A/N Kind of weird and really short, I know, but I do rather like it.

The fire crackled merrily from it's spot between the couple's makeshift seats, two logs promptly cut from their places in the forest upon their arrival. The young school girl sighed into her steaming mug of hot chocolate. She was looking at her companion with a sense of wonder.

He possessed an air of grace and dignity missed by none, and moved with the ease of a true predator. Kagome, for that was the young girl's name, shivered as she took in the memories of him spinning in mid air, much like an expert ballerina. The biggest difference between them being the long thread of a whip released from his remaining hand as he did so. Somehow the whip managed to penetrate the hand-crafted armour of the opposing warriors. He had easily spilled their blood, their bodies falling limp and lifeless to the forest floor in a splash of vibrant red that contrasted nicely with his paleness. Blood, as disgusting as it may have sounded, looked good on him. When he was finished with the human men they had looked marred and gruesome, especially in comparison to his otherworldly beauty, every bit as pure a white as when he had stepped onto the battle field.

His eyes, flat and golden with cat-like slits where a human would have a rounded pupil, shone with a cruel intelligence, never once moving directions to look anywhere but straight ahead. He didn't need his sense of sight -he only saw in blacks and whites and greys anyway. That wasn't to say his vision wasn't sharp, afterall he was well aware of his own good looks. The pompous jerk.

Yes, he looked very frightening in the day time, if not very handsome as well. But if he was beautiful in the sun light, he was absolutely breathtaking during the night of the new moon.

The entire world had gone pitch black only moments after the sun had set, and Kagome, alone, lost, and injured, had come across him by mistake. She had expected him to tell her to leave him be, to insult her for her uncontrollable mortality, or to perhaps kill her then and there, yet none of these things ever came. He had strode by her, silent as a ghost, seeming to be going no where, yet always with a destination in mind, and had completely and pointedly ignored her. He continued to ignore her, even now, hours after they had sat down. This was all for her benefit, she was sure.

He was positively luminescent in the eerie shadows, the only source of light for miles around coming from him. He kept the monsters at bay for her, and she, in turn shared her light with him. The moon after all, New Moon, or not, is the reflection of the light of the Sun, and that night, the Moon and the Sun, were very bright indeed.