Chapter 1: Class Assignments

"Okay class," Mrs. Taylor said, picking through a thick leaflet of papers, "today, we are starting in on the essay portion of the semester." A chorus of groans in the English class full of juniors and seniors.

Mrs. Taylor chuckled slightly at the disgruntled students. "You are all going to write a two and a half page essay — NO BACKS!" she said sternly, glaring at some select students "— and it must be on a controversial topic of your choice. I will put up several papers up here on different topics with statistics and such on the board. You have an hour to write it, and you will present it either this class or next class. Any questions?"

One student raised her hand. "Yes, Alice?"

Alice cleared her throat. "Do we need statistics, or can it just be opinion oriented?"

Mrs. Taylor smiled. "Either or, Alice." She turned to the class. "Begin."