Dr. Hunt was discharging a 11 year old girl who broke her arm when Christina came up behind him and kissed him on the cheek. They kissed until someone caught Christina's eye. Preston Burke. "Why is he here?" she glared at Owen "he is here to give a VIP patient a Piggy Back heart surgery. By the way I made sure your scrubbing in." he started to kiss Christina again "wonderful." she said sarcastically. "Why don't you want to do a Piggy Back surgery? You love being a cardiac surgeon I would think you would love to study under THE Preston Burke." "You'll see." Christina said unwillingly. Preston walked up to them and said "Hello Christina." "Hello ." Owen looked at both of them "you two know each other?" Christina sighed "yup tell him Burke tell my husband how we know each other." She said this through clenched teeth. "Husband?" he asked astonished. "Yup." She said in a smug tone rubbing this news in Burke's face. He stayed silent till Christina broke the news to Owen "this man in front of you is my ex- fiancé. He left me at the alter. Without even saying goodbye after he left the alter, he packed up his stuff and left. Haven't seen him since." With that Christina took off down the hall and locked her self in an on-call room to cry. A few minutes later she heard a knock at the door. "Christina its Owen can I come in?" she sighed and wiped her eyes with her sleeve "hey." She said opening the door. Tears tugged at the corners of her eyes and Owen immediately embraced her.

Izzie was in the locker room and George walked in "Dr. Stevens" he greeted her. "I'm going home now so I guess this is good-bye." He ran over to her and kissed her. This time she didn't resist it, she embraced it. she put her hands on his chest and his hand caressed her cheek. After the kiss she let her head fall to his shoulder only for a second before she pushed herself away and went back to the vacant place that she still uncomfortably shared with Alex. Well technically it was owned by Meredith but she and Alex were the only two that lived there now. Alex was on-Call that night so she was home all alone. She couldn't get the kiss of her and George out of her head. She went up the stair case and laid on her bed that once held her and George in it….. For one night at least. When she closed her eyes all she could see was him holding her hand as she listened to the message she got from Denny. Denny she missed him so much. If he were here now he would know what to do. If he were alive the moment between her and George would be nonexistent. She sighed and sleep claimed her after a long day.

Lexie walked into the room to see George with his head in his hands "George?" she asked surprised. He looked up. She looks so different. She had longer hair and she was just coming in for her shift. She was such a good friend. She looks glowingly happy. "Hey Lex." He said "Oh my god George you look different…but good different." He held her at arms length " the married life suits you well." She blushed and looked into Georges eyes " I love Mark he is so good for me George. He has changed so much, he even wants kids now." The thought made her smile. He hugged her " I miss you being around George I wish you could have been at the wedding. I wish my best friend could be there. I wanted you to give me away. That's how I imagined it, but instead the Chief gave me away." She wiped tears from her eyes " I am sorry Lexie. Tell Mark I said hello." She smiled and said "I will….George will I see you again." He smiled and said " sure you will Lex…bye." With that he left the room.