"Erik, I, I want to." I stuttered, memorized by the thin line of scarlet dripping down his neck.

'' Yeah baby go ahead, I want you to." He told me. I couldn't help my self when I leaned forward and started sucking on his neck. He cupped my ass with both hands, holding me in place. ''Yes baby'' he moaned.

Fire shot through my body. I dragged my hand down his chest to his hard tent in the front of his jeans.

'' Oh God, yes, Z, Oh my god." he said as he started to thrust with my hand. He squeezed my ass. All the while my taste buds are exploding from the taste of his blood, it was amazing even better than chocolate. Yet not a good as Heath's blood. ''Zoey, oh god baby, keep going." Thats when I stopped. He whimpered, I loved the power I had over him. Quickly, I pulled off my tank top. Reveling my black laced bra. Erik licked his lips. I traced the cut with my finger, collecting blood. I smeared it on his lips and kissed him. He lifted his hand and started squeezing my breasts through my bra. I threw my head back and a moan escaped my lips that I didn't recognize as my own.

''Are you sure baby?'' Erik asked. I could see the hope in his eyes. I remembered When I told him I'm not ready speech, just a few months ago.


I seemed to forget about Heath and Stark.

He kissed my lips. "okay."

Beep beep beep.

My alarm clock buzzed in my ear.