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Kyo, using his deductive, superior thinking skills, had come to a conclusion. Airport security sucked.

The sheer amount of suckiness was something that (unfortunately) Kyo had to get used to. Although their last game had almost ended in defeat, the fact remained that this year the Panthers had been undefeated.

This, of course, lead to a lot of traveling.

Kyo's overused, ancient backpack (or handcarry) was slung casually over his shoulders and his "purse" (a reusable bag filled with snacks) clutched in the other. He was currently meandering in the airport with a bunch of other guys, all of them hyped up for the game.

All of them except for him.

Kyo, despite being exhausted, still felt a sense of loss in leaving home. Ever since summer school, which Kyo had to attend due to his grades, when he and Yuki had first gotten together they had left each others side. Neither of them up until this point had commitments that took them away from the other. Last night Kyo had made sure that even though he was gone for a few weeks (originally it had been two, but Coach had convinced him to stay for a workshop after States) that Yuki wouldn't miss him, for a few days at least. He knew that if he had tried to make Yuki come that many times on a normal night he wouldn't be left in one piece, but, because he was leaving Kyo had made sure that Yuki would feel it for a couple of days.

Of course, that didn't ease the tension that Kyo felt now.

"...rth to Sohma!" A large hand connected solidly with the back of his head.

"The fuck!" Kyo turned to glare at the offender. Connor Budley, first string goalie, and repeated savior of their perfect record.

"What the hell asshole." Kyo whispered furiously, trying not to wake the exhausted travelers sound asleep in uncomfortable airport chairs.

Connor raised his eyebrow. "You're the one going all space cadet on us." The rest of the guys nodded.

"Yeah dude," Kazuki interjected, "you've been kinda quiet since we left." There was a trace of concern on Kazuki's face. "Or are you missing Nezumi-chan already?"

Kyo growled, ever since they'd gotten wind of a possible relationship the whole team, even Coach, had teased him, incessantly. "No. I am most definitely not."

"Aww, Kyon-chan's embarassed."

"I AM NOT!" Damn them all for being able to wind him up this easily.

"It's okay," Kazuki patted his shoulder lightly, "I'm sure the goodbye sex was worth it."

Kazuki grinned impishly as Kyo chased him around the terminal shouting curses at the top of his lungs.

Yuki swore he was ready to kill someone when yet another booth representative came to see him. Without the papers he had specifically told all of them to bring.

The representative scratched the back of his head uncomfortably. "I didn't know we had to bring the papers. I just thought--"

"Then you obviously weren't listening when I asked all of the representatives to bring all important papers concerning the booth." Over the course of the day Yuki's glare had become more and more pronounced.


"Just bring the papers." The representative shuffled away, and Yuki pinched the bridge of his nose. The headache that Yuki knew he would have was reaching its peak, cutting his patience. He wasn't sure it was healthy to have this many headaches, let alone migraines, but Yuki had never given his health priority at any point in his life.

It was probably something that would need to be addressed at some point.

When he had arrived at school that morning the dark circles under his eyes and the glares he was already giving out clues in the Student Council that Yuki was definitely not having a good day. As such, most of them had been tip toeing around him. Thankfully, Kakeru, Kimi, and Nao had quieted down a lot today, giving him a small measure of peace. But the rest of the school had quickly dispelled it. The chaos that always resumed when teenagers were put in charge of anything erupted. Yuki was supposed to talk to all of the booth representatives about the next day, and plan the dance which hadn't been planned according to the budget at all, and start preparing for the tests that were approaching rapidly the next week. Considering it was Thursday, it didn't provide much comfort.

Yuki sighed softly, and wondered for the millionth time if this day was ever going to end.

It had been a long flight. The chairs, as always, were too small, the movie was another cartoon flick, and the food tasted like cardboard. Not even the really nice, overly expensive rooms the team got cheered him up. Although, the fact that Kazuki was his roommate though did cheer him up a little.

As much as Kazuki teased him about "Nezumi-chan", if anyone was going to understand what was going on it was him. Although they'd only known each other since freshman year the two had always gotten along, especially on the soccer field.

Thankfully Kazuki left him alone after Kyo had skipped out on both a shower and dinner to flop onto the twin bed. Because of the business of the day, and the chaos that travel inevitably brought Kyo barely had a moment to himself all day. But as the night fell, and Kyo's exhausted body relaxed on the cool, soft sheets he couldn't help the pang he felt when he realized that he wouldn't go and see Yuki that night. It had become a pleasant routine that Kyo was already starting to miss. He really was pathetic.

It didn't take long for Kyo to fall asleep. All he dreamed about was Yuki.

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