Heidi hates crowns. She refuses to tell anyone why.

But Aro knows, and therefore, so does Sulpicia. They both understand. And they, too, have grown to dislike tiaras.

She loved them, a long, long time ago. Heidi used to play dress up, and she loved to disguise herself as a princess.

Her life was perfect. She was gorgeous, smart, and had her whole life planned. She would go to college and study Drama. It was all great until her mother died.

At first, nothing changed, though everything did. She still went to school, got good grades, went to parties. And then one day she came home and found her father drunk. His wife's death had left him hollow, empty, and craving. Craving what, you may ask. The answer was simple: sex.

After all, Heidi was twelve then. Curves were starting to appear. She had just gotten her period. And- God, it was so cliché- she was the spitting image of her mother.

That night, her screams filled the house. He called her his princess. He put her old tiara on her head, laughing at her, mocking her. He told her she was never to tell.

"Off with her head!" He cried drunkenly "Right, Princess?"

She pleaded, she begged for him to stop. She crawled, she writhed, gave up every ounce of dignity she had, and he still refused. While she cried, he giggled.

When she woke up the next morning, nothing was the same. The rooms that had once seemed secure had become threatening. Her beloved crown lay in a corner, forgotten. Heidi had bruises all over to try and cover.

For the next six years, her house was turned into her own personal hell by the man that had once kissed her goodnight and tucked her in. Now the only kisses she got were rough, lusty ones and given by a drunk, sex-crazed man that she was ashamed to call her father.

He wouldn't let her go to college. After she turned eighteen, the only time he let her go out was when she had to buy more groceries. The woman that worked as a night clerk in the nearest Seven Eleven always wondered why the girl bought so many condoms.

The neighbors pretended that they couldn't hear the screams coming from the ordinary white house.

One day, she got mad. For the first time since her mother's death, Heidi felt something. So she poisoned his tea and laughed. She laughed, and then she cried. Like everything she did, she did it well. She was never caught.

In the end, she got a scholarship to a college in Italy. Aro found her once when he was out, prowling the dark streets.

Heidi's room is now sacred, her very own personal heaven. No one is allowed to go in. Once, Felix tried, and she slammed him into the wall, sobbing. It took her weeks to recover from the shock.

She painted the walls as blue as the sky, so she would never feel trapped again. She added clouds, grass, got a laptop and a desk. She refused to get a bed, settling for a couch and two armchairs instead. And yet, her old crown lay in a corner- and it wasn't forgotten anymore.

Afterwards, no matter how much they tried, neither her nor Aro quite managed to forget the screams from her memories.