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Chapter 1: Introductions

Bella POV

Here I am in my Chicago office at six in the morning. Oh how I hate my job sometimes. I never am usually in this early unless under special circumstances. I guess today qualifies as special. My company will be merging with another company from New York. I didn't like the idea at first but a lot of persuasion, numerous meeting and realization of how the two companies together could pull in so many more clients; I was sold on the idea.

My name is Isabella Swan, preferably Bella. I am the CEO and founder of Midnight Sun Inc. I run a law firm that serves the highest prestigious clients in the Chicago area. Today, Cullen Inc. will be joining us here in Chicago and a few of my colleagues will be joining Cullen Inc. in New York. The company is now named Midnight Sun & Cullen Inc. Well here in Chicago it is. In New York it's simply Cullen & Company.

But now there are two main offices in two major cities and we can only go up from here. Only two of the actual Cullen's will be joining us her in Chicago; Alice Cullen and Edward Cullen. Carlisle, their father and CEO of the company and Esme, their mother, both of whom I've had the pleasure of meeting at numerous meetings are running the New York office.

Now, here I am at six in the morning getting prepared to welcome Alice and Edward whom I never met. He ringing that came through my desk telephone interrupted my thoughts.

"Bella are you almost set? It's getting close to seven." Rosalie, my assistant and best friend announced.

"Yes Rose. Can you call Emmett to join me in my office please?"

Rosalie and I were college roommates and instantly connected. I offered her a higher position in the firm but she was content on being my personal secretary (and personal shopper). Rose is gorgeous. Model type. Long sexy legs, stunning beauty and flawless.

Emmett is my best friend as well. We've known each other since pre-k and instantly formed a brotherly sisterly bond. He's the brother I never had.

Jasper is Emmett's best friend and Rosalie's twin brother. He is also my personal accountant. He only works here three days a week and when ever needed because of other companies he work for. I plan to offer him full time here with more money. Depending on if the Cullen's brought along one of the accountants.

Just then Emmett came bursting through my door with a goofy grin plastered on his face and Rose not too far behind him with swollen lips from kissing.

"You two cut it out before our newest colleagues arrive." I glared at the both as Rose quickly turned on her heels and walked away. I didn't mind their romance at work but not today. Today was important.

Emmett and I went over some more paperwork and last minute preparation. Before we knew it Rose announced it was almost eight and the Cullens have already arrived.


For some odd reason I became nervous. I didn't know what to expect from the Cullens. Emmet and I made our way out of my office and into the front lobby where Rose was.

When I walked in I immediately noticed the beauty of the two people in front of me. The girl, whom I assumed as Alice, was short about five feet maybe with short black spiky hair. She seemed to be excited and bouncing in place. A super excited pixie.

Edward was a God Greek Adonis. He was sexy and I couldn't stop my mouth from watering at the sight of him. My eyes roamed up his body and I can tell through his dress shirt that his body was well defined and tone. No Emmett. But, all the same while appearing sexier and flawless. I began thinking about my hands caressing his chest and his strong arms circled around my waist pulling me closer. His lips at my neck lightly sucking on my pulse point. Oh God. I knew the moisture in between my legs were from his beauty. I had to stop the moan that almost escaped my lips. My eyes went further up to his face, first his lips. Oh how I want to kiss them. Then I saw the most beautiful thing about this creature I've ever seen. His eyes. They were an emerald green and they melted my heart away. When I looked at him I realized his eyes were roaming my body as well and my knees became weak instantly and the blushed appeared on my face. He smiled at when he noticed I was looking at him and I had to grab on to Emmett to stay on my feet. He had the sexiest smile. Half pulled up on one side. He was stunning and dazzling. I knew I was in for some trouble

Emmett must have noticed my stare because he learned over and whispered 'Jacob' in my ear. That knocked me out of my trance almost instantly.

Jacob has been my boyfriend for the past year and we just moved in together about a month ago. I truly did love Jacob and I knew then and there that I couldn't allow myself to get sucked in by someone's beauty, although Jake did have numerous girls throwing themselves at him every day.

"Hi, I'm Isabella, but please call me Bella." I greeted Alice and Edward

"Hi, I'm Alice and this is my brother Edward." Alice greeted practically pushing her brother towards me. I politely shook his hand and instantly moved my hand away. There was this electricity that went through my body and I couldn't deny the physical attraction we held for one another.

"This is my head of Management Emmett and I take it that he will be working a lot with Alice." Emmett greeted both Edward and Alice.

"This is Rosalie, she is my assistant." I almost forgot about Rose standing there so lost in the trance of Edward Cullen.

"Hi Please just call me Rose." Rose added as an afterthought.

Edward and Alice greeted Rosalie again and I couldn't help but notice how beautiful his voice was. It was smooth and honey like. Music to my ears. Snap out of It Bella.

Just then a strawberry blonde walked into the room with a 'hmmp-hmmp'

"Oh. And this is my assistant Tanya." Edward added with a distress look on his face.

"And Eddie's fiancée" The girl Tanya added as she glared in my direction.

Okay that was awkward I was not expecting that. Bella you have a man you are happy in love with. As if on cue Jacob walked into the room to announce that the Cullen's personal things have arrived

"Alice, Edward, Tanya this is Jacob, our head of security. I introduced them leaving out the part he's my boyfriend as well. This is work a professional place.

"Jacob this is Alice, she'll be working with Emmett in head of Managements, Edward, my new Co-CEO, and Tanya his assistant."

"And his fiancée." She added. Okay bitch we get it damn. That was wrong why am I jealous that he has her and not me? I really need to get a grip.

"Well nice to meet all of you." Jake shook their hands and I noticed Alice with a smug smile on her face. Oh great another woman to throw themselves at Jake.

After introductions were made we allowed the Cullens and party to get situated in the new offices. I just couldn't think of her as his fiancée. Get a grip Bella. Both of you have significant others.

Alice's office would be next to Emmett's on the other side of the building. Edward's office with at the opposite end from mine leaving in between Rose's, Tanya's, Jasper's and two other colleagues' offices.


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