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Seven months, that is how much time had passed since his resurrection, since Kyuubi made a deal with the Shinigami to save both of their lives.

It had been an agonizing seven months, as he had thrown himself into training while his Otou-san and Kaa-san had gifted him with every ounce of knowledge that they could bestow upon him. Before he was reliant on the minimal skill set that Konoha had deigned to teach him, or that he had acquired through stealing scrolls, until now anyways.

Now, he was easily on par with most Jonin, even if he officially hadn't been promoted yet.

It had not been an achievement that came without pain, without him sweating, crying and bleeding. Even with his Kage Bunshin absorbing knowledge and refining his elemental control, he had still pushed his body until his bones literally cracked.

Tsunade had done her best to ensure he was healed after every injury just so he could throw himself back into his training only to injure himself again.

Because the alternative, any other alternative was worse.

A heavy sigh escaped his lips as he looked out the window, 'Grrn' his head turned back to his bed, as he stared at its other occupant.

Hinata Hyuuga was snuggled up in his blankets, the two having spent the night together.

After their meeting at the ramen stand some months ago, the two of them had begun an official relationship, not long after that he had also given Temari a fair chance after he, Hinata and Temari talked it out.

He couldn't help but smile at his girlfriend as he leaned against the railing to the balcony in his bedroom.

But as happy thoughts entered his mind, it slowly turned to one of sadness.

He had been training for seven months, almost three fourths of a year of his five years of life, gone. He would need to begin hunting his targets soon, but so far they hadn't had as much luck in finding them as he'd like.

The spy networks were searching every bar, every casino, every brothel and hot spring spa for even the tiniest hint of information.

The light of his room began to shift, and he turned his gaze to the horizon, his gaze settling on the bit of light on the edge of the horizon as the sun began to rise.

A sigh escaped his lips as he pushed away from the railing, his parents would awaken and his training would begin anew.

His parents…even after seven months, he still could not fully wrap his head around that concept. For the longest time, Loli had been the closest thing he had ever had to a mother, but now, his biological parents were here and Loli was out there helping find the ones he needed to slay.

"Naruto?" his gaze shifted back to the bed, as Hinata stared back at him with sleepy eyes.

He smiled back at her, "Good morning Hinata." he walked over to her as he gently kissed her on the lips, "Its still early, why don't you get some more sleep?"

Hinata shook her head, "No, its ok, I am awake anyways." she slowly removed the covers and pulled her feet over to the edge of the bed, and began to stretch. "Ahhhwwww." she stretched her arms upwards and her soft voice let out a tiny yawn, which brought a smile to his lips.

She was so cute!

Hinata stood, but stumbled into Narutos arms, letting out a soft 'eep' as Naruto caught her, which brought out a chuckle from the blonde Jinchuriki, "S-sorry." she stammered softly.

Naruto smiled and kissed the top of her head, "Its ok, now…come on!" suddenly, he picked her up in his arms bridal style, "Let's get downstairs, I'll make you some breakfast before I have to start training."

Hinata blushed as she hid her face in her hands, "N-Naruto you don't have to-"

"Hinata!" Naruto jumped in place as the door to his room was kicked open, and both Naruto and Hinats stared at the undesired entry to the room.

Hitomi was standing there in Hyuuga robes…which did absolutely nothing to hide the significant bulge in her belly, "Good morning my sweet little niece and stepdaughter." she stared at the scene with an incredible grin, "Did the two of you have fun last night?"

It was a testament to how far Hinata had come that she did not immediately pass out from Hitomi's question as the blood rushed to her head…no…she passed out three seconds later.

Naruto was now standing there, holding Hinata, as Hitomi grinned at them both.

They were both quiet for a minute, "So…" Hitomi spoke up, "…did the two of you have fun-"

"What is WRONG with you?!" Naruto shouted, red faced as he zipped past her with Hinata in his arms, as Hitomi only giggled as she waved after him.

"Nothing wrong with me my future son in law!" she yelled after him, laughing as she heard Naruto curse at her as he went downstairs.

A happy sigh escaped her lips, "Ah, young love."

With Minato and Kushina

The Yondaime Hokage and his wife, the illustrious Kiroi Senko and Aka Shi, were staring at a report given to them by none other than Tsunade.

After months of hunting, months of seeking out every vagabond and degenerate they could squeeze information out of, it seemed as though that information finally had paid off, "You are certain this is correct?"

Tsunade nodded her head, "Yes, the woman we interrogated was deeply tied to the Criminal Underworld, and after some…encouragement, he managed to ensure she gave us the information we desired. We have the location, all we need to do is flush him out."

Minato was quiet, as Kushina looked over the documents Tsunade had given them, they had everything they needed, there was no reason to delay.

"Tsunade, send a message to Loli to pull her and her unit out of there, we will be initiating phase two of the operation."

Tsunade nodded her head as she turned and exited the office, leaving behind Minato and Kushina as they looked at the documents on their desk.

Kushina glanced at Minato, "You sure he is ready for this?"

Minato was quiet for a moment, a sigh escaping his lips, "I do, but he will have backup just in case." he turned his gaze to Kushina, and smiled, "Go get ready Kushina, we leave in the hour."

Minato watched as Kushina left the office without a word, as he looked back at the documents one more time, a quiet whisper escaping his lips.

"Let the hunt begin."

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