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It had been twelve hours since Ed had shown up with an unconscious Maes and Robin wasn't sure what to do with himself. Cyborg had been able to detach Ed's fake arm and leg, while Raven and Beast Boy attended to Maes and Ed's injuries. It had been a bit of a surprise to find out that Beast Boy knew first aid but Beast Boy logic of, "after getting thrown around so often it only makes sense that I know how to do at least this much" really couldn't be argued with.

With nothing else to do, Robin headed towards Cyborg room knowing that by now Cyborg should have figured something out about Ed's fake limbs. He wasn't disappointed, Cyborg didn't even look up when Robin entered the room and instead gestured for Robin to join him.

"So what do you know?" Cyborg leaned back with a small sigh, rubbing his human eye tiredly.

"Well it's both the most advance piece of technology I've ever seen and at the same time it's not," Robin could only stare at Cyborg in confusion and was slightly glad when Cyborg started to explain.

"Well, see the port over here? I took a close look at it as well as the port on Ed's body and figured out that these ports connect directly to Ed's nerve system. Do you realize just how hard it is to make something like that? There must have been hundreds, maybe even thousands of nerves, that whoever made this needed to connect one by one!" Robin couldn't help but let out an impressed whistle but Cyborg wasn't done yet.

"That's not all, you see these cables," here Cyborg pointed to Ed's fake leg, that was now missing the top plate and several wires were now visible. Robin nodded his head and with a start, realized the cables looked a lot like metallic muscles, "well these cables take the electrochemical waves created by Ed's nerve system and multiplies by thousands of time, the end result being full movement with no external power sources needed."

Robin felt his eyes widen in shock. What Cyborg was suggesting meant medical technology that was years ahead of anything they had now. Even Cyborg was dependent on outer power sources and if the power source ran out then it meant total shut down for the poor person. Robin had seen this happen to Cyborg before and carrying him back to the Tower had not been fun.

"So then what's the problem?" Cyborg gave a dry chuckle and tapped Ed's arm lightly.

"These limbs are made out of steel; the hand alone must have weighed about ten pounds, never mind the whole arm. The amount of strain this must have had on Ed's body must have been incredible. What I don't get is why whoever made this didn't use a lighter metal? Hell, even hard plastic would have been a better choice."

Robin stayed silent, only a slight burrow between his eyebrows showed how much he was trying to solve this sudden mystery. They both were broken out of their thoughts when Robin's communicator beeped. Robin was pretty sure that it was Raven or Beast Boy calling him, since Starfire would have just busted down Cyborg's door and dragged Robin out if she wanted to talk to him, and if they were calling then it most likely was about Ed or Maes. Robin didn't say anything to Cyborg as he turned around to leave, but he was pretty sure that Cyborg had come to the same conclusion, which was only confirmed when Cyborg told Robin to say hi to Ed for him.


That was the first thing Ed became aware of as the haziness in his mind started to drift away. White, was the second thing and with a low groan Ed realized that he was in a hospital. Just as he realized this, he felt confusion swirl inside his mind. Ed was pretty sure that he had retreated to the Titans Tower, he even saw Robin's face before he passed out; so then what was he doing here in a hospital?

Then Ed remembered the Titans had fully functional medical facilities, which was the reason why Ed came here in the first place. So he was at the Titans Tower, which meant that Maes was probably still alive, Ed felt himself sag in relief but frowned when he felt something missing. Glancing down Ed saw that he was missing his leg and arm and felt panic bubble up in him. If Envy found attacked him here, Ed would be defenseless. He wouldn't even be able to stand up! Before Ed could panic any further and monotonous voice cut through the air.

"Cyborg has your metal limbs," Ed glanced up to be met with the emotionless eyes of Raven and had to bite his lip to stop from crying out.

"Robin will be here soon and when he arrives he'll want to question you. For your safety I suggest that you answer all of his questions," Raven said, somehow giving off the feeling that she was trying to help at the same time having no emotions on her face.

Ed nodded, knowing that it was far too late for him to keep secrets now. Raven seemed satisfied with his answer and moved back to lean against the wall, ok more like float against the wall, but the distance traveled was still the same. Just as Raven moved back, Robin entered the room followed by Beast Boy and Starfire. From what Ed could hear, Beast Boy was giving Robin a rundown of Maes and Ed's injuries and Ed sighed with relief when he heard that Maes was going to be fine.

Starfire noticed he was awake and with a loud squeal, pulled Ed into a hug that Ed was sure to break his bones. Luckily Ed was saved by Robin, who pulled Starfire away and reminded the red-haired alien that Ed was injured. Ed was about to thank Robin when their eyes met and Ed knew that it was time to talk.

"Where do you want me to start?" Ed asked.

Robin looked a bit surprised by Ed's answer but didn't hesitate to respond, "The beginning."

"The beginning, that's kind of hard to explain, since the beginning really began with the end," Ed muttered, his mind flashing back to the events just before he woke up on this side of the gate. Ed ignored the confused looks that flashed across the Titans faces and instead looked down to his hand, which was no gripping the bed sheets tightly.

"First I have to apologize, I haven't been telling you the whole truth; the thing is that I'm an alien and that I have no clue how I would up on this planet," Ed wasn't worried about their reactions to this little tidbit. If there was anyone more accepting about aliens then it would have to be the Titans, after all one of their teammate is an alien.

"An alien," Starfire repeated softly and Ed nodded his head.

"Yeah, I don't know the name of my planet, but I come from a country called Amestris and I was born in a small town called Resembool, east of Amestris' central. In my country; alchemy rules and those who can become alchemist are considered the best of the best," Ed was interrupted by Beast Boy who waved his arm eagerly.

"What's alchemy?" Ed was about to answer when Raven spoke up.

"It was the theory of mixing magic and science together, the ultimate goal of alchemy was to turn lead into gold," Ed snorted at Raven's answer and couldn't help the amusement that showed on his face.

"Alchemy is a science, and any alchemist worth his salt could turn lead into gold. Not that they would since it's illegal in Amestris. Alchemist could do almost anything if they knew alchemy well enough. But because of how complicated doing even the simplest of transmutation was, not a lot of people actually know how to do alchemy," Ed explain, Beast Boy still looked a little confused but he didn't say anything while Robin and Raven both looked a little interested.

"I was a State Alchemist, an alchemist who works for the military, and I was known as a child prodigy for passing the entrance exam when I was twelve years old. All State Alchemist needed to have something to focus on so that on our evaluations we can show the military that we are progressing in our research and not just enjoying the privileges given only to State Alchemist. My focus was researching the Philosopher's stone, which is different than the stone any of you probably heard about," Ed said quickly with a glance at Raven who seemed a little annoyed by that.

"What does this Philosopher's stone do?" Starfire asked.

"The Philosopher's stone is an alchemic substance that boost alchemic reactions and thus allow an alchemist to bypass the laws of alchemy," Beast Boy looked lost so Ed decided to simplify it a bit, "There are three laws of alchemy, the most important being equivalent exchange. Meaning to create something you must give up something of equal value. So if I was to transmute a pebble into a sculpture, the sculpture would still have the same amount of mass as the pebble."

Beast Boy frowned in thought before suddenly snapping his fingers with an excited grin, "So it's like, if I had eight pounds of tofu then I could only create sixteen half pound tofu patties!"

"Uh, yeah I guess you could put it that way, but with a Philosopher's stone you could take that eight pounds of tofu and turn it into a hundred tofu patties." Beast Boy eyes bugged out and Ed swore he could see Beast Boy drooling.

"Dude! That's awesome! You wouldn't happen to have that philo what it stone thingy with you, would you?" Ed shook his head and Beast Boy looked disappointed.

But the Beast Boy suddenly smiled and shyly glanced at Ed, "You, uh, could make one couldn't you? After all you did say you were researching it, weren't you?"

"No!" Ed couldn't stop himself from glaring at Beast Boy, "Never ask me to create a Philosopher's stone."

"Why not?" Robin asked and Ed pressed a hand against his eyes, he didn't want the Titans to see his shame.

"The main component of a Philosopher's stone is live human beings and a lot of them. The amount of human needed to create a philosopher stone would probably be equal to the number of people in Jump city," silence stretch over the group and finally Robin asked the question all of the Titans were thinking.

"Ed, have you ever created a Philosopher's stone?" Ed shook his head furiously.

"No, after I found out what Philosopher's stones were created out of I tried to find a different way of creating them. While I was researching the Philosopher's stone I ran into some very powerful beings created by alchemy. They are called homunculi and they're artificial humans with monstrous power and are almost immortal. homunculus named Envy is the one behind that killings and he's trying to create a Philosopher's stone," Robin eye's narrowed and Ed saw Robin's grip tighten.

"Why?" Robin spat out.

"I think he's planning on using the Philosopher's stone to get home but I'm not entirely too certain about that," Ed half lied, Ed knew exactly why Envy was trying to create a Philosopher's stone but he wasn't ready yet to tell the Titans.

"Do you know where he's going to strike next?" Ed nodded his head.

"The Pizzeria and it's probably going to happen sometime tomorrow or the day afterwards."

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