minuscule amount of the Kyuubi's youki began to slowly pour out of his body.

And in the middle of the two statues, their fists clashed, creating a shockwave that sent them both flying backwards, making them skid to a halt in front of the statues of Konoha's founders.

Their gaze was fixed upon the other, and it was clear to them both…

Only one of them would leave this valley alive.

With Minato and Kushina

Kushina and Minato felt the burst of Kyuubi's youki, and a dark, foul, and tainted chakra as well. It was so foul, and vile, but clearly inferior to the youki of the Kyuubi.

But they felt it nonetheless.

Minato and Kushina picked up the pace, heading in the direction they felt the burst of demonic chakra…heading towards their son.

With Neji and Kimmimaro

Neji and Kimmimaro had been engaged in a dance of clan techniques, Neji using the Hyuuga Juken, which he had reverse engineered from watching the main branch perform each technique, and secretly recreating it, and fitting it to his own style of fighting. While Kimmimaro was using Kaguya clan techniques, which had been perverted by Orochimaru's teachings, making them more unpredictable, and deadly.

Byakugan, against Shikotsumyaku, in a dance of death.

Neji ducked underneath a round kick from Kimmimaro, while simultaneously sending seven palm strikes at the Kaguya's inner thigh, aiming to disable his lower body.

Kimmimaro saw through this tactic, and jumped in the air, avoiding the strike, while swinging down his hand, while held a jagged bone knife, which Neji barely managed to avoid, cutting several hairs off the side.

Neji leapt back, and threw a hail of shuriken at Kimmimaro, who smacked them away with his hand, which had been covered in a bone mesh, before he shot forward, and began to strike at Neji with skill reminiscent of a weaving serpent.

Clearly a sign of Orochimaru's teachings.

Neji was unfortunate enough to be unable to avoid this, but he managed to bring in his own strike, which slammed against Kimmimaro's right lung, damaging it severely, while Neji received several smaller, yet still deep wounds in his chest and abdomen, fortunately avoiding the major organs.

Which meant little, as he had already endured enough physical damage, that he was quickly losing ground against the Bone wielding servant of Orochimaru.

Kimmimaro saw Neji slow, and frowned, "I see you are losing the ability to stand against me." he said with noticeable difficulty, and began to cough up spittle's of blood, "A s-shame really, I had hoped my final fight would have been far more memorable than this." he slowly began to turn away, and began to head in the direction that Sasuke and Naruto had gone.

Neji saw this, "You are not leaving!" and he began to run forward, and readied a second palm strike, poised to strike at Kimmimaro's back.

Kimmimaro lightly turned his head, seeing Neji run at him with an obvious attack. Kimmimaro simply raised his hand, and pointed it at Neji, and fired off a volley of his finger bones.

Neji saw them coming, and quickly responded, "Hakkesho Kaiten!" and Neji quickly twisted on his feet, at just the right time, for Neji to use the Hyuuga family rotation, and send Kimmimaro's projectiles hurtling back at him.

Kimmimaro's eyes widened as he flipped back, and managed to avoid three of his projectiles, but the other two embedded themselves in his abdomen mid flip, causing them to shoot through his body, surprisingly missing his vital organs, aside from the already damaged lung.

Neji slowed his rotation, and as he did so, he fell over, his damaged body having difficulty with maintaining an upright position after such a chakra intensive technique.

Kimmimaro had landed on his own feet, though now blood was beginning to pour out of the two holes in his abdomen that he had unintentionally allowed himself to receive, before he turned his gaze towards Neji, "I was mistaken, Hyuuga…I suppose my last fight in this life, will be a memorable one." as he said this, the sclera of his eyes began to darken, as his skin began to crawl with black lines, which slowly began to cover his skin.

Neji cursed as he pushed himself to his feet, barely managing to stand upright, as he saw the holes in Kimmimaro's abdomen get closed as the markings spread across his skin.

Kimmimaro stood tall, as his body was almost covered in the black markings, and he spoke, "I will no longer hold back, Hyuuga…I hope you have the courtesy to do the same." he began to move forward as the markings completely enveloped his skin, and his once pale skin turned brown, as a vile tail began to grow out of his spine, and several bone-like spikes protruded from his back.

Neji couldn't help but feel a wave of hopelessness tear through his body.

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