Ch.3 There's a Storm coming

'I've found them.' there it was the S.H.E.I.D. hellicerrier. She flew in front of the carrier. "By the name of the Wakandan nation I order this craft to stop. Thunder rumbled in the distance.---Inside the carrier.---"Sir there is an unidentified flying woman who orders us to stop under the authority of the Wakandan nation." A man with a patch over his eye looked at the screen at the white haired woman. "Shoot her down." he said as he walked to his chair which over looked the command center. Suddenly the carrier starting shooting at Storm. "By the goddess what is going on!" Storm screamed as she managed to avoid getting hit. 'What is he doing Wakanda and S.H.I.E.L.D. have had their differences but nothing like this.' Storm thought as the carrier kept firing. 'I'm gonna have to protect myself first and ask questions later.' Storm thought as she summoned the power of the storm. Suddenly hurricane force winds and lighting started to batter the carrier. "Sir a major storm appeared out of nowhere and were taking damage!" "Keep firing full power and release the fighters." Suddenly the lasers fired more powerful shots and the dome of air storm summoned around herself took a hit from them. "Goddess!"Storm screamed as she felt the heat from the laser get past her shield.


'Why am I here,there must be a jean was hit with a massive telepathic bolt. "AAAAHHHHH!" Jean screamed out in pain. As Jean recovered from the crushing attack a voice boomed in her mind. ("Who are you?") ("My name in Jean Grey I don't know why I am here but something pulled me here! I think it was the phoenix")Jean said while secretly creating a telepathic shield. "The Phoenix! How do know of the Phoenix?" a female voice asked. "If your a woman why do telepathically broadcast a godly voice?" Suddenly Jean was hit with another telepathic bolt but she was ready. "HA, once bitten twice bite back!"Jean screamed as she fired her own telepathic bolt. The woman seemed hardly phased by her attack. "Is that it,so much for your bite." Jean raised her hands and created a massive telekinetic field. "Impressive."said the woman "But it's hardly worth the effort."The woman screamed as the Phoenix surrounded her breaking the field. "Wait that's not possible I am the Phoenix!" "Liar!!"the woman screamed as she sent a fireball at Jean. "Wait!"Jean said as she created a telekinetic shield.


As Emma walked down the busy streets of San Francisco she received odd looks ate her revealing outfit. "What the hell are you people looking at?!"Emma screamed at the top her lungs. 'Good job Emma way to raise even more attention to yourself.' (You have no idea!)a voice whispered telepathically. (How did you get into my mind?)Emma asked (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)The voice boomed inside her head making her nose bleed from the enormous power overload that was consuming her!