Izzie walked into the elevator with her huge espresso in her hands. She sipped at it slowly, remembering the last moment with George and her in the elevator like everyday. She had a liver transplant this morning and she didn't know who would be the other attending assisting her in the procedure. As she got off at her stop as she walked towards the locker room the OR board caught her eye. She read …..

Attending: DR. Isobel Stevens

Resident: DR. Lexie Grey

Interns: None

Others: DR. George O'Malley (Mercy West attending)

"Oh got today is going to suck." She muttered as she walked away sipping her espresso more aggressively. Meredith saw the tension on Izzie's face "what's up?" Mere asked. "I have a surgery with George this morning." Meredith was stunned "YOU MEAN GEORGE O'MALLEY? OUR GEORGE? OH MY GOD! She yelled. "Meredith can we not discuss this?" Meredith looked away from Izzie and suddenly Meredith's pager went off and she ran out of the room. God I have surgery with him in an hour. As if on cue she heard her pager calling her to the pit but she recognized the number it was George's.