I talked with the real author of this story and the Re4 story, due to the fact that the other friend had claimed her name for reasons completely beyond me. There are a couple factors that led me to really believe her, honestly. It's been cleared up, though, and I've still, thankfully, got permission from the real DS to keep these up.

She's now on DA, as SilentImagery, and I can't say if there's going to be a sequel now, since the real author's been uncovered. Thanks loads to her, if she reads this, and I hope she doesn't change her mind about letting me keep this up.

An official disclaimer now; I have never owned this DMC story, or the Re4 story, and never will. They belong to the REAL DS, and good luck to her for everything else she does now~

Thank her, people! I was just an editor with a mistaken permission access.