This is my first ever TNG fic so please be constructive in your feedback if you choose to give it. Inspired by a classic TNG episode.

She strokes her tummy affectionately, she can feel her baby's aura. It is calm and young, not yet fully aware.

When she is quiet and calm, she can feel her little one moving inside of her, it tickles, not an unpleasant sensation. It reminds her this new life is real. It's growing so fast.

Although her back aches and her body feels stretched, unusually heavy, she thinks of the life that is due at any time. The fact that she will eventually bring another life into the world. This brings her comfort.

Will holds her close every night, they lie together on their shared bed. He strokes her body, he lies with his ear to her stomach just listening to their baby. He can't really hear much but he knows it's there. Although he is not as connected with the baby as Deanna is, he feels as one with the two most important people in his life. Deanna reassures him that he will be just as important in their baby's life. Though she can sense his apprehension, his nervousness. Especially now her due date is looming.

They have not asked to know the gender, they want it to be a surprise. Although Deanna already has a very good idea of what it will be, she doesn't share this with Will. She doesn't want to spoil it for him.

When the baby kicks, excitedly Deanna calls Will. Every time without fail he has missed this event, but he is determined to witness it. It's as though the baby is playing tricks on him, it knows when he's around.

At the end of the day Deanna just sits and listens, listens to the hum of the ship and the generally calm emotions of those around her. She knows this is how it should be, she wants her child to come into the world here. They will be safe. But tonight it's different, as she sits listening, sensing, she felt something strange, a twinge in her stomach.

It is timeā€¦