On Monday morning, Pam struggled to get motivated to get ready and actually go into work. After her night with Jim on Friday, she had spent the rest of the weekend dealing with the ramifications of breaking up with Roy. That included finding somewhere to stay, calling her Mom, crying herself to sleep on Saturday and going car shopping on Sunday. Now it was Monday, and she really didn't want to go back to work. She had ignored all of Jim's calls over the weekend, not because she didn't want to talk to him, but more because she knew that if she told him, he would be at her side in a heart beat. And she just wasn't ready for that yet.

She hopped in the shower, fiddling with the taps until she got the water just right. She stood under it for a few seconds, before the water suddenly went ice cold.

"Dammit" she said out loud, cursing the motel room that had been her home over the weekend. She really needed to find a place of her own.

Once she was showered, she put on a grey high waisted shirt, and looked through what she had hung up in the tiny hotel closet. She flicked through, picking out a pale blue shirt and a dark grey vest. She ran a brush through her hair, not getting time to tie it up how she usually did. She grabbed a few chocolate biscuits from the pack she had bought yesterday (chocolate was all she was in the mood for) and rushed out the door. She took the lift downstairs, and walked across the small carpark to her car. She looked at the little black car her Dad had helped her find at the second hand car yard. She had asked if her dad would come down and help her find a new car, as she knew nothing about them. Cars were more Roy's field of expertise. Out of the many they looked at, her Dad thought that this car was the best value for money, and had the least things wrong with it.

She sighed, unlocking the door and hopping in. It felt weird. As though she was driving someone else's car. Actually everything felt weird. Not being with Roy, living in a motel, driving a new car, getting her things out of a duffel bag each morning, being with Jim...

It all felt weird. Like she was living someone else's life, not her own.


Jim waited impatiently outside the office building on Monday morning. He greeted Angela, then Oscar, then Phyllis, then Dwight.... but there was no sign of Pam. He had literally been panicking all weekend over her. He had called her cell at least a dozen times, but she never answered it. By the 9th or 10th call he got the phone lady saying "this phone has been switched off, or is unavailable". He had thought about trying her at home, but he knew that probably wasn't a good idea.

His trance was broken as Kevin said hello to him, and Roy's truck came flying into the parking lot. His heart skipped a beat as he realized that Roy was alone. He took a step backwards, so he was hidden behind the wall as Roy got out and slammed the door behind him. He waited until he had rounded the corner and entered the warehouse before standing back in his original spot. It wasn't that he was hiding from Roy, he just didn't trust himself not to say something completely stupid that would probably end with him getting his head beaten in.

Jim had literally had the best night of his life on Friday. No other night came close. He had been waiting so long for Pam to finally acknowledge her feelings for him. He had fantasized about her coming over to his place and telling him she wanted him so many times...he just never really thought it would actually happen.

He had been replaying what had happenned non-stop the last few days. He could not get the image of her lying naked on top of him out of his brain. The way her hips felt under his hands, the way her hair fell slightly over her shoulders, the way she traced her fingers down his chest, the way her breasts bounced slightly as she moved on top of him, the moan that escaped her lips when she came, the cheeky smile on her face as she realized she had made him come as well.

God it was amazing. He had never had a experience quite like it.

"Shit" he mumbled under his breath, as he realized what he had done to himself by thinking about her. He should have known better than to think of her like that... so far every time he had he had given himself a hard on. He scanned the car park making sure no one was around before adjusting himself through his pants. He sighed, knowing there was still a noticeable bulge. It was then that he saw a small black car enter the lot, and suddenly his previous arousal was gone. He almost forgot to breathe as he saw her gracefully exit the car, grabbing her purse, pulling on her scarf and shutting the door all at the same time. His stomach began to twist as she made her way towards him. His palms were suddenly sweaty, and his mouth and throat completely dry.

"Jim. I'm really sorry I didn't call you back..." she started saying as she got closer.

"What happened? Are you ok? I was so worried. Who's car is that?" he shook his head as the questions began to tumble out of his mouth like he was a crazy person.

"Hey, Hey..." she said, placing a hand on his forearm. "I'm fine. I promise".

He just nodded, staring at her as she moved her hand up to his bicep. She smiled at him, seeing the worry lines etched into his face.

"And that car is mine. I bought it yesterday." she said grinning, her face glowing with pride.

"Really? You bought a car?"

She nodded, running her hand back down his arm so that it rested in his hand.

"That's great Pam..." he said, smiling as he saw how excited she was. She must have left Roy... why else would she have bought her own car all of a sudden...

"Jim, Pam. Will you guys hurry up and get inside." Michael called as he poked his head outside the building to where they were standing. Pam quickly ripped her hand away from his.

"Seriously Pam...the phone has been ringing and ringing and..."

"Why didn't someone answer it?" she said, cutting him off.

Michael just looked at her, and she could tell that he was probably thinking of something degrading to say back to her.

"Never mind..." she said, shaking her head and following him inside. "You coming?" she called out to Jim, seeing him still rooted to the spot.

"Yeah...um we'll talk later yeah?" he asked hopefully.

She just smiled, and nodded as she followed Michael to the elevator.

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