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The Prophecy/ A New Home

Early rays of sunshine crept across the room. They gently nudged the princess until she finally awoke from her late slumber. Yawning, Sakura stretched her arms and dressed herself. Her servant brought her a tray of fresh berries, juice, and a small bowl of rice and soup for her breakfast. Once finished wither meal, she brushed her soft pink hair. A knock came from the outside world and she slid the thin door aside to greet the knocker. Soon, Ino was smiling before her.

"Hi, Sakura,"

"Morning, Ino. What's up?"

"I need you to come to Hinata's house with me. She's got some news."

The rosette cocked her head in curiosity. What news could there be? She raced out of her wing towards Hinata's cabin with Ino flanking her right side.

When they arrived, Sakura called out, "Priestess Hinata? I hear you have some news to tell me. I came as fast as I could."

With grace, the priestess emerged from her cabin, greeting the two warriors and ushering them inside. "Good morning, Princess. I have news indeed, an omen perhaps." Hinata's midnight blue hair flowed through the air as she turned sharply into the cabin.

As Sakura cocked her head again, the young woman brought out a flower and a butterfly trapped in a jar. She moved behind a low table in the center of the room and then continued her dialogue. "This white rose was found near your doorstep before the celebration of the solstice, Sakura." She took the specimen out off the jar and tenderly placed the beauty on the table.

Sakura picked up the flower as cautiously as her friend. "Ino, didn't you give me a rose bush last week?" She asked the blonde.

Ino sputtered out in shock, "Y-yes, but the bush was yellow. None of my flowers are white. I always take good care of them but-."

"F-forgive me for interrupting you, Ino, b-but I don't doubt you, Ino. In fact, this flower is perfectly healthy. It is in full bloom, but its petals are indeed white." Hinata interjected shyly.

"Wow," Ino commented while Sakura remained silent. "I've only heard of white roses in lands far from the Leaf village."

"So, what's the omen? Is it good, or bad?" Sakura asked with worry painted on her face and anxiousness in her light green eyes.

The shy priestess answered Sakura, "W-well, white symbolizes purity. I-I would say that it symbolizes how you shall purify something or someone. Maybe you are the one to be cleansed. I cannot exactly read this perfectly, but High Priestess Shizune is on her way here."

Sakura took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She asked herself, what was wrong in the village? Why must something be cleansed? Since she couldn't find answers to her questions, she politely asked Hinata, "Then can you tell me about the butterfly?"

"Uhh, what butterfly?" Hinata asked worriedly.

Ino responded, "Sakura, that's not a butterfly."

Princess Sakura looked down again to see a large, hairy spider poised against the glass. It was the size of a girl's hand. They all screamed in bloody murder. "SPIDER!!!! EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hinata dropped the jar onto the table and raced to a tall stool while Ino clutched the ceiling using only her chakra for support. The rosette leapt backwards into a defensive stance with a knife drawn for this was no ordinary creepy crawler. This was a viper spider. Viper spiders are capable of killing a ninja with one bite, and could easily jump the length of a full grown man.

Just then, Shizune slid the front door open. "I heard a scream. What ha- HOLY HEAVENS!!! A VIPER SPIDER!!!" The fiend turned to face Shizune and sprang at her. With a screech, the high priestess dove onto the hard floorboards as the arachnid flew past her. She immediately slammed the door shut with her foot.

"I'll send out the birds," Sakura said. She sped into another room and grabbed a cage full of birds, the viper spiders' natural predators. Princess Sakura flung the cloth covering aside, opened a window, and sent them out to dine on their prey. "That was close," Sakura commented. Everyone sighed with relief and stood up.

"W-well now that the danger has p-passed, High Priestess, can you examine the white rose?" Hinata asked.

The High Priestess picked up the flower and confirmed Hinata's prediction. "However, you did forget that every rose has its thorn. Color isn't the only importance in a prediction, but also the form. A rose resembles love and beauty, but people often forget the consequences of wielding something so radiant. Princess, you will undergo some troubling times in order to succeed in your reign." High Priestess Shizune explained. "It may not be easy, but something must be purified," She pointed to the door as a bird chirped in excitement, and a muffled screech followed. The bird appeared on the window sill looking content. He cocked his head as if asking permission to return inside. Hinata opened the window, and allowed the bird to perch on her fingers. Shizune added to her warning, "If you fail, Princess, a loved one will die."

As the carriage drew nearer to the castle, Naruto gazed out the window. What he saw amazed him like never before. Separating the castle form the main road was a green but clear river with a red bridge above. After the carriage crossed the river, they entered a village surrounding the castle. Children waved at them in the middle of their games, ladies fanned themselves vigorously when they caught a glimpse of the princes, bakers proudly displayed their latest creations, and men either tipped their hats or bowed their heads in respect before heading off to work.

The castle itself was a true work of wonder. Naruto could even hear Itachi gasp in astonishment while Sasuke wore a look of the same expression. Naruto turned his attention back to the castle. Black roof tiles caught the sunshine, white walls gleamed against the black, and all the windows and balconies had a brilliant red trim.

"Wow! I bet this is better than your parents' castle. I think I see the Uchia symbol on the doors. We should explore this place. I don't want to get lost on the way to dinner." Naruto blurted out. This palace fascinated him, and he couldn't wait to get inside.

Sasuke shut the door to his bedroom and walked onto the balcony. He needed some time to relax because his brother's shocking news still disturbed him. The prince leaned on the edge of the balcony to see the private courtyard laid out before him. A small, gentle waterfall splashed into a pond filled with koi. The fished danced and swirled in their realm, showing off their magnificent colors. By the water, a willow tree's leaves drooped into the pool.

Young pear trees sprouted here and there, and fragrant cherry blossoms dotted the walls. Their soft, pink petals twisted in the breeze. One of them landed next to his hand. Sasuke studied the petal while holding it in between his fingers. He then released it into the breeze, allowing it to roam free.

"Your Majesty," a lanky servant called from behind. "Lunch is served."

Sasuke turned around. "I'm not hungry. Tell Naruto to eat quickly and send him up here." Obediently, the servant shut the door and trotted down the stairwell.

Only a few minutes later, did the blonde bolt into Sasuke's quarters. "Did you need me?" He asked out of breath from running at top speed to his friend.

"Take it easy, Naruto. You don't have to kill yourself." Sasuke said. "Anyway, I'm going to explore the village, and I need you to accompany me. We should find out about the villagers and know every street ..." As he explained the mission, Naruto started to spread a wide grin across his face and bounced in place like a child. "And wear something a commoner would. Going in cognito will prevent any unnecessary commotion." Immediately, Naruto zoomed to his own room to change.

When they walked out of the castle, the teens had dark brown trousers, white shirts, and cloaks to help hid themselves. They then made their way into the bustling town. Many of the women were out in the market, buying ingredients for dinner. Older children were watching the younger ones while doing a few chores. Only one beggar was seen. Naruto took pity on the man in poverty, and handed him a coin.

"Oh, thank you, sir." The beggar thanked him. "Say, I haven't ever seen you or your friend in town. Are you travelers?" His yellow teeth contributed to the stench of his breath. At least he was polite to the boys. Naruto turned to Sasuke for an answer. The blonde wasn't very good at acting, but if anyone could keep his cool, it was the prince of the Fire Kingdom.

Sasuke answered the man, "Yes, and we would like to find out about the places we visit. What is life like in this village?"

Turning his gaze to the raven haired boy, the beggar responded, "Well, I heard that the crown prince and his older brother have arrived in the castle. It's too early to tell what kind of people they are like. If you want a better answer, I think you should ask that man over there." He pointed towards a man with silver hair and a navy blue kimono with green trim. "That nobleman has a high status with the court and very friendly. He's one of the first to live here. Why, hello, Kakashi- san."

"Good afternoon, Jiraya. Why are you disguised as a beggar?" Kakashi questioned with a perplexed look. "Oh, and hello Your Majesty. Hello Naruto."

POOF!!! A cloud of dust exploded from the beggar and revealed a sixty- year- old man with long, white hair. Sasuke heard Naruto gasped in shock. "Hmm… so you are a ninja, too. Impressive."

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