How to Severely Annoy Batman

I dont own Batman or the Justice League. Sadly, i dont own how to be emo or the emo song. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.


1. Dye his Batsuit pink.

2. Set him up on a date with Wonder Woman and Catwoman. At the same time.

3. Invite all his ex-girlfriends to the manor for lunch.

4. Take him to brooding anonymous.

5. Poke him every 5 seconds.

6. Do the above dressed like the Flash.

7. Invite him to join the Jokers fan club.

8. Decorate his Batcave for Valentines Day…………………………………………

9. ………………in August.

10. Burn down the manor.

11. Ask him like he dresses like a cat.

12. Constantly remind him how stupid the name Batman is.

13. Lock him in a room with your local annoying lady that never stops smiling and talks to you like you're a baby. (You know, that one.)

14. Try to convince him that Alfred is the Joker.

15. Tell him that Superman is the real superhero, he has powers.

16. Try to convince Alfred that Bruce is the Joker.

17. Ask him to join Superman's fan club.

18. Tell him that Wonder Woman should go out with Superman.

19. Call him a wimp every time you see him.

20. Compare everything he does to something Superman did.

21. Call him emo.

23. Ask if he will show you where he cut himself.

24. Make him watch how to be emo.

25. Adorn the watchtower with posters of the Joker.

26. Tell everyone when his birthday is.

27. Reveal his secret identity.

28. Hire a random kid to tell him that he's his illegitimate son.

29. Tell him Booster Gold can lick him.

30. Follow him every where……………….

31. Dressed like the Flash.

32. Say "really?" after everything he says.

33. While following him (see rules 30 and 31) tell every one u see "See him? That's my daddy."

34. Give him a hug.

35. In 5 minute intervals.

36. Put 'smile' posters in the Batcave.

37. Paint the Batmobile purple (to go with the Batsuit)

38. Say reassuringly, "emos are people too. '

39. Ask him why he hates the Joker. Do not leave until he writes down every miniscule detail in a 500 page book.

40. Publish the book.

41. Make him read Batflash.

42. Replace his kitchen stock with chocolate.

43. Put him on what not wear.

44. Teach him the emo song.

45. Get a group of friends into the Batcave with coke and mentos. Synchronize your watches.

46. Tell him his glare isn't scary.

47. Coach him on how to make it better.

48. Take him to a psychiatrist for schizophrenia.

49. Make him talk about how he feels about Diana. Video tape it and stick it on Youtube.

50. Fire Alfred. Replace him with Rachel Ray.


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