Song: Superman-Taylor Swift

It's been five years since I met Edward. These five years have been in a few words: the best years of my life. Typically, most people say that high school are the best years of their life, but for me it wasn't exactly that way until I met Edward. He truly transformed me to the person I am now. I'm thankful for the Alice, Emmett, Rose, Jasper and Edward. Without them, I don't know how I would have survived, literally.

Edward and I got married about two years ago, we've been happily married since. We recently had a son named Michael, he's the spitting image of Edward. Emmett and Rose of course have children of their own, Carolynn and Daniel. Alice and Jasper are happily married and expecting a baby, Alice is saying it'll be a girl even though the doctor has predicted a boy.

Jacob continues being locked away in a jail cell in an unknown state, along with his companions from that night. Some say, I'm strong for being mentally stable from that incident. I always tell them if it wasn't for Edward I'd be a completely different person. You could say he is my superman.

AN: Sorry it took forever, it wasn't the epilogue I envisioned either. I just wanted to say that this is what Bella would have thought years after her abusive relationship with Jacob. Love it, hate it? Leave a review. Let me know what you thought about the story as well, I'd love to hear some input on what I can improve. (: Thanks for reading!