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"LEENA! BIT! Come here please!" A loud voice yelled, also known as Steve Tauros.

The firery red haired girl with violet eyes walked into the room. She was being followed by a man
with green eyes and blond hair.

"Whats up?" The boy said.

"Besides stealing my cookie Bit." The girl muttered.

"I only did it cause' you strangled me the other day Leena!" Bit yelled back.

"I DID IT CAUSE' YOU USED MY BATH TIME!" Leena yelled back.

"Well I didn't know that-"

"QUIET!" Steve innterupted them.

They both turned twords him, and bowed quickly.

"What is it?" Leena asked.

"Well, there is going to be a fight at this, um, thing, and I want you two to represent the Blitz team!"
He said.

Bit raised his eyebrow. "Thing?" He asked.

"Well, sort of a ball-fight thing. And you can only have two people and they have to be one guy and
one girl. And since you are the best guy, and Leena is the only girl we have at the moment, I want
you two to fight." He said.

"Ball?" Leena asked, with a hint of excitement in her voice.

"Well, yes, you pick someone to go with you, and after the ball is over people will begin to fight,
sound good?" He asked.

Leena smiled. "OK, but what will happen to the person who I go with, will they just watch?" She

"I've arranged everything. Don't worry, I have your date planed, hope you don't mind, oh, and its
not Harry, don't worry." He added quickly.

"It's planned, damn, I don't get to pick a babe myself?" Bit said, slightly irritated.

"I picked a good "babe" don't worry." Steve said.

"And what about a guy for me? Its not like, Brad or Jamie is it?" Leena asked.

"No, Brad is going with Naomi, and Jamie is going with someone, he was mysterious about it
though." Steve said.

"When is it?" Bit asked.

"The ball? Tonight."

"WHAT?!" Leena yelled. "What time?" She asked quickly.

"7:00 pm."

"Great! I have four hours to get ready, AND Bit will need to get ready, AND since it's formal, I need
to go buy a dress." She said, walking out.

"You go then! And win that battle! The prise money is a ton more than usual!" Steve yelled.

"Yeah, yeah." She muttered.

"Leena wait up, I need to get something too!" Bit yelled running after her.

"Do you have money?" She asked.

Bit smiled. "No, could I have some?" He asked.

Leena pushed him over quickly. "If you give me the money when we win this fight." She said.

"OK." He said.


Leena looked through different rows of dresses. She picked one out, tryed it on, and quickly bought
it. Walking over to where Bit was she waited for him. After about five minutes she got bored.

"BIT HURRY UP!" She yelled.

"Sheesh, I'm going as fast as I can. Don't get all bitchy on me." He said.

Leena sighed. "I'm going to stay here to get ready. Go home and then tell my dad I'll be there a half
hour early." She said, walking off.

"OK." Bit yelled back.

Leena walked out of the store, and walked into a beauty parlor, which was totally unlike her. She
payed the lady, and quickly went into the bath room, and washed up. She put on a bathrobe and
brushed her hair out. The hairdresser dryed her hair, and made her change into her dress. Next she
curled her hair, and put some of it up. She then added some make-up, which made Leena fidget, and
gave her some excessories. When she was done, Leena called for Leon to pick her up, and she went

Leena snuck inside, and went to go find her dad. When she finally found him, he was watching a
show about Zoids.

"Hey dad." Leena said.

"Yeah?" He muttered, not taking his eyes off the tv.

"I'm all ready." She said.

He turned his head towards her. "Wow, you look great, I'm sure you'll be a babe." He said.

Leena was slightly confused. "OK, now whose my date?" She asked.

"Um, you'll see who it is in the limo. It will tell you on a piece of paper. Bits riding with you." He

"OK, so should I go find him?" She asked.

"Yeah, last time I saw him, he was by the Liger." He said, turning back towards the tv set.

"OK, see you tonight Dad." She said.

Leena walked out to where the Ligar was and stood in front of Bit.

"Ready?" She asked.

Bit looked up at her and slightly blushed. She didn't look like the normal Leena, instead her face
looked very beautiful, and her hair was in two small buns with curls coming down on parts of it. Her
dress was cut so that her shoulders were bare, but were covered with a single skinny strap, that
connected to the beginning of the dress. (Its like a straight line from one of the shoulders to the other
shoulder, the dress starting there too.) It was tight against her until her waist where it became loose
and fell outward. The ends of the dress fell gently against her feet, which were covered by marron
sandles with a heel. She was also wearing a silver necklace that had three chains that drooped down.

Leena looked at Bit and blinked a few times. "What? Why are you staring." She asked.

"Just examining." He said getting up.

Leena looked at him. He was wearing a black tuxedo with a white under-shirt. He looked the same,
but almost cuter.

Bit smiled. "Am I so handsome that you have to stare?" He said.

"No, I'm just, "examining." She said smirking, and walking off.

Bit stared at quickly caught up with her.


Leena sat across from Bit in the car.

"Fancy." She murmered, examining the car.

"Yeah. Hey, who do you think you're going with?" He asked.

Leena shrugged. "Dad better not have lied about the "Harry" thing." She said.

"Were here." The driver said, opening the door for Leena.

"Wait, who are we going with? My dad said we would find out in the car." Leena said.

The driver looked at them oddly, then laughed. "Whoever drives in the car together, ARE the date."
He said.


Bit covered his ears. "Jeeze. Wait, that means, you're my date?" Bit said, staring at a fuming Leena.

"I'm. Going. To. Kill. My. Dad." Leena said.


Leena and Bit quickly got out of the car. When it drove off, Leena turned towards Bit.

"I'm not going to be your date." She said.

"Thats insulting." Bit said.

Leena laughed widly for a couple seconds, then stopped suddenly. "Good." She said smirking.

"Hah, hah." Bit muttered.

They both stood in silence for a few seconds. "So, you want to go in?" Bit asked.

Leena sighed. "I guess." She muttered.

Bit held out his arm, and Leena put her hand on it. Walking in the door Leena awed.


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