Devil May Cry

Dimensions to your world and the next

Chapter 1

Warnings: (So far, Language)

*Author's Note: Okay, so for those of you who read the Resident Evil story I had from DestinedShadow, on quizilla, you'll know that I don't own this story, but have the permission from the girl who made this, and that I also do not own the characters. I don't actually know all of the warnings for this story, so I'm just gonna put them on as I read the chapters.... Oh yeah, and all I do is edit this story of the many grammatical errors that Destined Shadow has in her stories.


You slowly placed the key in the lock with a light yawn. Turning it, you gently kicked the door open and entered into the pitch dark foyer of your house. You tucked your hair behind your ear and closed the front door behind you.

It was around midnight when you finally came home from your late part time job. Thank God, it's Friday, you thought and placed your coat on the hanger. Slowly, you made your way upstairs, turning to the left to your parent's room.

"Mom? Dad?" you whispered as you slowly opened their door. The room was completely empty, you smirked. "They must be still at that party..."

You closed the door and walked down the hall, stretching your arms up high. You skipped your way downstairs towards the kitchen to get a bite to eat.

"Good ol' mom to buy only healthy food," you snarled when looking through the cupboards, you settled for an apple on the wooden table instead.

You washed it in the sink and pierced your teeth into it, savoring the juicy taste as you began to walk towards the basement. Your parents wouldn't be home for a few more hours so why not stay up a little longer?

You plopped your self down on the computer chair, turning on the computer. As you waited for the computer to load you rolled in circles on your chair, entertaining yourself for the time being.

Finally it turned on and you immediately signed on MSN. You looked through your online contact list to see it completely empty. You sighed.

"Midnight, you'd think someone would be on." You rolled your eyes.

You turned on your chair, scanning the room for something to do until your eyes set on your beloved treasure, PlayStation 2. You smiled and slid off your chair, crawling towards the TV, sitting on a wooden TV stand. You brought your finger to your chin, deciding what game to choose from.

"Let's see...beaten...beaten...don't feel like playing...stupid game..." you answered for each video game your eyes skimmed across. You eyes then set on Devil May Cry-the first one. You bit your lip in thought, then glanced over at Devil May Cry 3.

"Should I? Or shouldn't I?" you asked your self, taking the game into your hands. You hadn't played the Capcom game for over a month. You were stuck on a certain part, right at the time you had to fight a boss that you just couldn't beat for some unknown reason, Beowulf.

You turned on the PS2, opening the plate and placing in the CD of the video game. Grabbing the controller you scooted your way back from the TV and sat cross-legged in front of it. The loading screen came on and soon you were already fighting Beowulf.

"Come on, you stupid piece of shit!" you said irritably, glancing at his health meter every so often, checking at how close he was of dying.

You were pressing all the buttons, moving the dialog sticks skillfully. You weren't blinking at all and your focus stayed on one motive, killing Beowulf. Finally, you succeeded, your heart beat going back to its original rhythm. You pumped your fist up in triumph and continued to play the game until you heard your mother.

"___________? You home?"

"Yeah! I'm in the basement!" You called out to her.

"Okay, don't be too long on that game system now," and with that you heard her foot steps go up the stairs.

"Good night honey," your father said.


You continued to play until a cut-scene blinked on. You paid attention, watching a video you didn't remember seeing, not even on the internet. You raised a brow and continued to watch as Dante was destroying the scythe wielding demons with Rebellion-- his sword.

He sheathed it and took out both Ebony and Ivory, spinning the two pistols on his fingers then aiming straight, from your point of view he was aiming was straight at you.

Dante smirked and pulled the triggers, the bullets shattered the glass.

"Holy shit, that looks real- Wait a minute..." your eyes widened as the glass on the TV fell on the carpeted floor, the image of Dante still visible on the screen. The bullet was coming straight towards you.

You weren't even able to react before the bullet hit you straight on the forehead, sending you a few feet back. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you shut your eyelids over them, your whole world becoming black.

Third Person P.O.V.

A tall buff man wearing a red trench coat continued slashing at the demons surrounding him in the narrow alleyway. He grinned, just doing his normal job as more began to appear. Suddenly a bright flash of light brightened the area, blinding him for a few seconds. He looked at the direction of which the light had come from.

A young girl lay on the ground motionless. The man swiftly turned around, aiming straight into a demon's head before it had tried to attack him. He decided to take care of the rest of the demons before investigating the young girl.

Finally, when the last demon was defeated he strolled towards the body of the girl, drawing out one of his guns. He got to her side, aiming the gun straight at her. He examined her figure and his gaze stopped at one spot, her forehead. A bullet was pierced right into it. Strangely enough her chest was still rising, she was still breathing.

Suddenly, the bullet in her forehead bounced off and the wound caused by the blow was slowly healing.

"What...the hell?" he asked himself. She didn't appear to look like a demon, looked like just an ordinary human. He sighed and put away his gun, he lifted her up in his arms bridal style, finally deciding to bring her back home, Devil May Cry.


*Author's Note: Err, yeah, that's it for the first chapter. I think the other chapters will be longer, but we'll wait and see, 'cause I haven't even read them yet........ So, enjoy, and if I know you from the last story I edited and put on here, it's great to see you, please stay for the rest of the chapters!