OK!!! I really, really, really, should be working on my other stories but I read this one-shot and it has piqued my interest. So I'm going to try something that's completely different from my other stories and try this, it's a full metal alchemist and teen titan cross over… no clue how this is going to work so feel free to give me suggestions and tell me if you think I should continue it or drop it completely.

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He wasn't normal; but in a city filled with flying robots, teenage heroes, and evil master mind trying to take over the world, he blended right into the background. He was probably a drop out, a legal one if his ID had anything to say about it, but there was no way he could have been sixteen and still be that small.

He had been surprised the first time he had saw the Titans, spending a lot of time staring at Cyborg with a thoughtful expression on his face, but that didn't last long. As the weeks passed by he got used to the frequent visits and hardly paid them a single glance, offering them a polite 'Thank you for coming' and 'Here's your order' when delivering their pizza's.

They talked about him, came up with stories as to how he ended up working here, he never heard them and they never asked. He was always there; always dressed in the same red jacket, black jeans, and required white apron. His blond hair and golden eyes drew some people attention (mainly the girls who thought he was cute); sometimes he would tighten his ponytail with white gloved hands, sparking the interest of the Titans. They knew nothing about him, other than the fact that his name was Ed, and he lived alone.

So they watched, every time they came in they watched, and then they noticed. Robin was the first to notice, how every few minutes Ed would scan the room looking for escape routes and danger.

Cyborg noticed how at certain times he seemed to have problems with his right arm and left leg.

Beast Boy noticed how he always smelled of oil and very faintly of chalk.

Starfire noticed how he seemed to shy away from human interaction and was always overly polite.

Raven noticed that his emotions were always numbed, as if he was trying to protect himself from an unwanted memory.

They talked about it often, wondering just where this boy had come from, theories ranging from impossible to possible. From Beast Boy claim that he was a lost alien, to Raven claim that he was just another drop out student, to Cyborg theory that he was a rich dude living in disguise. They continued making up weird theories, finding more fun in their wild guesses then hearing the truth from Ed himself. But then something strange happened, and the Titans were no longer free to wonder about his past.

A strange series of murders were happening in Jump City. There was no connect between victims, there was no purpose behind their deaths, but one thing had stayed constant between all of the cases. All of the victims had been eaten alive…

Days passed into weeks and weeks turned into months. The Titans were getting frustrated at the lack of progress with the case and failed to realize that the murders where having an effect on the boy as well. With their minds so focused on the case, they literally forgot the boy existed, until he came knocking on their door, his right arm a twisted piece of metal and a gaping wound in his side.

This is how the Titans met the Full Metal Alchemist, and this is how two totally different worlds collided and quite literately changed the course of history.

This is the story of Edward Elric and how he finally made it home.

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