Midnight Cry

Ron sat in bed curled up in a ball, the crimson covers pulled up to his chin. The hot sticky tears pouring down his face as he thought about the man he loved. He sat quietly, crying heavily, listening to the silence until he heard soft footsteps walking towards him. He hurried to wipe the tears away as the hangings around his bed were opened and he saw the familiar emerald green of his best friend, but was to slow to get rid of his tears.

"Hey Ron, you missed din..." Harry stopped suddenly as his eyes took in his best friend, tears running down his face. Harry sat down next to him and placed a gentle hand on Ron's knee. "What's wrong?"

Ron tried to smile but only managed a faint grimace, "Nothing Harry, I'm fine" Ron tried to turn away but Harry stopped him, reaching up to wipe away his tears. "You're not fine, now what's wrong. Is it a girl, your family, Hermione?"

Ron shook his head "No, it's none of them. I all ready said I'm fine".

"Come on Ron, tell me what's wrong" Harry said gently as Ron shied away.

"You are. You are what's wrong" Ron shouted. Harry flinched back, hurt filling his eyes. Ron's hand snapped to his mouth, his sparkling blue eyes went wide; he hadn't meant to say that. He had not meant to say anything.

"Did I do something, I'm sorry. I...I..." Harry broke off as Ron butted in "No, no, nothing like that. It wasn't you; it was me, my stupidity". Harry's eyes were still filled with pain and Ron hated it, he hated causing Harry pain.

"Ok, then what happened?" Harry whispered. Ron shook his head "I didn't mean it. I swear Harry, I'm sorry". Ron buried his head in his arms.

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked confused and relieved to know he hadn't hurt his best friend. Ron looked up but still couldn't look Harry in the eyes. Harry hated the pain he could see in his friends depressed blue eyes. Ron whispered, while looking at the gray stone floor of the castle "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to fall in love with you". Harry froze and his heart beat faster, he was sure he had heard wrong, but the look on Ron's face told him he hadn't. Ron looked so scared and alone, even though Harry thought he looked beautiful, he hated seeing Ron so upset.

"Is there something wrong with being in love with me?" Harry asked, smiling softly. Ron blushed and mumbled "Your straight and you don't like me". Harry put his arm around Ron's shoulders "Now why would you think that, I like you" Harry replied.

"Yeah" Ron muttered "but not like that". Harry moved his arm down to Ron's waist while his other hand cupped Ron's chin and turned his head towards him. Ron blushed harder, the tips of his ears turning red, while his face turned darker and Harry couldn't help but think Ron looked gorgeous and he couldn't wait to make him blush more. "Yes like that" Harry replied leaning down and pressing his lips softly to Ron's. Ron flinched back "Wait, you really like me. As in like, like". Harry nodded "Yes Ron. I love you" Ron smiled softly, his heart pounding. Ron pressed his lips to Harry's, he ran his hands through the raven black hair as Harry nibbled and licked Ron's lips, slowly coaxing him to open his mouth. Harry encircled his arms around Ron's waist while Ron's arms wrapped tight around Harry's neck. Ron sighed as Harry's tongue entered and licked around his mouth. He blushed deeper when Harry started nibbling his lips again. They both pulled away when they needed air. Ron laid his head on Harry's shoulder.

"I love you too".