Hermione Granger pointed at the tree outside the window.

"What's that growth on the larger branch?"

"That's an escaped fungus that Uncle Algie lost. It won't come down and it's become attached to the tree" Neville Longbottom explained as he turned from the suitcase. Neville's grandmother had suggested that Hermione stay with them for the first few weeks of the summer before she went back home or visited the Weasleys. The Grangers were open to it, and now she was unpacking her clothes in the guest room.

The room was surprisingly tidy for such an old house, but the relatives of both Frank, Alice, and the grandparents often spent time there. It was home to Grandmother Augusta and Neville, but Augusta's brother Algie and his wife Enid also spent a lot of time when they weren't living with their nephews in Dover. At least, that's what Hermione gathered from the old witch's lecture when she got there.

"I don't suppose you could get rid of it" Hermione referred to the fungus as Neville put Hermione's clothes in the nearby chest of drawers.

"I guess I could, but I'm watching to see if it's a parasite or in a symbiotic relationship."

"I never thought you were a scientist" she smirked.

"I'm a specialist" he returned the expression as he turned to look at her. He was rewarded with a kiss.

Hermione would always remember their first kiss in the dungeons of Hogwarts. And, of course, what happened after….

She didn't mind at all how physical the relationship was. In fact, she felt rather frustrated when she couldn't act on her impulses (something she had no idea she would enjoy). In the library, she had once snuck up on him and massaged his wonderful arse, and Neville had kissed her neck and groped her breasts in the greenhouse, but that just wasn't enough. Hermione didn't know she was a sexual person before, or that Neville was either, but that first wonderful night dispelled all previous conceptions.

And now she wanted it to happen again. For once, it wasn't her family, or Harry, or her grade on her mind. It was all about her boyfriend, and all about how much she loved him. She already began to come up with a plan for the next several hours….

Neville was thinking the same thing. He couldn't believe his good luck. The girl of his dreams not only was in his house, but had, only a few months previously, given him an experience he didn't think was possible. It was an experience he wanted to feel again, and only his fear prevented him from making a move.

He kissed her, though. It wasn't much, but kissing Hermione was one thing he could never get tired of. From the looks of it, though, it wasn't enough for her.

"What about gran?" he whispered as she began to unbutton his shirt.

"Fine", she sighed as she picked up her wand. The door was locked. The room was sound-proofed. And she made sure to employ a contraceptive charm.

Neville had used this opportunity to close the windows and embrace the other student from behind, his hands daring to wander from shoulders to her breasts to her hips.

"You've been thinking about it for a long time, haven't you? Me too" he spoke into her ear before laving it with his tongue.

"At least the marks come in at a specific time. I didn't know when we would have time for…this" She turned to kiss him over her shoulder as his hands gave her small, covered breasts a gentle squeeze. Instinctively, she rubbed her arse against his groin, sending shudders down both of them. Hermione held the kiss as she guided his right hand under her skirt as her other hand reached around to find his crotch. They both whimpered into each other's mouths as their hands inspired fantastic sensations.

Hermione let out a frustrated moan as Neville suddenly grabbed her shoulders and spun her to face him, but he swiftly recaptured her mouth and his usually clumsy fingers deftly unbuttoned her shirt. As soon as the wizard pulled her shirt over her head, she immediately grabbed the bottom of his own shirt and pulled it off as well. Before she could look her fill, Neville kissed her hard again, his tongue delving into her mouth.

"Where did we leave off?" he panted into her neck .

"Right here" With that, Hermione took hold of his dark hair and pushed him down to chest, clutching him to her cleavage.

"I could stay here all night" Neville murmured, nuzzling the soft flesh exposed by her simple white brassiere.

"That's what you did. And then you gave me a nipple orgasm. That's a hint, by the way"

"I could never forget that. Give me a little credit" he looked up at her with a smile before he kissed a covered breast.


"I thought you wanted to keep the bra on"

"No, I want to you to take it off" she rolled her eyes. Looking sheepish, he got to work

"You know" Neville interrupted each word with a suck on her neck, "I didn't know you could come just from that"

"I didn't know either" Hermione murmured as calmly as she could with her head thrown back to expose her neck and her eyes closed in pleasure, "I read about it once, but I didn't know you'd be that good. That's the interesting thing about you, Neville. No matter how much credit I give you, you always surpass my expectations"

"I'm still not good enough for you. You're Hermione Granger, after all", Neville argued. With that, he took off her unfastened bra.

"And you're absolutely perfect" , he added before he placed kisses all over her breasts.

"Neville…" Hermione stumbled backwards towards the bed, suddenly falling limp at the return of those wonderful feelings she had first experienced months ago.

His tongue took turns on her nipples, Neville knowing exactly what Hermione was trying to say. Each lick up and down and around invoked a moan.

"Neviiiiiiiille..." She fell on her back, her head thrown back and her chest thrust out to get as much attention as possible. She felt so warm, so energized, so fantastic; she wanted to be devoured.

Finally he did Hermione's bidding and suckled her as hard as possible, drawing in as much flesh as possible.

"MERLIN!" She screamed before becoming inarticulate and speaking only in load moans, thrashing on the bed. Her normally logical head spun so she couldn't think, her vocabulary reduced to wordless sounds so she could speak, and her self-control evaporated at the heat he invoked, making her ignorant of the moisture gathering in her knickers.

She finally got her voice back after Neville stopped his treatment after only a few minutes.

Hermione felt as if though she should have been angry at him for stopping before she could orgasm, but even then she was too elated to summon any rage.

"Why did you stop?" She managed to speak, panting hard.

"I just want to try different parts of you. I could suck on you for hours, but I want to taste all of you"

He had a point. It was only thanks to Neville that she really learned how sensitive she was. She never thought about her breasts until Neville had put his hands and mouth on them. She had explored her clitoris and vagina with her own hands, but what Neville did there was above and beyond.

"All right"

He gave the underside of each breast one more kiss and suck before moving down. He trailed kisses down her torso, relishing the taste of her warm skin as she slowly arched into him. Neville nuzzled her belly, and it looked like Hermione was enjoying it the way her entire torso heaved.

Indeed, she was, to her surprise, becoming very hot. Each lick of Neville's tongue as it tasted the skin of her abdomen was driving her closer and closer. It was this curiosity and daring that really turned her on, she realized. He was willing to explore anything she showed, willing to appreciate anything she gave him. He had overcome his fear and anxiety, and that made Hermione feel better about herself as well.

It didn't hurt that he was sucking on each curve of her hip, either, and then moved on to the skin right above the elastic of her knickers before moving back up the curves to her abdomen.

"Hermione?" He stopped to suck on the soft skin above her navel, "Is this all right?"

"Oh yes. Just keep at it. You've got my time, my love, and my body all for you. " She meant every word.

Blushing, Neville moved down to plant a circle of kisses around her belly button.

"And you're all mine, Neville Longbottom" Hermione moaned as she grabbed his head to hold it in place. Neville responded by licking her belly button, his tongue circling around the navel before probing into it.

Neville at her navel. Hermione giggled, then noted that she was spending too much time with Ron and Harry since she actually found that funny. The humor left the situation as a delightful sensation traveled down her spine as he continued stroking the sensitized skin with the tip of his tongue. Another minute of slow exploration and she was quivering and flushed.

"Take off my knickers. I want to feel your mouth there" She managed to speak

"Hermione, I want you to come with me tonight. And I want to be inside you" He looked up at her, solemn and sincere.

"Neville, I can have multiple orgasms. You can do whatever you like and I'll be ready for more. I promise I'll come again with you, but now I need you to eat me."

"Eat you?"

"You know what I mean. You did it that other night"

Neville sighed with relief, then pulled the knickers off her slim hips, rubbing his face against her rough pubic hair as he did.

"You're better than a lolly" he sighed before kissing the inside of each thigh, sucking on the flesh in eager anticipation. Hermione didn't mind this procrastination at all, spreading her legs as Neville continued to taste her inner thighs. He was savoring every moment of it, and Hermione felt as if this would easily last forever and she wouldn't mind it at all.

Suddenly, Neville took her hips and flipped her over.

"What the blazes are you doing?"

"I want to taste all of you. I'll get to your delicious box soon enough" he explained, taking charge.

What he said made Hermione feel extremely warm, and her scalp tingled as Neville began by sniffing and nuzzling her curly hair. He kissed his way down her back, each kiss sending shivers down her spine. He enjoyed tormenting her with the pace of his affection, as if mocking her constant jibes at his slowness. She regretted every word now, and stopped thinking entirely when his lips and tongue moved to her arse. Longbottom at her bottom. She would have felt silly for continuing this trend of wordplay if she wasn't completely insensible. She felt too good to feel ashamed of anything.

That's the main reason she led out a loud high-pitched moan when his mouth took her privates from behind.

"Almost…as delicious…as your…mouth" he mumbled between her thighs, his hands massaging her bum.

To his frustration, she responded by moving up the bed so that she was kneeling facing the wall.

"I though you wanted-"

"Lie on your back underneath me" Hermione would always be in control, and Neville was fine with that, obediently assuming the position beneath her.

He understood exactly what she meant when she finally lowered her crotch onto Neville's face. His hands recaptured her bottom and his mouth her privates, refusing to let go as Hermione began to writhe on top of him. Her hips thrust rhythmically against his eager lips and tongue as he sucked and licked his way from her lower lips to her clitoris, which he drew on the same way he did with her nipples.

"FUCK ME!" Hermione had never said those words before. She never even thought them. But now everything was different. Hogwarts had turned to a bedroom at the home of the most wonderful wizard she had ever met, and Neville had turned from the chubby, helpless little boy to a confident veteran who loved her and was absolutely brilliant at loving her. And she wanted him inside her.

She humped his face vigorously, moaning with each thrust. He met her groin with his tongue and lips, never missing a taste. Neville loved Hermione's flavor. Each part of her body had a different taste, but they were all delicious. His firm grip on her round bum kept them both in synch and contributed to Hermione's onrushing orgasm. He kept his tongue on the same routine, the same long path each time she forced her moist opening in his face.

She came with shudder, sliding down the wall and backwards down his body, finally settling with her warm belly resting on his erection and her knees pressed into the bed

"That was brilliant. This feels brilliant" she murmured as she slowly rubbed her stomach up and down his hardness. It felt great, and Hermione was sure it was driving him mad. Sure enough, Neville whimpered at the sensation.

"Now, I told you to fuck me" Hermione looked down on his still-wet face, flushed from his activities. She cradled him between her thighs, teasing him to remind him.

"Are-are you sure?" For a moment, he reverted into the clumsy shy boy that had begged her to help look for a lost toad.

"Of course"

Hermione's virginity was never something she really thought about. Sure, there was this thin barrier she noticed during self-exploration, but she didn't really care. That was the oddest thing-she didn't care she would lose her virginity

Neville visibly struggled not to lose control as she grasped his still-erect manhood and slowly slid onto it, whimpering herself.

"You're a virgin. I am, too" he was calm now, his confidence returning at the sight of his beautiful friend and lover sitting on top of him.

For a moment, neither spoke nor moved as she settled her body on him. Both were too paralyzed from the moment to do a thing.

"I'm ready, Neville." She whispered.

"Is it going to hurt you?"

"Yes, but I'm not going to let that stop us"

"Is there anything I can do?"

"Just go slow. Don't pull out. Keep calm"

"Hermione, we're naked and I'm inside you. Just how calm can I be?"

"Shut up" She broke into a smile.

Finally, he thrust his hips up into her. She threw her head back and sank herself down deeper. Both gasped.

"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine. Give me a moment" Hermione was panting, her eyelids fluttering and her chest heaving. This was new and different, and she had to get her bearings. Neville was warm and hard inside her, and the gentle pressure against her most sensitive parts was unlike anything she had felt before, even when his capable fingers and mouth teased her. He went in deep, and his girth filled her, it seemed, completely.

Taking a deep breath and bracing herself against his chest, she slowly began to ride him, rocking her hips up and down. The friction was unbearable with each thrust, settling into a slow tempo.

"How's….this?..." Neville gasped as he began to match her rhythm with upward rolls of his hips.

"Lovely….go….faster…." she responded with a moan as she tried to go faster. He was happy to oblige, matching her pace and clasping her rounded bottom to secure her and caress her.

Hermione leaned forward a little bit on every thrust, until she finally could reach his lips for a passionate kiss. Her hair and nipples scraped his chest, and the hairs on his chest tickled her own nipples.

"I love you" she gasped. Neville responded by moving his hands to cup her breasts. She moaned out his name and arched back at this, plunging herself harder on him. She bent herself backwards until all he could see was her pale throat and erect nipples as she cried out his name again and again.

Neville finally sat up, grasping Hermione's back and putting his face in her slight cleavage.

"HERMIONE!" he moaned out, again and again as he began to frantically thrust into her.

"NEVILLE!" She moaned in turn as his lips recaptured a nipple.

She felt her second climax coming. It was if he was blasting her with a pleasure charm every time he rocked into her. She felt herself shuddering, bouncing up and down, screaming herself hoarse as she began to lose control. Perhaps that was what Neville did. He didn't fight her, he didn't ignore her, but he made her just feel good.

Hermione felt Neville give a shudder and spill something warm and wet inside her, but was too enrapt in her own climax to think about it, or anything else. The orgasm coursed through her, stronger than any magic she had ever experienced, and they collapsed on the bed

As soon as the euphoria passed, Hermione's anxiety began to creep up on her. She was afraid he would go to sleep, that he would forget about the whole thing, that he would leave her and brag about him as a conquest. He was Neville, but he was still a teenage boy, after all. She buried her face in his chest, ready to cry.

"Hermione? Are you all right?" he gingerly moved her up to look in her eyes. Did he do something wrong? Did she want more? Was he not supposed to come? His own mind swirled with doubt as he held her in his arms.

"I'm sorry. It's just that…you do love me, don't you? This isn't just something for the summer, right?"

"What? If I didn't love you, you wouldn't be here. I've been dreaming of you since we first met. If I didn't love you, I-"

He was cut off as she kissed him deeply in relief.

"And you liked it? I mean, was I all right?" As he cradled her against him, Neville had to blurt out his fears.

"That was wonderful. It was even better than the first night" she sighed, closing her eyes as she rested her face back on his chest.

"I didn't do anything wrong? Wow. I mean, you were incredible, but I didn't think I, um…." he trailed off.

"You must be doing something right since I came twice again and want to spend every night with you" She kissed his left nipple above the heart.

"I guess you're getting straight Os this spring, aren't you?"

She playfully slapped him, giggling.

"Right, and that means you better get back to work if you want to catch up." With that she rolled onto her back and pressed his head to her chest the same way she did that one magical night.