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Warnings: Yaoi and lime. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I shouldn't be doing this, Yuki couldn't help but think as he desperately fought to control his breathing. But his hands continued to caress the soft hairs between his legs, pushing and pulling with an unyeilding force. His face was fixed into an expression of uncontained desire, mouth dropped open freeing his ragged pants, his eyes were wide and dilated. His other hand was clutching the backseat of the van tightly, like a lifeline. Yuki's uniform shirt was soaked in sweat and he was straining out of the tight clothing, gulping for air. Yuki whimpered when the hot orifice that surrounded his aching cock gave an especially hard suck.

"Shit," He whined and looked down on his own personal demon delivered straight from the bowels of hell. His orange hair was tangled in his fingers, his fierce brown eyes shone with desire. His pants were shoved down at his knees and Kyo's was gripping and moving over his own cock in a frenzied motion. Yuki could only stare at him for a few moments before he couldn't keep his eyes on him anymore. He tilted his head back and gave another moan when Kyo began to nip and lick at him. Yuki began to move his hands again, forcing Kyo's head up and down his cock. His naked legs wrapped around Kyo's strong shoulders and he squeezing his thighs around Kyo's head.

"Fuck," Yuki gasped. "Move faster." Kyo worked on him harder and faster, an unrelenting force. Yuki could feel Kyo shudder around him as his hand squeezed and twisted himself. Soon Yuki began to buck into his mouth, shoving himself deeper down Kyo's throat. His hands gripped Kyo's hair even tighter as Kyo's cheeks hollowed and his tongue worked ruthlessly. Kyo moaned when he came, making sure the vibrations sent shocks of pleasure through him. Hurtling Yuki straight into his orgasm. His body was jerking, clenching, and soon releasing as he screamed wordlessly, pumping himself into Kyo.

"Ah, damn." Kyo looked down at Yuki, wiping his mouth wincing at the taste. Yuki's bare legs were draped over the seat, one over the edge the other over the back, spread like a street whore, and grinned.

"You've been coming faster these days. Is my charm finally getting to you?"

"Shut up." Yuki's eyes narrowed as he snapped out of his post-orgasmic bliss. "It's been a shitty week. You should know."

Kyo rolled his eyes and buttoned up his pants. "We did lose a player thanks to that."

Yuki closed his eyes and sighed. "That fucking idiot."

Kyo rolled his eyes but grinned. He loved it when Yuki threw away his inhibitions and swore like a sailor. "It's his own fault. He shouldn't have slept with her in the damn classroom."

Yuki looked up at him. "He shouldn't have been sleeping with the Principal's secretary at all."

Kyo's grin got even wider. "Neither should we."

Yuki's eyes narrowed. "Don't you have a game right about now?"

Kyo's eyes widened. "Shit!" And he bolted from the van, popping the trunk and yanking his sports bag out. He tossed Yuki a glance before he left.

"Lock the car before you leave." Before slamming the trunk door shut and sprinting off.

Yuki just grinned lazily and lay back. He could enjoy the afternoon for a while.

It was about three in the morning before he saw Kyo again. Yuki had been working on an essay for English that was due the next week on a book that most people hadn't even read.

Ah, the life of an overachiver.

It was almost three thirty, about the time that Yuki usually went to bed before he heard a soft tap on his window. He blinked over at the window before motioning for him to come in.

Kyo slid the window up and slid inside Yuki's room.

"Shoes." Yuki said. He had already returned to his essay, finishing up the last touches and checking the grammar.

Kyo sighed, slipping off his muddy, well-used basics and placed them on the windowsill. "You never get over that do you?"

Yuki looked over at him. "Well you're not the one that has to clean this room are you?"

Kyo snorted. "Whatever."

Yuki saved his essay and shut off his laptop before looking over at Kyo, who had flopped onto Yuki's bed.

"So how was the game?"

Kyo blinked, exhausted. "It was fine, we won. Barely."

"That's good."

"Mmmhm." Kyo was nodding off. Yuki slid off his chair and straddled Kyo's waist. Kyo grunted and looked up at him slightly irritated.

"Why come if your just going to fall asleep?" Yuki cocked his head. His expression was one of a five years old's naivety, although his intentions weren't naive at all.

Kyo smiled softly and reached his hand up to caress Yuki's cheek. Yuki closed his eyes and leaned into the touch.

"I missed you." Kyo said, and Yuki smiled, cupping Kyo's face in his hands. He bent down and rested his forehead against Kyo's stroking his cheeks with his thumbs.

"I know." Kyo sighed and looked at Yuki. Thier eyes met, and Yuki pressed a light kiss on Kyo's lips before sitting up again.

"When are you leaving for states?"

Kyo pressed the back of his hand against his eyes. "Soon. Next week I think. Coach doesn't know the day yet for sure."

Yuki nodded. "Two weeks."

Kyo looked up at him. "Yep."

He got off Kyo. "We need to meet up again before you leave."

Kyo nodded, staring at him as Yuki looked back at him from his doorway. "Sure."

"Go home. You need sleep."